UK Tories go head-to-head – next please!

Leo 2022

The man who would be ‘world king’ will no longer be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. After many scandals, Boris Johnson will move out of Number 10 when the Tory party elects a new leader, who then automatically becomes Prime Minister.

Boris Johnson leaves

Number 10 Downing Street. I wonder what will happen to Larry now. Photo Number 10 on Flickr

So the UK is in summer limbo as the contest is narrowed down to two candidates, chosen by the Tory party members of parliament. Rishi Sunak, who was the Chancellor of the Exchequer until he resigned after no longer feeling able to support Boris, is on one side. Liz Truss, still hanging in there as Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Affairs, is on the other. It is turning into a bitter contest, the outcome of which will be announced on September 5th.


There have been many complaints voiced, calling this process undemocratic. The next Prime Minister will be chosen by Tory party members, many of whom don’t even live in the UK. So this is a very small proportion of the UK public. I think this highlights the problems of the UK electoral voting system, which is set up so that you vote for a candidate in your area, who will represent you in parliament. The idea is that you vote for someone who represents you and carries out what is promised in the party manifesto.

uk leadership

Credit: Andy Buchanan

The leader of the party is chosen by the party itself, and is the person who, on victory, becomes the Prime Minister. However, what is obvious, is that people most often vote for the person – rather than the party – they want (or vote against who they don’t want) to lead the country. It was mainly Boris who won at the last election, not the Conservatives and their manifesto. This creates conflicting goals. The system really should be changed – but I have been on about that before!

Last time around and now

When Boris was contending the leadership I wrote a post about him – Gemini 2019 – and mentioned this voting process, which is still relevant. I also reflected on what the UK might need as a leader by looking at the UK chart. In 2021 I reflected on the trouble Boris was already in, and looked at what was being triggered in his chart then.

The resignation for Boris personally

He was forced to resign on July 7th this year, following many resignations from people in key posts. Here’s his chart with the planets at that moment on the outside. This shows what is being triggered for him at an event he clearly didn’t want to happen.

Boris resigns

Chart for Boris Johnson with planets at the time of his resignation on the outside circle

This chart shows what it means for him personally. Over the few days prior to his resignation, the Sun had been crossing an area of his chart that identifies his mission, his reputation and his goals in life. The Sun puts all these things in the spotlight. Also in the spotlight by the Sun picking up Jupiter was his strategy and his politics. Jupiter being in the 8th house suggests politics behind closed door. The Sun certainly threw light on that! The ‘Partygate’ antics during Corona lockdowns and other shady decisions were made very public.

Time for a change

Pluto had also been picking up his Sun, meaning a total transformation of his heartfelt ambition to be ‘world king’, as he was quoted as saying when younger. Pluto doesn’t mess about! I’m sure having to resign felt devastating for him. Lastly, Mars, the planet of anger was opposite that sneaky moon and picking up Ceres, which I spoke of in the Gemini 2019 post mentioned above. His version of democracy of ‘I can do what I like’ has finished him for good this time. Well – until his following reincarnation, whatever that may be. People, including in his own party, were angry at his lying and manipulating. Enough was enough.

Boris Johnson resigns

Credit: inews

So what did it mean for the country?

Among others, it was Ceres who spoke up for the country. She has got him into trouble before – and indeed, she was at it again when he was ousted! The UK horoscope has an aspect between Saturn and Ceres which I think represents the type of governing system, in this case ‘democracy’. If this works well it could mean a solid, responsible government, and with Ceres in the 8th house in Taurus, using government coffers in a financially sound way. From the sky, both these two planets were triggering this aspect pattern, so these themes are highlighted. One thing this suggests, is that the country was asking for financial accountability from government and better long-term planning to get out of the crisis caused by Corona, among other things.

Mars was triggering Uranus is the UK chart. The angry mob were calling for changes that are fairer for everyone, since Uranus is in Libra. This was shown in another way too, as Uranus had had enough of lies (Mercury contact) and inequality. The UK values truth and equality (Venus in Aquarius) and this was also being woken up. Mars also represents anger at politicians in general as it was also picking up Jupiter.  The gap between rich and poor is now staggering in the UK.  The charts show the time was right to say “Enough is enough.”

