Faye – the Therapist

Photo by Katell Chevalier

Faye has always had an interest in psychology.  In the 50’s, her father was a pioneer in hypnosis and regression techniques. So with this background, it is perhaps not surprising that her interest in people was stimulated from an early age. Her father introduced her to Freud which he was studying when she was a teenager.

Her next encounter with psychology was when she included it in her subjects for her first degree – A Bachelor of Science from the University of Auckland, New Zealand.

Faye began studying astrology in the 1970s. Psychology plays a big role in the type of astrology she studied and in the astrology she offers to clients today. When she started professional astrological counselling in 1986, she realised that painful areas could easily be touched upon. So for her own peace of mind, and also because she felt it was professionally responsible, she decided to begin therapy training.

Her first three years of training were part of an astrotherapy course, run by Jan de Graaf in the Netherlands. Although the basis of this course was astrology, many therapeutic techniques were covered, practiced and integrated with astrological thought. These included voice dialogue, bodywork, gestalt, guided imagery, Inner Child and communication training to name a few.

Inner Child
After she graduated from this course and started to use more therapeutic techniques in her practice, she decided to study Inner Child work in more depth and followed a 2 year Inner Child Integration Therapy course with Trisha Caetano. Later she worked together with Trisha, assisting with the training groups. This work was very deep and included regression techniques, including past life work. Faye has also studied past life work with Hans ten Dam, who is a well-known author of many books on the subject. Hans runs a training company in the Netherlands and lectures and teaches world-wide. 

Faye’s therapy approach now includes elements of all her training, however the main basis is astrology, which she finds to be the best tool for understanding an issue very quickly.  Together, she and the client can work with the appropriate technique to get to grips with, and help solve, the presenting issue. Many of Faye’s therapy clients come to her to learn more about their life path, not necessarily to work on ‘problems’. The combination of astrology, regression and other techniques offers a great platform for this work.

Therapy Services Offered by Faye
Services offered in English or Dutch.

Faye always does an intake session with the horoscope as a basis. She can and will also work without astrology if that is requested, but because it is such a useful tool for therapy, this is not her preference.

After the intake is finished, there is a verbal contract made as to how many sessions will be done. Inner Child work does not require years of therapy. It is a technique that works very quickly. After about 5 sessions, it is possible to evaluate if the techniques are useful and helpful and then further work can be scheduled if necessary. If another type of therapy appears to be more appropriate that can always be discussed. Faye’s clients often come for a few sessions, and once the presenting issue is clear they then stop until they feel the need for more work. After the initial few sessions, you may make any number of appointments any time. The sessions usually take around 2 hours.

The issues covered are many and varied, such as childhood trauma, later trauma, issues with children, parents or partners, both business and private. Many clients come to deal with blocks that affect their careers. Emotional issues are always present of course.

Although Faye has a compassionate approach, this doesn’t mean that therapy is without humour! Much insight can be gained on painful issues through a good laugh. For Faye, the goal of any therapy is to get closer to the authentic you. She sees herself as an encourager of being your real self.

To make an appointment with Faye phone her on 31(0)20-6206244 or email her.

There is more information on personal sessions at www.teaandsympathy.nl

Faye also offers counselling and coaching in businesses – see the business consultant page for more information.