Will the real UK please stand up?

Aquarius 2020

Back in 2016 in my Leo post, I asked Will the real USA please stand up? I started with a quote from Obama: “It’s not just a choice between parties or policies; the usual debates between left and right. This is a more fundamental choice – about who we are as a people …” Sadly, recent events surrounding the impeachment trial in the US may have answered that question.

Uk out of EU

The UK has left the EU

I think the UK now needs to ask the same question – “Who are we?” As of February 1st, 2020, midnight Brussels time, the EU has lost an important member. Even though the terms of the new agreements between the UK and the EU still need to be hammered out, the UK is no longer a member of the EU. The UK has regained her freedom and independence. In this connected world, what will that look like? What does it even mean? So naturally I went back to the charts of the EU and the UK to see what was happening.

The EU has challenges

There are several charts that could be used for the EU, however I like the date of the ratification of the Maastricht Treaty, which represents the founding of the European Union in its current form. That was midnight in Brussels on November 1st, 1993.

As might be expected, since the Moon represents the members in this chart, she is the one being triggered. The important conjunction of Pluto, Ceres and Saturn, which I wrote about recently has been the culprit. The Saturn contact to the Moon suggests that Brexit may have been long and difficult for members. The last hit of this transit was on January 25th, indicating a definite end to the UK’s membership of the EU. There is clarity (Saturn) and finality (Saturn) to that part of the withdrawal.

Ceres moves quickly, so, although she sets a tone for this long world cycle, she has moved on to new adventures. However, Pluto has by no means had his wicked way with EU members yet. He’s just warming up! Whereas Saturn was a one hit ‘get Brexit done’, Pluto’s transformation is a long and drawn out 5-hitter, suggesting that the transition-negotiation phase will be a long power-struggle that certainly won’t be finished by the end of 2020, as the UK insists it will. The last pass of Pluto to the EU Moon is not until November 15th 2021! This suggests to me that the members will not be ‘of one voice’ on anything, let alone Brexit, in the coming period.

They should listen to an astrologer!

I offered some advice to the EU back in 2015 in a previous post – “Dear European Union“. Of course no-one took any notice! Apart from advice I gave then, what needs to happen now is fundamental changes to membership that give individual member states more power. However, as the EU has the Sun (leadership) in Scorpio, I’m not sure that will happen. It is more likely that the leadership will try to hang on to power and be more controlling. Adding to this,Β  the Sun is hit by Uranus from May 2020 until March 2021. This is an opportunity for creative, innovative, reforming leadership –Β  but can they do this? The UK might be the catalyst for this, (as I think was her role when inside the EU), but the danger is that the EU will want to be right about everything and be mentally ‘stubborn’. A kind of ‘take it or leave it’ attitude which doesn’t lead to positive change. So the EU has its own set of challenges.

The leaving day

On the final day of the UK’s membership, Ceres entered Aquarius, that sign of independence. A freeing of the democratic process for both the EU and the UK. However, at the point of leaving, Pluto was right at the bottom of the chart in the UK …


… whereas this wasn’t the case in Brussels due to time and location differences. To me, this suggests more fundamental upheavals in the UK than in Europe, which of course is logical. This really was a pivotal do-or-die moment for the UK.

A fitting time for the UK

Aquarius, our sign of the month – the sign of freedom and independence – is an appropriate time for the UK to go it alone. And the transits to the UK chart are very telling – but of course I would say that! I have been rabbiting on for ages about Ceres being a factor in politics and democracy and yes – here she is again – in the thick of it on Brexit day.

UK leaves EU

The UK chart in the middle with a few planets highlighted to simplify it. On the outside the time the UK left the EU.

Pluto in the sky on Brexit day was at 23 of Capricorn, exactly picking up an aspect between Saturn and Ceres in the UK chart. I have written before on Brexit and the 23’s Β and I quote from there:

“The UK has a square aspect between Saturn and Ceres … the goddess of democracy and negotiation (among many other things). I would interpret this as meaning that people in authority (Saturn) can sometimes be at odds with true democracy. And that the β€˜plebs’ may play a blame game when it comes to government. For this aspect to work well, it means that those in authority have to use Saturn in Leo wisely by being good, generous, β€˜fatherly’ leaders, with creativity and strong leadership – delegating wisely. Ceres in Taurus can mean a stubbornness in the democratic process, but if it works positively it would be result-oriented and pragmatic. And the populace wants that. If what I feel is anything to go by, I imagine that businesses and the general public just want to get on with it and reach a practical solution.

The triggers now

I went on to discuss the then upcoming transit which has now arrived.

Pluto affecting this aspect means total transformation is required. Those in power are helping to show what is wrong with the system. But what is being asked by the cosmos is that everyone takes responsibility, and stops the blame game (Saturn) to achieve a pragmatic, democratic (Ceres) solution.”

Serious questions

So this is the aspect that is in the spotlight. Serious questions about democracy, and how that works, need to be asked. Taking each aspect separately:

Pluto meeting Ceres reflects the negotiation that had to take place in the myth of the abduction of Persephone. A compromise had to be reached – Persephone shared her time above the ground (with her mother Ceres) and below it (with Pluto), which led to summer and winter – or feast and famine. Those in power need to negotiate on Ceres issues. They will not be able to simply overpower the populace. Pluto can empower Ceres which suggests that it is a good time for older women, the green movement, the underdog and for ‘the plebs’. But this means these groups have to take the power and use it cleanly. The ‘people’ should hold their ground against the ‘elites’. And leaders should try hard to really understand the people.