UK the same as Boris

The UK shares the ascendant (Libra) and MC ( Cancer) with Boris. So the Sun was also highlighting the direction and reputation of the whole country. It was raising the issue of how other countries view the UK. There have been a lot of problems in this area, … did I mention Brexit? It also means the country needs to realign its mission. So the question is what next? Everyone including leaders of other countries, is having a say on how they would rate the next PM. However I sense that most people are ‘losing the will to live’ with all the changing statements being bandied about, and just want it to be over. Then there will probably be calls for a new election (oh dear), since electing a PM this way is seen as grossly unfair.

uk elections

I don’t want to be left out…

So I’ll throw my thoughts on Rishi and Liz into the mix. Astrologically there are many ways to approach this. Many astrologers look at the charts of the candidates and look at their personal transits and progressions, i.e. what the astrology is triggering for them now. Is it ‘time’ for them to become PM? That’s a good way to look at it, of course. I tend to see if the country is ‘calling’ that particular person. Does the candidate for PM align with the country? This is what I analysed for Boris.

One I made earlier

Part of what I said then was (the UK’s Sun is in Capricorn representing leaders):

  a Capricorn would ‘fit’ the UK leader profile. Of course it’s not that simple, however I imagine it helps when the heart of the leader is in line with the heart of the country. There is something authentic about that. Other archetypes that ‘suit’ are Libra, which the UK has as its rising sign or ascendant. The ‘face’ or ‘front door’ of the UK is charming and is averse to confrontation. …

Cancer is a strong sign in the UK chart. The Moon is in this sign (the people) as is the mission/reputation point in the chart. This adds to strong traditional values and patriotism, and an emphasis on ‘family’ ties – such as belonging to a particular political group. But too much patriotism leads to division, which is certainly rife in the UK at the moment.  

The UK also has a strong military history, leaders are rewarded when they go into battle. Thatcher’s reputation soared during the war in the Falklands. And of course, sport is a national pastime – watching it anyway! The Sun is connected to Mars, so an Aries/Mars leader also suits the UK. 

Maggie rises?

Interestingly, Margaret Thatcher seems to be making a comeback with the contenders, especially Liz Truss, who is seemingly trying to channel her. Perhaps it’s so long ago that many have forgotten how hated she was by some. And how the legacy left by ‘the Iron Lady’, for example in her fight with miners, is still sadly playing out among some communities.

Gentlemen first

New Uk PM

Rishi Sunak – Image HM Treasury Flickr

Rishi Sunak is a Taurus, a good sign for a Chancellor of the Exchequer, as Taurus rules money, finance, and security. We don’t have a birth time, but his planets will be in the correct signs, with the possible exception of the Moon. He has contacts with the UK’s Mars and Ceres in Taurus, so he is aligned with the UK approach (Mars) to all things financial. His heart (Sun) agrees with a solid, safe form of democracy, but he does have a touch of wanting to do it his way (Uranus)!  A touch of Uranus ‘quirkiness’ also doesn’t go amiss in the UK either. Although I have no way to judge this, I think from the astrology that he is a very fitting Chancellor for the UK. But should he be PM?

The 1801 UK chart in the centre with Sunak’s planets in the outer ring. As you can see Sunak has a lot of Taurus!

Other interesting contacts are his North Node, which some use as a karmic point, is on the UK Saturn. He is perhaps ‘called’ to be part of government. (His ascendant may not be in Leo as I don’t have a birth time). He has Mars in Virgo, which can mean a very detailed and ‘nit-picky’ approach (Truss called him a ‘bean-counter’) opposed to Pluto – the powers that be. So this part could be a problem for him.

Does Rishi Sunak have what it takes?

But back to the matter as hand – does he have enough Capricorn, Libra, Cancer and Mars to fit the UK profile for a leader? I think he has enough Saturn and Aries to fit, as he has the Sun in aspect to Saturn and Mars. He also (probably, if he was born before 22:25) has the Moon in Aries, otherwise he is even more Taurean! But he has no contact with Cancer or Libra, both important archetypes for the UK. In fact he has very little air or water. Hmmm.

What about Liz?


Liz Truss – Image UK Government Flickr

Liz Truss is a Leo, apparently known for loving the spotlight and having her photo taken. Since we are in Leo time, this might be advantageous for her and she does seem to be the front runner. Leos like to lead and fiery leaders are often more attractive to voters because of their enthusiasm. The UK has both Saturn and Jupiter in Leo, so she fits the vision of ‘Britain is best’ and the idea that leaders can dictate and delegate. She wrote part of the book ‘Britannia Unchained’, which calls up images of Britannia ruling the waves and colonialism. This fits with her beliefs. But does she fit the rest better than Sunak?

