What is it about January 1st?

Capricorn 2013

Since a calendar that began on the first of January was adopted, many have viewed this date as something special. New Year is widely celebrated in a lot of countries and it has become synonymous with starts. The start of the tax year for some, the founding of many companies, agencies within government and, last but not least, the creation of countries and international organisations.

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January the first is handy – or is it?

Nowadays in western culture no-one thinks much about when to start something – January 1st is chosen because it is practical or easy. This means that many things have Capricornian intent! I often find myself talking clients out of starting a company on this date unless they are offering things Capricornian such as teaching, structuring, building or giving form in another way. An accountancy practice might be a good thing to start on this date, but if you are thinking innovation or graphic design, then you would be better advised to wait a few weeks.


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We’re in for a rocky year

However since January the first is such a widely-used date, we are in for very interesting times this year. Many people think that every date each year always has the same sign. For the most part that is true, but occasionally it isn’t, as the year is not exactly 365 whole days. Signs can start on different dates each year. Technically this means that although in our case of January 1 the Sun is always in Capricorn, it can be either at 9 degrees or 10 degrees. This doesn’t matter much in the scheme of things, except when a slower moving planet comes along. So the timing of a trigger can vary. This is the case this year, as Pluto has been located around these degrees for a while, and will continue to be until 2014. So depending on the year that something was formed, the timing of what I am about to say will vary slightly, but will still be relevant in this period.

There’s a lot of it about

So Pluto is triggering everything that started on January 1st in the past. (If you have a birthday close to this date, Pluto will be exerting his influence on you too.) This list is quite impressive. As well as many companies and numerous other groups, it includes the United Kingdom, the German Empire, the Indian Empire, Haiti, the Greek Constitution,the Republic of China, Australia,the Constitution of Italy, Russia, Sudan, Cameroon and the UK sovereignty claim over the Falkland Islands. Syria was also finally given full mandate powers from the French on January 1st 1944. It also includes the foundation of the European Community (and the admission of any later countries), the United Nations and the introduction of the Euro. No wonder so many of them are in the news.


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What does it mean?

And even more interestingly perhaps – can we do anything about it?

Pluto asks you to look at what is not working and to fundamentally change it if it isn’t. It is all about who has power. As I have said often, in this period power must be wisely wielded. Syria is a good example of where this is not happening, and it can only result in more disaster if things don’t change. Syria has to be radically transformed for the better no matter what, but no-one will relinquish power. There is no trust, so the deep communication that needs to happen, can’t.

The European Union and the Euro need somebody to bite the bullet and make a clear black-and-white decision. The UK needs to decide what it wants to be. The Sun is the area being transformed – leadership, governments, people in power in companies. If something is clearly not working, leaders need to take a good look at why not, and decide who they are and what is at the true heart of the nation or organisation. It needs powerful, decisive leadership. We need to take our power at individual level too, and get leaders to do the responsible thing. It is not a time for complacency.

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This is a great opportunity to transform all these groups for the better. If it is your company, then you need to let go of old problems and do something new. If it is your birthday, the same applies. Don’t waste the opportunity by holding on to things that need to die. Death is part of this archetype, although this isn’t necessarily literal death. It is a time to start a new cycle. Pluto can be a tough task-master, but he only wants to purge what you really don’t need.

Moral of this story:

    • Think about what you want before starting something on January 1st.
    • The heavy transformation period will end, but use the opportunity wisely now if January 1st is your start date. This applies to leaders of all the groups mentioned above, as they affect us all. It might be a rocky ride but it is unavoidable and the changes will be worth it! You might just not yet be able to see how.

Faye Blake-Cossar

Interesting Website of the Month

Pluto wants change and often a radical one. This article gives a place to start. It asks for a one minute change, one I think that could have radical results.

Quote of the Month

“Personal transformation can and does have global effects. As we go, so goes the world, for the world is us. The revolution that will save the world is ultimately a personal one.”
Marianne Williamson, spiritual author and lecturer.

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