Boris in trouble again

12th December 2021

I thought I would add to the many posts on what is going on with the UK PM, Boris Johnson. I think I have an added take on what is being triggered. It follows on from my many posts on Ceres, who I think represents the ‘plebs’ and democracy, which has been a focus in these articles, particularly in my recent one on the Taliban and Texas.


Inner wheel –Β  Boris Johnson, outer wheel – planets today as I write

Boris has several planets in the sign of the trickster Mercury, a planet associated with Gemini. His Sun and Venus there makes him think his charm and humour can get him out of a tight spot, and this is often the case. But people of getting tired of that strategy. In a time where serious leadership is required, there are calls, even within his own party, for him to step down. This follows allegations of lying, sleaze and corruption. He is, for many, no longer credible.

So what is going on?

Many astrologers have alluded to the fact that the north node, a kind of karmic point, is at play, and indeed it is triggering his Mars. Mars in a horoscope represents how we fight, and how we defend ourselves. Boris has Mars also in Gemini, so his game plan for defence is rhetoric. However it is in a house where it can act behind closed doors, perhaps a very sneaky Mars, in the 8th house. His Moon is also in a very private sign, Scorpio. So Boris will do anything to try to keep control of the messaging in order to protect himself.

But oh dear … Ceres

Ceres in a horoscope represents the type of democracy we value and Boris has an aspect with Uranus which seems to mean: ‘I can do whatever I like’, when it comes to public opinion and democratic rights. But Ceres in the sky has had enough. She too is sitting on his Mars.

The plebs, in the form of the public, are rebelling against his whole approach and the way he is handling things (Mars). The node and Ceres are working together in this and are also triggering his own Ceres. This is a judgment from the masses on his form of democracy. He might get away with it again, but at the moment, the people have had enough. His ratings are falling. Well done Ceres (the voters) for standing your ground! It didn’t end well for Boris in his last bout with the Ceres supreme court judge – she of spider fame – Lady Brenda Hale.

An extra

As a side note – Uranus is also triggering his Pluto – a sudden change in the power that he has had. And is it a wake-up call for all as to how he has (ab)used this power? The tide is turning.

And in the middle of all this his second child with Carrie has been born! His seventh child is a girl – that has been a quiet affair but deserves congratulations!

Faye Blake


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