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Gemini 2024

Each month, I use the planet or sign associated with the month as inspiration for a blog post. I don’t always stick to that, otherwise my favourite, Ceres, wouldn’t get a look in. She doesn’t have a zodiac sign associated with her – well, not one with which all astrologers agree. However, sometimes there is a planet wandering through our sign of the month that stays for longer than the Sun does in a sign. And that is worthy of a post. This month, that happens to be Jupiter, who started his sojourn through Gemini on May 25th this year. He usually stays about a year in each sign as he has a 12-year cycle, and this time is no exception. He will enter the next sign, Cancer, on June 9th, 2025. So we have about a year to make good use of him.

jupiter gemini

An excerpt from my video on 2024 from my Capricorn 2024 post.

I have written on Jupiter many times before – you can see all the posts on the search. There are two that are a good introduction to some of Jupiter’s meanings. One is Jupiter – my unfavourite planet, from 2022, which discusses convictions and beliefs. The other, also still very relevant today, is called The trials and tribulations of a cat nurse. It covers why defining your life’s philosophy is important in these days of information clashes. How can we make sense of conflicting material? It also gives examples of Jupiter in different signs in your horoscope.

Jupiter this time around

As Jupiter travels through different signs, I imagine him changing his clothes. He always has the same meaning and domain, but he changes the way he operates. The placement of Jupiter in your horoscope defines your faith, convictions, beliefs, judgements, strategies, patterns and philosophies. His domains are politics, the law, lawyers, judges, ethics, higher education, religion, travel and all things international – to name the main ones. So how might Gemini colour these areas?

ethics astrology

Image: Dannon Loveland Flickr

Jupiter and ethics

A clue to one of the ways this can work is shown by an important global summit, which was scheduled just after Jupiter’s entry into Gemini. It was a summit to discuss (Gemini) how the world should benefit from AI. This global summit each year is called ‘AI for Good’. It is organised by the UN and ties in with their sustainable development goals.

In the words of AntΓ³nio Guterres, head of the UN: “This Summit can help ensure that Artificial Intelligence charts the course that benefits humanity and bolsters our shared values. The United Nations stands ready to be a universal platform for discussion together. Let us make sure we use AI to enhance human dignity and serve the global goods.” (Jupiter). It was not the first summit, but this theme has become more important as governments struggle to define parameters and ethics for AI use. Gemini is an air or mental sign, so it is also about intelligence and information.

Later this year – the ethical consequences (Jupiter)

There are many congresses, summits and conferences on AI every year. Up until now, many have been about what AI can do and how to profit from it. Jupiter in the previous sign of Taurus (money) highlighted this. Jupiter is also about growth and entrepreneurship. Two global summits this year give a flavour of the themes needed now.Β  The World Summit on AI here in Amsterdam in October, with Jupiter still in Gemini, defines the issues on their site: ” […] the rapid pace of progress has ignited a global debate on ethics, privacy, and public trust, stirring a call for a delicate balance between harnessing AI’s potential and safeguarding human values. […] As we move forward, the choices made today will fundamentally shape the legacy of AI for generations to come, making 2024 a critical year for reflection and decisive action in the world of AI.”

The other global summit is the GAIN summit in September in Saudi Arabia. Apart from discussing where AI is now and what is possible, this summit also: ” […] challenges the audience and speakers to engage in debates about the ethics & responsible use of AI across a range of domains and topics.”

AI ethics

Image Nahrizul Kadri Unsplash

A good use of Jupiter in Gemini

So this is a positive use of a Gemini Jupiter – discussing ethics and morals. It is also an excellent time to think about your own ethics and morals, and to communicate them to others when necessary. Ethics and morals were also the topic of discussion and judgement (also Jupiter) on May 24th, the day before Jupiter entered Gemini. The International Court of Justice in the Hague ordered Israel to ‘immediately’ halt its devastating operation in the southern Gazan city of Rafah. Not that Netanyahu did that – the ICJ has no mechanism to enforce their rulings, even though these are binding. However, the world has given its opinion on the devastation in Gaza. Back in 2014, I wrote a post on Israel and conflict (sigh). It featured Jupiter too, but in a different sign. See below for the link.

It is interesting that universities, part of Jupiter’s remit, are very involved in the Israel-Gaza conflict. Gemini (communication) is insisting that different opinions are heard through protests. Adding to my above advice, it is a good time to express judgements. However, Jupiter needs to behave, then he is a wise god. In other words, getting your message across needs to be done ethically and with wisdom and a good strategy. Not with violence and shouting, which makes it very difficult to truly hear anything anyway. And definitely not with the arrogance of privilege, which Jupiter can also manifest.

