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Scorpio 2012

This month I want to consider two themes, Capricorn, which aligns with Saturn, and Scorpio, which aligns with Pluto. The reason for my focus here is that for the next couple of years these two planets are in what is called ‘mutual reception’ in the sky. Pluto is in Capricorn and Saturn has recently entered Scorpio – i.e. in each other’s signs. Heavy times for many.

This is like two people living in each other’s houses or borrowing each other’s clothes. The powerful, dominant, transforming, charismatic, sexy Pluto is disguised in a business suit, while the normally traditional, responsible, expert, strict and formal Saturn has put on a sexy black outfit. Or maybe an invisibility cloak.

Saturn in Scorpio

Photo of a real invisibility cloak from

Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008 – the start of the financial crash – and will stay for sometime yet – 2023 in fact. I have written a few times on this and in my Capricorn 2007 post I said (amongst other things such as what sectors would be affected), “Capricorn is an earth sign, ruling borders and boundaries. So in the literal sense of country borders, I would expect these to be tested and clarified during the next period.” This certainly has been happening. But since Saturn has gone into Scorpio on October 5th this year, these planets are encouraging each other – and all hell has broken loose. Israel and the Gaza strip come to mind – an ancient (Saturn) battle to the death (Pluto) appears to be underway. These heavy grievances are very old and won’t be solved easily. Pluto polarises.

The grim reaper

Saturn is the grim reaper. He punishes and brings to justice. But let’s get onto my title – ancient sex. Scorpio and Pluto are about taboo subjects. Hidden and private things. But also domination. How amazing is the universe then, that just prior to the date that Saturn went into Scorpio, the Jimmy Savile case broke? And on the day itself the BBC started to get into hot water over its cooperation with Savile. This has continued, resulting in heads rolling at the top of the BBC. All the themes are present – Saturn – an old case, responsibility (or rather lack of it), scapegoats, levels of authority questioned. And Pluto – sex, someone who is dead, power, powerlessness and abuse of victims (also by not showing the difficult testimony of one of Savile’s victims), cover-ups and hidden knowledge. And the end of careers. I must admit to always thinking that Savile was a creep but what is amazing is how many people knew he was. Why then did no-one speak out? Perhaps a program that has also featured on BBC this month explains some of it – a program also on at the right time – about Hitler and how he got to be as powerful as he was. A fascinating account of how people can be blinded by charisma and power. And sidelined if they speak up.

Jimmy SAvile

Photo of Karin Ward (from BBC site) who bravely did speak out against Savile. I would much rather see her photo and give her attention than see the hundreds I have seen of him over the past weeks. Well done Karin.

So many wrongs

Saturn wants accountability, and many are now being brought to justice for past wrongs. The truth about Savile and also Lance Armstrong, after many rumours, has come out. The lack of responsibility at the BBC and the many cases of sexual abuse by men who are either now very old or dead, are coming to light, particularly in the Catholic Church. But, sigh, the Anglican Church will still not allow women to be bishops. As I have said many times, power must be wielded responsibly or one must atone. The time has come. Do you need to atone for past wrongs?

Only yesterday, here in the Netherlands, a wide DNA test in a small village has resulted in finding the likely murderer of a young girl who was sexually abused and killed 13 years ago. The symbolism is apparent here too. Pluto will get to the bottom of things. And our expertise (Saturn) in DNA research (Pluto) has reached a level where this is possible. It does of course bring up themes of our own privacy rights (Pluto). But here again an old case is being solved and the culprit of a sexual crime will be brought to justice to the surprise of many in the village who thought it was a crime committed by outsiders living in the community.

Many people I come into contact with are dealing with death and terminal illnesses. This happens all the time of course, but Scorpio is known as a time of year (Halloween etc.) when the veil is thinner between the worlds. And it feels heavier than usual to me.

Is there any light?

Yes it is all getting a bit heavy. I like to try to use planetary positions to see what advice we can get from the heavens. And this combination offers a lot, if we can get over that big Saturn word FEAR, and a Pluto one that scares us: POWERLESSNESS.

Logo from

We can make a difference, to our lives and the world at large, if we hold our nerve. If we take responsibility and step into our power. There have been some wonderful examples of this on Facebook lately. Some of them are funny too. My favourite is the Africa for Norway campaign Radi-aid. Sending radiators from Africa to the poor freezing children in Norway. Here is Africa standing up in an effort to change stereotypes. Very clever – not to mention hilarious. Put it on your Christmas listening list!

And then there is this video showing how one small boy can make a difference.

We can learn from this – DO something to make change happen.

And back to Gaza

A powerful manifesto from young people there – it starts: “Fuck Hamas. Fuck Israel. Fuck Fatah. Fuck UN. Fuck UNWRA. Fuck USA! We, the youth in Gaza, are so fed up with Israel, Hamas, the occupation, the violations of human rights and the indifference of the international community!”

The rest is really worth reading. Perhaps this is the transformation that Pluto in a practical sign can offer, when Saturn gets passionate. What can you do?

Faye Blake-Cossar

Interesting Websites of the Month

A TV drama called Last Tango in Halifax is about Celia and Alan. A tale of older love, it suits our theme and is based on the writer Sally Wainwright’s own mother. In amongst a lot of our heavier themes it shows a positive way of fixing the past. Great advice for now and a great watch. It’s funny too!


Cartoon: Bob Englehart, The Hartford Courant

I was just finishing writing and came across this – talk about synchronicity when you tune into a topic. I had to share it as it caps it all! Swedish woman has sex with skeletons!

Quote of the Month

“People think responsibility is hard to bear. It’s not. I think that sometimes it is the absence of responsibility that is harder to bear. You have a greater feeling of impotence.”
Henry Kissinger

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