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Leo 2017

If you are part of any astrology circles, you can’t possibly have missed all the blogs, vlogs, podcasts, workshops and all manner of events relating to the upcoming ‘Great American Eclipse’. Eclipses happen all the time, however this is indeed a special eclipse for many reasons. Because totality can be seen only on US soil (a very rare event), it is aptly named – perhaps unlike other American things that are said to be great! August 21 is the day, at 20:40 here in Amsterdam, unfortunately not visible for us.

Photo of 2017 eclipse by NASA/Aubrey Gemignani

A total solar eclipse can only occur at a new moon when the Sun and Moon are together. This time it happens at the final degrees of Leo, a sign associated with the heart, which is probably why I have been going around the house singing Bonnie Tyler’s ‘Total Eclipse of the Heart’ for weeks now. Not only that, the eclipse sits on a fixed star in the constellation of Leo, called Regulus – one of the four royal stars of antiquity, which is right on Leo the lion’s heart. No surprise then that it is associated with leaders and royalty.

An eclipse explanation – from Bonnie Tyler’s Total Eclipse of the Heart.

Bonnie’s original song is a sad one, and, although traditionally eclipses were seen as disastrous, I am heartened to see so much excellent and positive astrological material in cyberspace. Not that doom and gloom are completely absent – there certainly are dangers lurking. Many astrologers are predicting the worst for Trump, but I sometimes think it is hard to separate astrology from wishful thinking! Clearly he is in trouble, and the reason might have something to do with what fixed star expert Bernadette Brady warns about Regulus. From her Starlight program: “Great success can be gained, but only by avoiding a particular nemesis. For Regulus, the nemesis is revenge. […] if you ever stoop to revenge, then you lose power, position and standing in the community.” Although there is a discussion in the astrological community about Trump’s birth time, Regulus features strongly in his birth chart regardless of what time he was born, so this eclipse will strongly affect him. He also resonates with eclipses as he was born under one himself.

It’s all in the field
Many astrologers who are experts on eclipses have written very well about this solar one in August. I am not an expert. However,  I am interested in morphic fields, so I want to look at this eclipse in this light, as I think these fields shift and change depending on how humanity reacts. If we start with ancient times with which we still resonate on some level, then eclipses were seen as something frightening. I can imagine if you have no idea why it goes dark and stars suddenly appear (another song coming on – yes I know it’s birds, but there are stars in there too) in the daytime, it can be very scary. Nature reacts accordingly to the darkness and the silence adds to the eeriness. So this fearful energy has been in the ‘eclipse field’ for a long time.

Come together
The Sun and the Moon have been seen as masculine or feminine energies through the ages. Although this has not always been the case, today the Sun represents the masculine, the heart and what we want, while the Moon is the reflective feminine energy, highlighting how we are nurtured and what we need. So the Sun and Moon coming together in exact alignment can be seen as a sacred marriage. Still today, some cultures suggest we should not look at a total eclipse as it should be a private, intimate moment for the Sun and the Moon. I love this idea! But of course we are all part voyeur, so that’s not very likely to happen.

solar eclipse

Endings or beginnings?
New moons have always been associated with endings and beginnings, so this belief is also in the eclipse field. A total eclipse, being visible only in the US, has motivated many astrologers to suggest that this is a major turning point in the US, which of course affects the rest of the world. For a long time there has been a belief that leaders, represented by the Sun, were in danger as their ‘light’ might be extinguished. As soon as eclipses could be reliably predicted, some cultures went so far as to appoint a substitute leader during the eclipse so the king would be safe. The substitute was killed after the eclipse so that fate could be fulfilled. This belief of danger to leaders is still deeply embedded in the eclipse field.

Belief matters
I like to think that we can co-create these morphic fields, and that what we believe matters. Of course science has affected this field, scientists are just as excited as everyone else about this eclipse as they can learn more about the Sun. And the general public are desperate to be a part of this under-three-minute-long event. It has been said that this will be the most watched event ever! For this reason, with so much attention and energy on this moment in time, this eclipse is incredibly important for the field, so what everyone thinks, believes and does, matters.

total solar eclipse US 2017

The path of the total eclipse.

What happens during an eclipse is that the Sun creates a shadow from the Moon. The image above shows the path of this shadow that passes over the US in 2017. This fact has prompted many astrologers to suggest that we all need to do ‘shadow work’. To look at what is hidden, what we are not seeing in ourselves, wounds that need to be healed, and especially what needs to be addressed in the US shadow. I agree. We need to look at the ‘shadow’ on earth. And not just in the US.

Back to leaders
One of things that occurred to me while contemplating this eclipse is that for a very long time now we have been in a patriarchal society. So it makes sense that when the male Sun gets eclipsed by the female Moon, that would be bad. In days past most leaders were male. Any woman shutting out the king’s light would have been seen as disastrous. Because this eclipse is strongly solar – a solar eclipse and also one in Leo, a sign ruled by the Sun – many astrologers have focused on a need to be heart-centred and loving – always good! But when we look at a solar eclipse from the earth, what we are really seeing is the Moon in silhouette being surrounded by the light of the Sun. Surely this means that the opportunity here is to put the feminine in the spotlight. To dim the masculine, so male and female energy can come into balance. That men support and highlight women?

