Brexit and the 23s

14 March 2019

Astrologically I find Brexit totally addictive. And Pisces time can result in addiction (my main Monthly Planet will be about this) so I guess that’s OK. After my post yesterday on Theresa May, Michel Barnier and Jeremy Corbyn, I thought I’d take another look at the UK chart. I use the one most astrologers use which I have commented on often. These are indeed heavy times for the UK.

Brexit astrology

Photo Reuters in The Independent

My own personal opinion is that the UK had an important role in the EU as a change agent and it is a pity that they are leaving – if they can ever agree how. My post ‘Dear European Union‘ highlighted possibilities and problems in the EU, and Britain’s role.Β  I also wrote a post a while back – ‘Our broken democracy‘ – about why a referendum was the wrong tool for Brexit.

But we are where we are, and I use the word ‘we’ since I live in the Netherlands and Brexit will affect us, and me personally, as I work in the UK sometimes.

But what of the UK chart?Β 

The UK has a square aspect between Saturn and Ceres, who I mentioned yesterday as being the goddess of democracy and negotiation (among many other things). I would interpret this as meaning that people in authority (Saturn) can sometimes be at odds with true democracy. And that the ‘plebs’ can play a blame game when it comes to government. For this aspect to work well it means that those in authority have to use Saturn in Leo wisely by being good, generous,Β  ‘fatherly’ leaders, with creativity and strong leadership – delegating wisely. Ceres in Taurus can mean a stubbornness in the democratic process but if it works well it would be result-oriented and pragmatic. And the populace wants that. If what I feel is anything to go by, I imagine that businesses and the general public just want to get on with it and reach a practical solution.

Brexit May

Theresa May loses her voice. As an Aquarian I tend to stick up for people who are being attacked. My god the woman is resilient. True, she is not someone you can warm to, but she is a human being with a chart that matches her personality. Some compassion wouldn’t go amiss even if you don’t like her approach. I think she truly believes she is doing the right thing for the UK. Blaming her for everything is unhelpful.

The 23s

Saturn and Ceres are at 23 degrees in the UK, which means that when planets in the sky are at the same degree, this particular aspect of the UK is triggered. It is an opportunity to work on some problem. In the sky today we have the Moon passing this degree as I write but she is moody and moves quickly, so is less important. However Jupiter is at this degree as are the nodes, and Pluto is heading that way. He is slow but he is at 22 degrees so is definitely having a huge role to play. All these influences will last much longer.


From a roundup of Brexit cartoons in the Irish Times – original from Estonian cartoonist Urmas Nemvalts for Postimees

So what’s the opportunity?

Jupiter is about laws and lawyers, strategy and vision and politicians. Lawyers and politicians are making us look at how democracy and authority works. The chaos is right on time. Does the ostensibly two-party system work? Does the UK need to go to consensus politics?

Pluto affecting this aspect means total transformation is required. Those in power are helping to show what is wrong with the system. But what is being asked by the cosmos is that everyone takes responsibility, and stops the blame game (Saturn) for a pragmatic, democratic (Ceres) solution.

The nodes are often thought of as karmic points. Pluto has been on the nodes for all of us. Heavy chickens are coming home to roost and in the UK, politics is the playing field. What happens next in the world depends on how self-aware we all are, and whether we can grow in terms of consciousness. I’m afraid we are not there yet.

Faye Blake


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  1. Dear Faye, thank you for your post about the terrorist attack in Christchurch. As a fellow Cantabrian I can say that shock and horror is now morphing into a determination to heal via inclusiveness and to rid the country of semiautomatic guns.
    May this be the case.
    I very much appreciate your insight and willingness to share this via your site.

  2. Post

    Hi Joan Thanks for your comments. I must say that from here it seems the world is listening to Jacinda’s message – I hope it all goes well for you and all of Canterbury. Keep up the good fight for peace.

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