Let battle commence – in the sky and the US

Libra 2008

The gates to hell?

Libra is the sign we know as the scales and it is therefore associated with balance. It encompasses lovely ideas such as harmony, beauty and music in its astrological descriptions. Fairness and the scales of justice also come to mind. There are two sides to everything so partnership and doing things together are important. It is an air sign, one of the mind. Mental and logical. But all this denies its history somewhat. Before the Romans got hold of this part of the sky, Libra as we now know it, was part of the Scorpion. The claws in fact. It is that part of the heaven between Virgo and Scorpio (shown below by the program Starlight), as the triangle with legs, on its side in the middle of the screenshot (the ancients obviously had a better imagination than I do!), with Venus currently between the legs! Venus represents money and therefore the economy – about to enter the Scorpion’s den. The very large constellation on the left of Libra is Scorpio which is easier to imagine, as is the idea that the scorpion had claws.

Constellation Libra Scorpio

A screenshot from Starlight showing Libra and Scorpio constellations

Because this constellation used to be on the horizon at sunrise at the equinox, where day and night are more or less equal (see last Virgo post), it came to be associated with the balance of day and night or dark and light. Libra was seen as the gate to the otherworld or the underworld. The place where the heart of the deceased was weighed after death against a feather, so that entrance could be gained to that world. Only those whose hearts were lighter than a feather could pass. Each year at this time we go through these gates before entering Scorpio, the sign of death and rebirth. In this, the only inanimate sign of the zodiac, we make ready for the changes that the Sun leaving (in the Northern hemisphere) or entering (in the Southern), our hemisphere will bring. This gives a whole different feeling to Libra energy, which has one foot in both light and dark. Is this the gate to hell? Or just to transformation?

And so here we are at this balance point with …

The Economy AND the US Elections

I am not a financial astrologer so don’t expect wise words or predictions about interest rates or house prices or what’s going to happen next. Sorry – believe me I could use this advice myself! However, astrology is a wonderful tool for an independent analysis of where we are, from a completely different viewpoint than that of the press. And perhaps food for thought before we panic.


Firstly, I think that achieving balance is part of the cosmos’s intention anyway at this time of year, however there are two really major astrological events in progress which are affecting everything on a global and personal scale.


Enter the three competing candidates!

Uranus – dressed ethereally and glamourously in Piscean clothing

Saturn  – dressed sensibly for service in comfortable functional Virgo attire

Pluto – who is currently having a clothing crisis, trying to decide between an adventurous Sagittarian Pirate Suit or a sensible and responsible Capricornian business suit.

A warning! All three of these Gods are not to be messed with. Saturn is the oldest, having been around for what seems like ever. The human race has got to grips with him to some extent and some of us can work with him and make positive use of him. The other two being younger, are forces to be reckoned with in a different way. Uranus has been flexing his muscles since 1781 and Pluto, the relatively new kid in town, arriving in 1930, has lost nothing of his devious vigour, planet or dwarf- planet. We are less familiar with these two. However my opinion is that the world is currently starting to understand how to work with Uranus.

In my view there are more people in the world backing Saturn. They are using him for good and bad means. Fewer are on the side of Uranus but most do not yet understand how to put him to good use. As far as Pluto is concerned most of us don’t know how to negotiate with him at all.

planetary opposition

Enter stage left and right – a dialogue duel

So the stage is set – Uranus and Saturn are facing opposite each other, ready to meet in 5 rounds. The first one is on November 4th – election day. We are in the exciting stage of getting ready to go to the ring for bout 1.

Pluto is off on another mission altogether but he can see that this battle might be advantageous for him.  He will eventually put on his business suit and give up the pirating on November 27th having had his final pirate swansong since June this year.

The script

Uranus:  (don’t be fooled by the soft clothing): Hello Saturn my old adversary. Isn’t it time you retired?

Saturn: You young rebels – all the same – you think you can just change anything. When you have had as much experience as I have you will know better. What we need is discipline and rules. For people on earth I am the authority figure here. They respect my rules and they learn their lessons from me. If they are good and responsible they will be rewarded. Otherwise they will be punished – they should be afraid now – very afraid. But I will tell them what to do.

Pluto on sidelines thinking: (Oh God these two are at it again. They think they are so important! In the 60s they had the same old argument – new vs old, freedom vs rules. I think I’ll just give them something else to argue about. I need to sort out my followers a bit anyway. I have all the people who have power on my side. They have been getting above their station – I got a bit carried away in my pirate suit there – it was fun all that risk and the thrill of the chase but I’m bored with that now. Besides it got everyone imagining they could be a rich entrepreneur. Really there are limits! I’ve got them all arguing about what they believe in too – capitalism vs. the rest and about religions, so my work is done there too. And travel – ha! that was fun! All those rules they had to bring in – what a stupid solution – they don’t know me at all yet – Oh well I can wait…. I know! Let’s sort out a few of those old structures like banks and all those hierarchies. Not sure if I can get used to this business suit though but maybe I can make it look a bit more sexy somehow. Hmmmm. Anyway, if I do that before the elections, that will give these two something else to argue about – I’ll show them who is really boss here!)

