The trials and tribulations of a cat nurse

Sagittarius 2021


Cat Nurse from Doctor Who –Β  Image Ben Sutherland – Flickr

The vet, my animal communicator and I all came to the conclusion that Ishy, my cat, needed to have his teeth looked at. Ishan (to use his given name) and I areΒ  both not keen on going to the vet, even though she is very nice. And we are both even less keen on the dentist! I had waited a long time to take him, as he had been a bit unstable with his diabetes. And he is getting a bit ‘long in the tooth’ too!

We agreed a day

After being checked over, he was scheduled for an operation on the vet’s birthday – a good sign, I thought. So off we went. Suffice it to say he does not have many teeth left, but for a couple of days he was fine – high on ketamine probably! But then he stopped eating for several days. Panic calls to vet and animal communicator and frantic astrology! Eventually he deigned to eat a bit of my lunch and some cat treats. But it took 6 days until he decided to eat properly. He was OK after that for a bit then developed a cough that sounded like he had been smoking all his life. And there were other problems that I won’t go into here!

All good

It was a ‘fun’ three weeks but luckily he is back to his ‘normal’ self. However it was also a time for deep reflection for me and this has links with our sign of the month, Sagittarius, and its ruler Jupiter, and the problems we are facing today.

Who knows best?

I was getting input from three external sources as well as having my own ideas. Does the vet know best? What about my animal communicator, who works with cats all the time? And what about Ishy? Cats often know best what they need. And what did my gut and my astrology say?

This is relevant today!

This is a personal story but it highlights exactly a problem that we all face today. We are bombarded with loads of information – much of it conflicting. Particularly when it come to the Coronavirus, vaccines, and strategies for handling this so-called pandemic. It has caused so much division in the world that it is truly heart-breaking. I know from my own clients that people are struggling with decisions, and relationship issues have come to the fore.

Jupiter to the rescue?

Both Jupiter and Sagittarius are associated with vision, strategy, and philosophy. Jupiter in your horoscope describes your faith and what you believe in. Jupiter was a judge and part of his role in your chart is to show how you weigh things up when making decisions. He is associated with morals and ethics.

I have Jupiter in Pisces, so I believe in the power of intuition and the unseen, along with many other things. I needed to trust my intuition with Ishy and take what I was hearing and ask – does this feel right?

Checking what I was hearing

What I was hearing from my animal communicator was in line with Ishy’s chart. He has Moon in Scorpio – he will eat when he is damn well ready! ‘Stop sticking food under my nose!’ He said that he was very angry with me, the vet and my animal communicator for making decisions and taking away his power! That felt right. As soon as I really let go of trying to get an outcome and went with the flow, he started eating. Of course he was happy with all the attention – he does have Libra ascendant! But he is a determined Capricorn who will set his own agenda.


Image John Hain – Pixabay

In the end it’s your decision

An example of this dilemma is, of course, highlighted by Corona. I hear many people say they would rather not have been vaccinated yet, but have been persuaded, strong-armed, or manipulated into going ahead. The media is of course a big factor, however this is just one example of how we can give away our power to decide. Family and friends have a great deal of influence over all our decisions. We have such a need to fit in, that it’s difficult to go against group pressure and stand strong in our own beliefs.

Maybe it helps to define your philosophy

When I was writing my book on Vocational Astrology, I included a chapter on norms and values, as this formed a part of the vocational profile model I was using. Defining your beliefs is often a real eye-opener for clients. We will never feel happy working for a company that doesn’t share our values, but we often never consider this. And naturally, this is relevant in all areas of life.

If you don’t know where Jupiter is in your chart you can look it up on or just ask me! Here are some positive examples from my book to provide food for thought, however these placements can operate negatively when Jupiter becomes judgemental and can play god.

What might it mean for you?

Jupiter meets the Sun (or Jupiter in Leo): A belief in yourself, ‘I am important’.

Jupiter meets the Moon (or Jupiter in Cancer): A belief in protecting family. Home and country first.

Jupiter meets Mercury (or Jupiter in Gemini or Virgo): A belief in conversing and gathering information. A belief in exercise or ritual on the Virgo side.

Jupiter meets Venus (or Jupiter in Taurus or Libra): A belief in fairness, peace and justice on the Libra side and a belief in practical solutions, or perhaps having financial security on the Taurean side.

Jupiter meets Mars (or Jupiter in Aries): A belief in action and getting on with it. Stick up for yourself and don’t wait.

Jupiter in Sagittarius: A belief in taking a risk or being an entrepreneur. Having adventures and a positive outlook.

Jupiter meets Ceres: A belief in the laws of nature, purity of food and defending underdogs.

Jupiter meets Saturn (or Jupiter in Capricorn): Don’t waste time and a belief in taking responsibility and working hard.

Jupiter meets Uranus (or Jupiter in Aquarius): A belief in freedom and doing your own thing. Free speech and truthfulness.

Jupiter meets Neptune (or Jupiter in Pisces): A belief in compassion, intuition and imagination. We are all connected.

Jupiter meets Pluto (or Jupiter in Scorpio): A belief in research and transforming yourself. And as Yoda said ‘No. Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.’

We are not the same!

In my book I discuss these in more depth and give examples of real people. Hopefully however, these ideas might be useful to help you consider what is important for you. We are not always aware of how we all operate from these deep-seated beliefs, and problems can arise when we assume that others have the same core beliefs as we do. As you can see from the Jupiter placements, others may not base their decisions on the same values as you do!

Festive season

I wish you a very happy solstice and all the joy you can find in these strange times. And a very good start to 2022. And, as I saw somewhere, I hope it’s not 2020 too!


May your bowls be full over the festive season and may you enjoy every bite!

Faye Blake

Interesting websites of the month

We often link norms and values together to describe cultures and our life’s philosophy. But they can have different definitions. What I mean above aligns more with values in this article: ‘Difference between norms and values’.

I wrote about norms and values in the EU in my 2015 Sagittarius post too (pre Brexit of course!)

Quote of the month

This was the quote I used to introduce my chapter on norms and values when considering careers. But it’s relevant to all areas of life.

Β β€œThe world is full of people who have stopped listening to themselves or have listened only to their neighbors to learn what they ought to do, how they ought to behave, and what the values are they should be living for.” Joseph Campbell.Β 

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