Faye – Personal bio

Photo by Cristina Stoian

I was born in Christchurch, New Zealand. My parents were both born in New Zealand – some of the first generations born there, apart from the native population. My mother came from a Catholic family with a sense of humour and my father was an agnostic who studied psychology, hypnosis and regression in the ’50s before it was the thing to do. He was a self-made man who ran his own businesses and was at home much of the time for all of my early life. Both my parents encouraged my education and were very proud of my academic achievements. Unfortunately my father died just before my first university graduation. He would have been delighted.

I am an Aquarian who likes to do things differently and I have dared to follow my heart to become an astrologer in a world that doesn’t always appreciate what astrology can do.

Currently I live in the centre of Amsterdam.

Faye Cossar bio

Portrait of my much missed cats Ishy and Azi by Zelda Hall 

I am passionate about my work and my roof garden, as well as food, (Moon in Taurus). I have enjoyed the many countries I have seen in my travels. I am fond of skiing (well more après ski and enjoying the scenery these days) and photography too. I have lived and worked in London and am now very much at home in Amsterdam, where I  have lived since 1986.

I have been fortunate enough to have worked in Australia, Fiji and South Africa as well as NZ and the UK and given lectures and workshops in many other countries.

I believe:

  • in humour
  • in colours
  • in alternative health options
  • in cats (well OK all animals but some are more equal than others)
  • in singing (have joined a choir!)
  • in food you enjoy that hasn’t been messed with
  • in a good glass of wine or a G&T
  • that there is more out there than science accepts – bring back the X-Files!
  • that science is wonderful but not everything
  • that the world needs astrology
  • that the earth has amazingly beautiful places
  • that we all have our own unique place in and on this planet.

My hero:

Not that Aquarians have them but if I had to choose one… Rupert Sheldrake – because he is funny, a scientist and he takes on the establishment with thorough scientific research.

Favourite TV and radio:

BBC – no advertisements and good documentaries and information – website too.

Anything else you want to know you can always ask although I might not always tell…

  • Feathered friend on my balcony

  • Faye Blake Spring parakeets

    Backyard visitors

  • London Skies 2014

  • Lunar eclipse July 2019

  • Leaving Texel 2013

  • Amsterdam Festival of Lights – December 2012

  • Amsterdam Festival of Lights December 2014

  • Chilly in Haarlem 2013

  • Reflections of home 2015

  • Texel resident

  • The sun sets on another day at home 2013

  • New Orleans Bar 2012

  • Rotterdam 2015

  • From my roof April 2019

  • Kings Cross Station London 2012

  • Serpentine Art London 2015

  • First Rooftop Strawberries 2011

  • The Streets of London

  • High Summer at Dutch Beach 2014

  • The last Queen’s Day Amsterdam 2013

  • Iona Scotland April 2016

  • That time of year again – New Year 2014

  • Peony Obsession 2015

  • Knowth, Ireland 2012

  • Tomatoes getting creative on my roof – 2013

  • Brighton 2015

  • Daffs 2015

  • All I want for Christmas – London 2014

  • Selfie- pre-selfie stick days – New Orleans 2012

  • Rudolph in London – 2013

  • Inner Tulip

  • Getting artistic with Crystal

  • Borrowed Boots on Hampstead Heath 2012

  • Tulip festival Amsterdam 2015

  • Texel Patterns – 2014

  • Art New Orleans – 2012

  • Santorini Sunset – 2013

  • Special Birthday – this one taken by Zelda Hall

  • Rijksmuseum from my balcony – 2015

  • Full Moon January 2017

  • Only way through this is to meditate

  • The Wonderful Kelpies – Scotland 2014

  • Winter from my window – 2013

  • Skies threaten over Wells 2015

  • Tulips from Amsterdam 2015

  • Baby it’s cold outside

  • Autumn in Holland 2013

  • Shard London 2015

  • Amsterdam under water light festival

  • Reflections of Amsterdam 2014

  • Anorexic London 2015

  • Another New Year Amsterdam 2015

  • Art Rotterdam 2015

  • Drunken bikes? February 2017

  • Street Art Rotterdam 2015

  • Metro opens 2018 – my stop Vijzelgracht

  • Rooftop salad 2018

  • Crater Lake US 2018

  • Chicago 2018


  • Roof strawberry having fun 2020

A few of my photos

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“I am not the same, having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”
Mary Anne Radmacher