The Moon does it!
If we step into our own hearts represented by the Sun, and look from the literal point of view of the Sun, the Moon would be a spectacular fully-lit-up gorgeous orb with the beautiful earth as a backdrop. No wonder the Sun would fall in love with her! The Sun in Leo can love fiercely and be generous and warm. But remember, the Moon is also in Leo, wanting attention for the glorious being that she is. She can lead in a reflective way. Is it time to put these thoughts into the eclipse field and therefore into our own lives and the world? To look not only at what we want, but also what we need to feel nurtured.

solar eclipse

From the Moon’s point of view, at the time of a solar eclipse she sees the earth on one side and the Sun on the other. Is it time for women (or the feminine side of everyone) to negotiate between leaders and the earth and all who dwell here? It seems to me that we shouldn’t miss this opportunity for adding to this field, not by creating a matriarchy again as was the case in antiquity, but by the creation of a together-archy. A seed moment to create a new world order with the energy of positive Leo –  love, play, warmth and generosity. Imagine what would happen if everyone experiencing the eclipse held that thought during those few minutes. Thought really does create reality!

The same but different
At the moment of the eclipse we also have Ceres closely opposing Pluto in the sky. For me this resonates with this theme. Wise older women – (Ceres) need to oppose any misuse of power (Pluto), so as to create a balance between the masculine and the feminine.

So what about Trump?
This eclipse also highlights something else that Trump has – Uranian energy. The unexpected, sudden awakening sort. This can be positive or negative. In my Aries 2016 post: Trump – a spiritual challenge I suggested that Trump’s role is to wake us all up. In that post I also wrote in more depth about Mars, which he has in the sign of Leo, as it is at eclipse time. Trump’s Mars is triggered heavily by this eclipse and using the time on his published birth certificate (which I do), the eclipse falls right on his ascendant – his image is in the spotlight and his Mars is under fire. And we can all see it. I imagine that his need to get what he wants, and his anger, is huge at the moment. Who knows what he will do with that? If he had done his shadow work this could be very positive, but alas, this is clearly not the case, making him more likely to act on his frustration and anger in an unpredictable way. I hope someone can calm him down!

Mars and 72
If you read my blog you’ll know I use a 72-year cycle which I find extremely useful for understanding patterns. Trump will turn 72 next year, so that will be the start of a whole new cycle for him. A fresh start. But before that, his Mars is triggered in October 2017. This is a repeat of a pattern that was triggered just prior to his birth (which I touched on in the Aries 2016 post) and half way round the cycle in 1981.

horoscope Trump

Part of Trump’s chart highlighting Mars

So what happened in 1981? What might this pattern reveal? In 1981 Trump was heavily involved with underworld figures. He forged links with the FBI so that he could get his casino business up and running. He agreed to put undercover agents into his casinos to help clean up mafia involvement. He was under investigation by the gaming authorities for his ties to organised crime figures due to his application for a gaming licence. It is a really long story that Trump managed to slither through without any criminal charges. He operated then as he does now – fighting in any way he can to get what he wants and dropping anyone who threatens his will. This year I wonder if he will be so lucky. He has again tried to influence the FBI. Perhaps with his Mars being so heavily triggered (highlighted by both this method and this eclipse), the chickens are finally coming home to roost this year.

My wish
I hope that if you are lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the eclipse, you enjoy the moment with people who have a reverence for silence. Having seen one total eclipse in my life, where this was not the case, I would highly recommend meditative moments to get the full force of nature. I wish you happy endings and wonderful beginnings. And may this eclipse be the harbinger of a positive, playful, creative and warm world.

Faye Blake-Cossar

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  2. There is an interesting extra possibility here too Faye, once one considers the symbolism of the Light and Dark. The Moon [feminine] eclipses the Sun [masculine], but does so by creating dark energy – darkness – destruction – not normally a female trait. To create something new and relevant to a new age of spirituality where mysticism and science have merged, one first has to destroy the old orders [not too literally, but destruction with words – searing intellect and incontestable logic might do – chuckle!]. Oddly enough Trump is so upsetting things in general he is actually making it easier for someone who wishes to forge a stable new ark on which to proceed, people might cling to any stable looking raft of new ideas just to gain a better platform from which to proceed.
    I wonder if the North Node sheds any light on this?

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    Hi Rosie I don’t always see darkness as destruction although it can be. And the female can be incredibly destructive in my view:) I agree about Trump – it’s making things really clear. The Nodes are inherent in any eclipse as an eclipse can only occur in their plane. So not sure that would add anything – the symbolism is often that there is a portal at the nodes.

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