Uranus (to Saturn): You’re past your sell-by date old man. All that discipline and rules might have worked once but since I gave fire to the people they have woken up somewhat and seen the light. You old Gods had all the power before then – you were just using people for your own ends. I had to fool you so that people could see what you were up to. And that worked to some extent although these dumb mortals take a long time to get the point.

Pluto thinking: Yes well would have to agree with that last statement. Might call for more radical measures.

Saturn to Uranus: That’s because you don’t know how to handle people like I do – they will do what we tell them – I have doctors and lawyers and scientists and my best advocates George W and John McCain who are on my side in this – to keep people doing what’s right. Duty to your country above all else. So what if the people have to suffer a few hard times?  I know best after all. I can make people fear anything. You just get them all excited, but fear is a much better weapon! Ha!

Pluto thinking: Yeah, yeah old man – but I can do terror! One move from me and they have all jumped to attention already! Wait till I really get into my business gear, I think I could get used to this …

Uranus to Saturn: You think I am just a silly kid as I’ve only been around since 1781 but I have been practising – I cut my teeth on the French revolution and the American wars of independence – that put a spanner in your works! OK they may have gone a bit over the top and killed a few people but I have calmed down now – I was just feeling a trifle misunderstood at the beginning.

Saturn: Oh poor Uranus. Don’t forget I cut your balls off once before (see mythology!) and I can do it again. Don’t think you can get too rebellious or creative with me! I have the authority over you now.

Saturn Uranus

Saturn castrates his father Uranus. Fresco by Vasari & Cristofano Gherardi

Uranus: That was a long time ago you silly old codger – I’m not your father anymore like I was in those old myths. I’ve become Prometheus. I have been reborn again so earth can be sorted out – you’ve made a right bloody mess of it! Thinking you know best all the time and not giving the people any credit for having a brain of their own. They want to be more authentic and independent and they are learning from me. I’ll admit they need a bit of practice still – I thought I had a good one in that Dutch politician, Pim Fortuyn, a few years back but he went a bit too much against the grain. I couldn’t tone him down enough in time and your lot got to him – but you won’t this time!  I was in my Aquarius period then – wanted to show off how different I was. But now I have my Pisces robes I have chosen a better candidate that can merge with the people and be a bit like a popstar as well as being different. Obama is my man. I felt a bit sorry for Hillary as she had the right idea but she really wasn’t right for this job. Barack will sort you lot out once and for all. Pisces is my last phase and I have learned my friend – before I get into my Aries garb to meet you for the last time I will have such a following of people who understand what I have been saying all these years that you will be gone …

Let battle commence!!!


Side note! I find it amazing that Obama and McCain represent these forces globally so accurately. Saturn is in Virgo and McCain is a Virgo. Uranus is in Pisces and although Obama is not a Pisces he has a lot of Pisces energy. This battle symbolises what is happening in the coming years for everyone on all levels. The finding of balance between the opposing forces of keeping what’s good and not stagnating and bringing in the new without too much disruption. Being unique and also having responsibility for, and being part of, the world. There seems to be enough momentum now with Uranian energy to change in a good way, to break through old structures and authorities that are no longer serving us.

Pluto formulating a plan:  Let’s see now – I have had a bit of a look at what I need to do so I can start in earnest on November the 27th when I have my Capricornian suit the way I like it. I can see that anybody running a company in an irresponsible way will have to be sorted. In fact it’s time everyone took responsibility for where they are. It’s all very easy to blame George W or the banks, or anyone else. But they let them get away with it. A lot of these humans didn’t mind being entrepreneurs and borrowing money they couldn’t afford to pay back! And all these old boy networks and hierarchies – they need a good shake up. The building trade too – ha – they’re going to be sorry if they mess with me. It’s no use just putting in new rules – I want it sorted properly. It’s about time I had a go at accountants too. They’ve been getting away with far too much. Anyone who is an authority figure or anyone who makes the rules better behave until I take off my business suit in 2023.  I have work to do to reform all this stuff – it’s a tough job but someone has to show them who is boss here. They will have to learn that having power has to mean responsibility as well. On every level – government, environment, business and at home. I always get bad press for stirring up this stuff – but I really only want to clean the place up so people can be passionate in the right way. It might be a bit heavy but I do transform for the best!

So interesting times to come and by the next post we will have had round one of the Uranus Saturn standoff!  Only 4 more to go. 5th February 2009, 15th September 2009, 26 April 2010, and the last opposition in the signs of Aries and Libra on 26th July 2010.  See Pisces 2008 post for more on this.  The way I see it, it’s not really about the economy. It’s about how we get back into balance concerning risk and responsibility, and innovation with tradition but what better way to make it clear than by using money? We very likely do need a whole new financial system to do this. But McCain or Obama, the Gods are still ‘with intent’!

Faye Blake-Cossar

Interesting websites

Libra is about relationships and partnerships so here is a video about Libra ” business”  to enjoy because we need a laugh in these strange times. Or at any time really. A duo from a Libra country – New Zealand – Business Time.

For a good article on the history of Libra in Star lore, see this Skyscript site.

Quote of the Month

Since Libra is about wanting someone to talk to and getting a response – Libra’s are good in complaints departments by the way.
“The world is disgracefully managed, one hardly knows to whom to complain”  Ronald Firbank 1886-1926 – British Novelist.

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