Liz Truss and the UK

Liz Truss PM

The horoscope of the UK with Liz Truss’s planets on the outside

She too has a Taurus planet. Her Mars – her solid, pragmatic approach aligns with the UK Mars. Her norms and values (Venus) are very much in tune with UK leadership requirements. And she has the Cancer archetype featured, so I think she might fit better with the general populace (UK Moon in Cancer). Her Sun Pluto aspect (powerful, or maybe dominating and controlling?) give her the ability to lead and take control. Her Pluto is right on the UK Ascendant. Whether this is positive or negative depends on how she wields power. If she could do this well she could be a leader who could transform things for the better. But it could mean she is a very manipulative and bossy leader both in Number 10 and for the country. This might not appeal to voters in general elections.

The jury is out

In some ways I think Truss fits better as a leader. When the two candidates were asked about what the other should improve, Sunak said Truss was great and a valued colleague. Truss said Sunak should take more risks – I think this perfectly shows the Leo-Pluto decisiveness of Truss and the Taurean playing-it-safe of Sunak. That seems to be the choice. But…

The country is not deciding!

It is the Tory party that is deciding. They are choosing a candidate to be PM, but of course they are also looking at who is more electable in any new elections. So for this reason the analysis above is also relevant. However the chart of the Tory party is also a factor, and this is more of a problem, as there is not really a start chart for them. The one many astrologers use is from 1867, which has a Scorpio Sun with Moon in Taurus and a lot of Sagittarius energy, however I have chosen to look at one from 1912. This is when Conservatives and Liberal Unionists merged, which I think is a valid start for the current incarnation of the party. See links below for more information.

The Tory party

Conservative party horoscope

A merging of the Conservatives and Liberals formed The National Unionist Association of Conservative and Liberal-Unionist Organisation (later renamed) on 9 May 1912 in London.

This chart has had some interesting planetary shakeups from the heavens, which are definitely in line with sudden leadership changes. The Taurus Sun along with Saturn favours Sunak I think, although Truss seems still to be leading the polls. The party wants solid, safe, traditional leadership. Liz’s approach fits but her type of Leo risk-taking doesn’t, although the way she sees leading a democracy does. Ceres in Leo suggests an ‘elite’ type of governance that the Tories admire. The party also values a Cancerian approach which she has. She can talk the talk of looking after every family, and I think under all that Thatcher like power, she does have the compassion the Tories might like to see. However, I think Rishi might just be better aligned with this chart.

Next please

The UK will get yet another new Prime Minister. It depends whether Tory voters decide to go with electablility or suitability as to who this might be. This dilemma has got them into trouble in the past. I wonder what they will do this time. I think neither candidate has really good alignment with the UK chart. Perhaps there will be new general elections. The main opposition Labour party leader is Sir Keir Starmer who is a Virgo. I’m not sure that’s a good fit either. Maybe they should use astrology to choose the next leaders of all the parties!

Faye Blake

Interesting website of the month

A blog on the merging of the Conservatives with the Liberal Unionists

And just because it is indeed a bit bonkers

Quotes of the month

From Liz Truss:

“I was Margaret Thatcher in the school election during the 1983 General Election.”

“I hate rodents. I mean, the House of Commons is completely infested. I will stand on a chair if I see one of the things.”

“I have to admit I don’t like pizza. I love it. And I am prepared to do literally anything to get my hands on a slice.”

“I am quite bolshy, sometimes. I like to get my own way, let’s put it like that.”

From Rishi Sunak: (More predictably Taurean mostly 🙂

“In terms of cultural upbringing, I’d be at the temple at the weekend – I’m a Hindu – but I’d also be at the Saints game as well on a Saturday – you do everything, you do both.

“There’s a way to optimise how much stuff you can get in a dishwasher.”

“More generally, I strongly believe in the importance of fiscal responsibility.”

“I’m a Coke addict. A total Coke addict… Coca-Cola addict. Just for the record. Just to be totally clear.”

For Astrologers

United Kingdom: 1 January, 1801, 00:00, Westminster, UK.

Liz Truss: 26 July, 1975, Oxford, UK, time unknown.

Rishi Sunak: 12 May, 1980, Southampton, UK, time unknown.

Conservative Party: 12 November 1867, 12:00, Westminster, UK. Nicholas Campion in World Horoscopes suggests this chart as a nativity.

The National Unionist Association of Conservative and Liberal-Unionist Organisations, formed from a merger, later renamed the Conservative and Unionist Party, and now better known as the Conservative or Tory Party: 9 May 1912, London, UK, time unknown. (See link above for one story about this).

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