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Sagittarius 2012

No, I don’t think the world will end in a huge disaster on the 21st December 2012. But if recent events don’t suggest apocalyptic times, I don’t know what does. Children being raped, abused, mown down with bullets or other weapons – and not only in the US – conjure up horrific images.

In the news, much has been made of the tragic shootings in Sandy Hook. Everyone has their own view and judgment on the killing of so many small children, and there are even a few very misguided people who want to protest at the funerals. My heart goes out to all involved. Loving energy is perhaps the only thing we can offer, since there is really nothing that can help the people involved accept these deaths, with the possible exception of time.

Teddy bears and flowers for victims of Sandy Hook shootings – Photo by Spencer Platt

Perhaps astrology can give perspective
One of the basic tenets in astrology is that a particular moment can be interpreted, because each moment of time has its own unique quality. Astrologers have already tried to get an exact time of the shootings so they can analyse this moment. The horoscope of Adam Lanza, the killer, has also been looked at. But I think we need to look at one of our Sagittarian principles, culture. To me, this event goes beyond the people immediately concerned and since I believe there might be a message in the moment, I want to look at two things.

The first is the chart of the US, as this event has affected the whole of the US and hopefully will continue to do so. In some way this also affects the rest of the world. The second thing I want to investigate is what was triggered in the US chart at the moment of the shootings. That may offer some advice on positive steps that could be taken to heal these wounds and create a better future.

Horoscope of the US
Below is part of the chart for the US that many astrologers use. It is known as the Sibly chart and is for July 4, 1776. I have just included part of it here, as I don’t want to get too technical.


There are four planets shown in this chart. Pluto, the Moon, Ceres and Uranus.

All of these were very closely triggered by planets in the sky at the time of the shooting. The areas in a chart that are being touched upon, show the basic themes that need attention now. I will take these one at a time.

Moon, mothers and children
The Moon represents children, nurturing, mothering, and how we want to belong. In a country chart it shows what it is that citizens need, to feel nurtured and protected. I have noticed that Ceres seems to be getting involved in interesting events lately. And in this case it is she who is nudging the Moon. Ceres is also a mother in mythology. However, unlike the Moon, she is the mother of a child that is on the verge of becoming an adult. The symbolism in this tragic event is clear. There is the mother, who was killed first. There is a 20-year-old who did the killing and of course the many children. There is a dilemma here, as what the people want is to be free (Moon is in Aquarius) to do things their own way. According to the constitution, the citizens of the land of the free have the right to bear arms. But to my mind Ceres is saying, understand your children. Look at the way they are being nurtured. Look at the way they are literally being fed. Are we keeping them safe in the right ways? The Moon in Aquarius can be too rebellious and righteous. But it is full of ideas. Older women (Ceres) may need to work with young parents to come up with better ways of bringing up and educating children.

Sandy Hook

Sandy Hook Memorial – Photo Cody Duty / Hearst Newspapers 2012

Land of the free
Uranus, in the US case, shows the need to be independent of others, and have rights and freedom. This is being triggered by Pluto, making it a huge wake-up call. What Pluto in the sky is asking for is a transformation in the way freedom is perceived.

An overzealous imagination?
Ceres in the US chart is in Pisces. This could show an abundant imagination that could be put to good use. But it can also show total confusion around the themes of children becoming independent or overzealous fantasies about the environments children are placed in. Pluto, as well as being in cahoots with Uranus, also triggers Ceres. So here too, he is asking for a total, in-depth look at all Ceres themes. Food, the environment, mothers and children and many other things. One issue that comes to mind, is how mothers are supposed to cope with older children who may have been diagnosed with (what has been labelled as) autism. Mothers, in particular, often feel powerless to deal with growing children who exhibit behaviour that the world cannot cope with. This topic needs attention, as clearly drugs or other forms of control don’t work. We need to understand how these children function, not try to fit them into our view of the world. And not lock them up – which may have played a part in this story. There are some rumours that the killer’s mother may have been taking steps to get him placed in another home.

mothers against guns

The main theme
However, the big issue that needs tackling is represented by Pluto in the US chart. Ceres also has a lot to say here. One of the closest alignments at the moment of the shooting is Ceres arguing with Pluto. The time I used for the shooting is 9:36, as according to the BBC site that appears to be the time that Newton Police received the call. Eerily at 9:35 the ascendant of the shooting moment is exactly in the same spot as Pluto in the US chart. Just prior to this between 8:25 and 9:12, a potent combination of Pluto (power and death), Moon (mother) and Mars (aggression) was on the ascendant – powerful moments in the day. I suspect this was when the shooter’s mother was shot. Venus is also putting her oar in. Pluto in a country chart shows where the power or powerlessness is. Where control is prominent. In the US chart it is in the 2nd house. Money is power. There is a huge need to control money and property. But many are feeling totally disempowered at the moment, whether it be through poverty, through fear, through not knowing how to raise children. Many people feel impotent to change anything. Or to protect what they have. No wonder then, that many feel safe with a weapon in the house. It gives a feeling of being in control. Of being able to protect one’s belongings or of generally feeling ‘like a man’.


Photo from FFFFound.com

Both Ceres and Venus, two female planets, are saying we need to look at power, greed, control and disempowerment. I think this is a call for balance and for all women to have their voices heard in this debate. I cannot imagine that most mothers want their children to have to carry guns around. Why on earth does a mother of a 20-year-old need a collection of semi-automatic weapons? Surely there is a difference between being able to protect yourself, your home and your family and being allowed to own a nuclear weapon. I exaggerate but where is the limit? Of course a culture won’t be changed in a day. Only by being prepared to really look at power and how it is wielded at all levels, will this be solved. Putting in more laws or giving kids more drugs, or making schools like fortresses is not the way. Empowering people and finding ways of making them feel safe is. And using Ceres power to tackle power and greed might be. She managed a compromise in the mythology. But that’s a big ask.

But clearly good things are already coming out of this tragic event. President Obama will table a new weapons’ law in January that will likely be supported. Many blogs are already highlighting the plight of mothers with special children. The woman who was brave enough (and was murdered for it) to stand up and defend these kids has been honoured. This is a call for women to be braver on these issues. Not to be killed trying, but to bravely put children’s needs first.

shootings US

Photo from Facebook of 27 year-old Vicki Soto.

There is hope in this news. We have to hang on to that. And let’s listen and change things first before we need an even bigger wake-up call.

Faye Blake-Cossar

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Quote of the month

For the Winter Solstice – sorry southern hemisphere!

“The black moment is the moment when the real message of transformation is going to come. At the darkest moment comes the light.” Joseph Campbell.

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