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Leo 2008

Currently I am preparing new material on the now dwarf planet Ceres. When Pluto was demoted in 2006, she was again promoted to planetary status, albeit a dwarf one. So she now has the same status as Pluto, as have two others; Eris and a new one just named – Makemake, which was formerly known as the Easter Bunny! Astrologers have been using Ceres (known before 2006 as an asteroid) for a long time, as she was first discovered (and called a planet) in 1801. So we have some idea of what she might be about. The new dwarf planets are, in my view, too new to know much about their workings yet. Ceres is nearer to us than Jupiter, hence my reason for admitting her into my planetary fold!

goddess of grain

Ceres – goddess of grain

As I write, she will enter the sign of Leo (19th August 2008) where she will stay until the 3rd of November so since this is the Leo post it seems fitting to give her a mention, as Leo is a sign that demands attention.

Known also as Demeter, she is the Goddess of grain and also the mother of Persephone, who was kidnapped and taken by Hades (Pluto) to be his bride. Ceres, where we get the word cereal from, had the power to stop all the crops growing when she was angry about her daughter be taken. She knew about cultivation and also the cycles of nature which she taught at the Eleusinian mysteries later in her life. There is a lot more to the symbolism in the mythology, but the question at hand is how might we be able to use Ceres in Leo between now and early November?

Ceres astrology

A corn field 2008 near Oakville, Iowa. Photo Scott Olson

Ceres Revenge?

My idea is that she is definitely upset with ideas like genetic engineering of crops and genetic manipulation in general. She is also responsible for the seasons in mythology so I suspect she is trying to make us aware of her anger at what mankind is doing, by the very strange weather we are having.  Although she has the knowledge to cultivate and manifest, she does appear to be destroying a few crops at the moment. In Leo she may even make this more visible. Maybe this month we can give attention to how we can manifest what we want to grow, both within companies and personally. It is nurturing at this time to give our hearts attention. Can we do it without destroying and creating atmospheres by wanting too much attention, when like Ceres, we don’t get what we want?

Astrology and Prediction – Obama the Lion

Now that we have a birth time for Barack Obama, (assuming the allegations about it being fraudulent are untrue), the speculation concerning this matter in astrology land can stop. So now we can speculate (as astrologers love to do like anyone else!) about the real question – who will win the US elections and become the next president. Astrologers just think that they are better at it! I can’t think why they should believe this, as usually in these matters astrologers never agree with each other. Most of the ones I speak to now are for Obama but not all, so they can’t all be right. One article I saw was at least looking at the statistics historically, which seems reasonable to me, but the techniques she used would be hotly debated by some astrologers. For me astrology is about probabilities not certainties and is based on history and levels of awareness.

Can astrologers predict?

This brings me on to a favourite hobby horse of mine and that is that I believe you can’t do predictions with astrology. Yes I know, this sounds like treason coming from an astrologer, and many of my astrological friends would have my head for it. Some of my best astrological friends believe that some things are ‘written’. Now it might be my wimpiness at not wanting to be wrong, but I do like to think that the things that we do and decide have some impact on the world, whereas if things are ‘writtten’ why bother?

What you can do with astrology is predict trends and timings for events, especially if you have the history of a company or a person, as history does indeed repeat itself! Often you can have a pretty good guess about what might specifically happen. My form of astrology lends itself to co-creation. Working within a given framework that we can’t change (time we are born) but within that, being free to make decisions and have beliefs that affect what we do. This brings responsibility, which I think some people who use astrology don’t want to take.

Photo of Obama 2008 from wikicommons by Jacopo Werther

So having that view, you can see why I would find it difficult to predict whether that glorious Lion Obama, will win, as he might suddenly make a decision that alters everything! For me it depends on the consciousness level of the individual and in this case, of the nation involved. Better questions for me are (if I had Obama as a client!) is this job suitable for me? Will I make a good president? What do the people want? Will I be happy in this role? Is this my calling? For me these are questions that can be addressed by astrology. Next month I will ask the same questions for McCain, as he is a Virgo! I have a sort of trust in the universe that the best man for the job will win! Yes I know,… George Bush. But I do think he has been the perfect man for the job based on what the people needed to learn and where the level of consciousness was. Sometimes things need to be really in your face so that change occurs.

A look at Barack’s vocation and mission in life
So that you can see how you could use astrology to find out if you are in the right job, let’s have a look at Obama’s calling. Firstly he has several things in Leo, all of which point to a life where being in the spotlight fits. In fact it is obvious that he can give speeches that are heartfelt and warm, and capture media attention. As he says himself  “I’m so overexposed that I make Paris Hilton look like a recluse.”   He probably loves the attention, as do many world figures with Leo characteristics, Bill Clinton to name but one.

Barack’s Sun makes contact with the planet Neptune, which I think adds a flavour to vocation. This is someone who has a dream, who is idealistic, who does care about global issues and who wants to help. Usually, it means someone that has genuine compassion. It can also be someone who is a dreamer.  Neptune often means a spiritual person but certainly can describe someone who is glamorous. Many celebrities have Neptune strongly placed. This gives him his superstar quality. On a positive note it is someone who has imagination and creativity and can tune in to what is happening. He certainly reads the public very well.

The Sun in the 6th house is someone who wants to be of practical service. So I would say that the job suits him down to the ground if the US wants a president that really does care about the issues discussed. He has the ability to deceive though, as he is probably a very good actor – in fact being on the stage would not be a bad job for him!  This is probably a useful quality for a President!

As I mentioned in my last post, he has Aquarius rising which fits well with what the people want. But that is only his ‘front door’, inside he’s a real Leo. His mission is shown by the sign of Scorpio – he really does need power in his job and it is something he can handle, his mission is indeed having enough influence to transform the world. He has the potential, I believe, to heal many issues that have been caused by abuse of power. He needs to be aware enough himself though to use power and attention wisely, and that’s a question astrology cannot answer. I’ll leave you to predict whether he will become president, but I think he would be happy in it, it does fit with his calling, and he has the potential to be very good at it.

Does the US love him?
Will the country like him? His style shown by Mars in Virgo, one of practical service, fits exactly with the ideals of the US chart. His way of working is stimulating the hope and dreams of a nation. Yes, they like him! He is maybe ‘The great white hope!’ A dangerous place to be. Disappointment often ensues if expectations are unrealistic.

Faye Blake-Cossar

Interesting website of the month

Robert Ohotto is an astrologer who has written a book called ” Transforming Fate into Destiny”. He talks about how we have to work with fate to reach our destiny.

Quote of the month

Because Leo is a sign associated with the heart. Also because it is surprisingly difficult to find a quote from Barack that is about himself being in the spotlight. Or where he is giving away his Leo side of wanting the attention! It is also not easy to find a humorous quote from him that reflects the sign of Leo (and not that easy anyway to find a funny one at all!)

“We need somebody who’s got the heart, the empathy to recognize what it’s like to be a young teenage mom; the empathy to understand what it’s like to be poor, or African-American, or gay, or disabled, or old. And that’s the criteria by which I’m going to be selecting my judges.” Barack Obama – 2007.

Sounds good to me though…

For astrologers

Barack Obama born 4th August 1961, 19:24, Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

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