Pluto meeting Saturn offers a chance to transform old structures and rules. But it can also herald power struggles over borders. Scotland and Ireland are by no means ‘done and dusted’ with Brexit. Responsibility and respect for all sides are the only measures that will ensure a positive outcome. A deep, grown-up discussion from all sides is needed.

Those pesky countries

What I find fascinating in the horoscope of a person is that 12th house planets suggest issues during the time in the womb. The time before birth I see as ‘gestation’, also for countries and companies. What happens before the start up of a company or the founding of a country is a kind of hidden theme. And a planet in this area of the chart will be triggered at specific times when applying the Huber 72-year cycle – one of my favourite techniques.

In the case of the UK, the planet there is Uranus, reflecting specific types of issues leading up to the forming of the United Kingdom when Ireland was added in 1801. Although Ireland left this union later, leaving only Northern Ireland in the UK, this chart is still one that responds to events and is used by many astrologers for the UK, as it has had this name since the Acts of Union 1800 came into force on January 1st 1801.


During the gestation period of the formation of the UK, Uranus reflects rebellion. In 1798, the Irish Rebellion raised the issue of relationship between Ireland and the British Cabinet. The suggestion of a Union to help both countries led to heavy resistance from the Irish Parliament, which was to be abolished. The question of religion also played a large part, however – quoting the Encyclopaedia Brittanica – “the British government, by the undisguised purchase of votes, either by cash or by bestowal of honours, secured a majority in both the British and Irish Houses that carried the union on March 28, 1800.” This is authoritative Uranus at its worst – a ‘we know best’ arrogance.

That is a wound that is still not healed, and, as I write, the Irish elections have been won by Sinn FΓ©in, the party formerly associated with the IRA, and one that wants Irish reunion. Interesting times! And there will be real difficulties forming a coalition government.

However, this could also be difficult for the UK, as this comes at a tricky point in the cycle. A new cycle started in 2017 for the UK and the first six years of a new cycle are concerned with forming a new identity. 2020 is a crucial point in this phase – Huber calls it the obstinate age for a child. For a country I would interpret this as coming to the difficult realisation that ‘you can’t always have what you want’. Leaders be warned.


Another ‘pesky’ country for UK leaders.

In 2014, nearly to the day of the Scottish independence referendum, the UK Huber age point hit a gestation crisis point. In 2015 when the point was on Uranus, the Scottish National party was the only party to vote against having the Brexit referendum. However, the referendum act was passed in 2015 and the referendum took place in 2016 – just in time to start the upheavals of new 72-year cycle rebirth!

In my Virgo 2014 post I wrote:

Make no mistake – this is crisis time for the UK

Amazingly, on September 16th 2014 (close enough for me!) – two days before the (Scottish Independence) referendum – the UK hit the Pisces crisis point, … Are you listening Westminster? Scotland is going to make sure you have a new constitution. The start of the new cycle is actually 1st January 2017 – this is the date to aim for. In the coming three years there will be a repeat of the years 1942 -1945!Β 

As I said above, Brexit is not finished for the UK and the EU, and Scotland will have a lot to say. They are also part of the dynamic of the UK hitting the ‘obstinate age’ and are not going to give up easily on wanting independence so they can rejoin the EU. So what kind of new personality and identity will the UK develop? Will it manage to hold on to Scotland and Northern Ireland? It all depends on strategy and priorities. But mostly …

… it’s all about choice

So what now? What kind of country does the UK want to be? What reputation and image does it want to have at home and on the global stage? To me the answer is the same as it would be for an individual – it’s about authenticity and doing the best you can with what you have.

Using the chart to ‘brand’ the UK, I would want to see the following priorities.

Capricorn – Sun

  • responsible leadership
  • quality education available to everyone
  • good clear laws that are fair to all
  • structured government that abides by agreed rules and traditions
  • if Scotland and Northern Ireland are to remain in the UK, devolved governments with true authority and responsibilities.

Cancer – MC – mission and reputation

  • shelter and food for everyone
  • protection for children
  • nurturing business environments

Libra – Ascendant – image

  • fairness and just laws
  • decency in discussions
  • equal partnerships with other countries including Scotland, Wales and NI.
  • equal rights for all

And I would throw in a touch of UranusΒ – that hidden gift from the 12th house

  • innovation (which the UK has been so good at in the past)
  • daring to be different
  • embracing quirkiness and eccentricity
  • using this opportunity to be independent with integrity
  • accepting the uniqueness of England, Scotland, NI and Wales and celebrating the differences.

Here’s one I made earlier πŸ™‚

Faye Blake

Interesting websites

In this video Caroline Myss talks about choices for individuals. Wisdom or woe? I think there are parallels for citizens and leaders of countries. Integrity is a key word for both. And what about toxic vocabulary?

Quote of the month

“You must not miss Whitehall. At one end you’ll find a statue of one of our kings who was beheaded; at the other, the monument to the man who did it. This is just an example of our attempts to be fair to everybody.” Β Thomas Appleton


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