Politics and Jupiter

And so to my last topic – oh dear, politics. Jupiter rules politics in the sense that politicians set the vision and strategy for countries. They also approve laws. This is all Jupiter’s job. Now with Jupiter in Gemini, many people around the world have given their opinion. There are elections left, right and centre so to speak! Here in the Netherlands, we finally seem to have a cabinet and we have just voted in European elections. India and Mexico have the results of their elections, and France and the UK elections are coming up shortly. And of course, the US will vote while Jupiter is still in Gemini. That’s a lot (Jupiter expands and grows) of opinions (Gemini)! As an aside, this may favour Trump, as he is a Gemini.

Netherlands PM

The NL, already much maligned, new PM Dick Schoof. He’s not attached to any political party. Image: Reuters from

The Netherlands has finally done it

I think the struggles that the Netherlands has had in forming a working government and cabinet are illustrative of Jupiter in Gemini. There are four parties this time in our coalition, who have been trying to set the ground rules for a centre-right agreement. The challenge was, and is, to operate together when there are very different views from these four parties. I hope the new cabinet is successful, as it would be a good example of how cooperation could work in a divided world. And it would truly reflect what voters want, but also show that compromises must and can be made. It could show the wisdom (Jupiter) of discussing and valuing differing opinions (Mercury). Here’s hoping.

Coming up later in 2024

Jupiter will do a couple of interesting things during his trot (Jupiter is associated with Sagittarius, and thus horses) through Gemini. He will be in a square aspect to Saturn three times, and the first of these is coloured by Jupiter also squaring Venus and being together with Mars. Jupiter will be exactly in the clinch with Saturn on August 19, December 24 and lastly on June 15, 2025, when he has moved to Cancer. These are the peaks – however the effect will be in play for the whole period.

jupiter saturn

Image sydney Rae Unsplash

Jupiter meets Saturn

Jupiter and Saturn are very different energies and I have come to think of them as antidotes for each other. Jupiter is optimistic, takes risks and encourages growth. Saturn is down-to-earth, practical, goal-oriented and risk-averse. So if Jupiter is being too cavalier, Saturn says ‘stop’. And if Saturn is too strict, has tunnel vision or blocks progress through anxieties, Jupiter steps in with his ‘We can do it!’ optimism. It’s about balance, so this is a year for making sensible investments and taking calculated risks. To take responsibility for what you believe in. If there are roadblocks in your life, it is time to stop moaning and wallowing in negativity, and envisage steps that could be taken to make progress in your next adventure.

Adding Venus and Mars to the mix
Jupiter square saturn 2024

Highlighted planetary aspects on 19 August 2024 with Mars and Venus colouring the first Jupiter-Saturn square. Mars and Jupiter are exactly together on August 14.

The love of sportΒ  – Mars meets Venus

The Paris Olympics end just before the date of the first Jupiter-Saturn meeting, so this aspect will be active during the competitions. The Mars-Jupiter conjunction seems fitting for a massive effort in sport, both for the organisers and participants. And it is of course a political challenge for what by then will be the newly elected French leaders. Venus in Virgo shows a talent for organisation and a love of detail, also necessary in sport. It shows too the value of diet and exercise regimes. Saturn here shows dedication and hard work to be important.

More generally Venus, Saturn, Jupiter and Saturn

This planetary pattern is called a T-square. It shows tension between the three points. The Jupiter-Saturn mix described above still applies. However, Mars is pushing Jupiter to go for it. This could mean verbal fights in all Jupiter areas – politics, legal battles and all the others mentioned above. Political wrangling after elections is definitely on the cards. Add to that Venus, with her love of nit-picking when she is in Virgo, and Saturn in Pisces, and it could indicate authority figures being out of touch with reality. (Saturn has been there for a while!) It’s messy, and it will be fascinating to see how it plays out.

jupiter gemini discussion

Image by Nick Fewings Unsplash

A time to make use of a wise Jupiter in Gemini

We have until June 25, 2025, to get the best out of Jupiter in colourful, communicative, trickster clothing. So have lots of fun with philosophical discussions. Try to listen to other ideas. Although this could be tricky, it is a way of gaining wisdom.Β  When Jupiter travels through a sign he promotes growth in the areas connected to that sign. So it’s a good time to invest in anything to do with communication or information. And try some new strategies in your life, and enjoy some humour. We could all use more of that.

Faye Blake

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Quotes of the month

“The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government and I’m here to help.” Ronald Reagan

“He knows nothing and thinks he knows everything. That points clearly to a political career.” George Bernard Shaw

On a more serious note:

“Ethics is nothing else than reverence for life.” Albert Schweitzer

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