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Gemini 2013

Last year in Gemini time, I wrote in my post about the need to ready ourselves for the impending clash of the heavenly Titans – Pluto vs. Uranus. These meetings occur seven times between June 24th 2012 and March 17th 2015, so this whole period is affected by this square, as it is called, between two planets. This is an unusually long period for a theme to play out in the world. In the last ‘not the monthly planet’ post, I repeated what I had said even earlier about this clash and I gave do’s and don’ts for positively co-creating with these two planets.

I always use astrology to look at how a particular aspect can be put to use in an advantageous way. For you, for your company, or for the world at large. However, to do this requires a willingness to become aware of old patterns so that they can be changed, whereby consciousness can be raised.

But lately I have often found myself saying that these are heavy times. I too am being swept up in all the bad news that hits us every day. I have had to slap my own wrist a few times to get back my normal cheery frame of mind that says – “Make the most of these planetary opportunities.” Now I don’t want to imply that everything can be easily fixed. I know many people are truly suffering at the moment with relationship, financial and health issues. It isn’t easy. What happens in the world and around us, affects us all.

A laugh a day keeps the doctor away?


My favourite FB post this month.

I think humour helps and so if I find something to laugh about, I post it on Facebook just to counteract the doom and gloom. Humour can also be put to good use for getting a serious message across. The link below is to a video of a keynote speech given by Jon Lovett at Pitzer College. Jon was President Obama’s former speech writer. His speech is highly amusing but more than that, his message is strongly in line with what is needed in these planetary times. I will borrow his term as it describes one of the ways we can go forward in line with what I think the heavens are asking of us.

obama speech writer

Photo Jon Lovett from

Peak Bullshit”

Here is a quote from his speech (the full text is on the site link below.) “I believe we may have reached peak bullshit and that increasingly those that push back against the noise and nonsense, those who refuse to accept that untruths of politics and commerce and entertainment and government will be rewarded, that we are at the beginning of something important.”

Yes we are at the beginning of something important! Many are saying this. He is advocating authenticity and speaking out. And not putting up with bullshit any more. I agree! And thankfully we are starting to see that happen. A positive side of the combination of Uranus (being honest), and Pluto (taking power into our own hands).

The better side of Uranus – Pluto

So in the spirit of trying to create a positive Uranus-Pluto morphic field, I want to look at good news around these planetary meetings. What are the really different, innovative, brave and daring transformations that are beginning? What is happening to power?

I will just look at times around the clash dates we have already had so far – that will serve as a symbol of these times. However the whole period until 2015 is flavoured by these themes. What we do and decide now is important for after 2015 too. At every level, from personal to global.

The clashes:

June 24, 2012

  • Saudi women are allowed to compete in the 2012 Olympics in London for the first time. A huge step for this country. Just prior to this their women had been bravely defiant – fighting for the right to drive a car.
  • In Egypt the first democratically elected president is announced. It remains to be seen how well President Mursi will do, but this is an historic day for Egypt.
  • China announces it can make use of chicken poo in its bid for sustainable energy! A symbol for some of the innovation taking place.
  • A Chinese spacecraft with three astronauts, including their first ever woman, docks with an orbiting module. A symbol of China’s growing power.

September 19, 2012

  • Sweden announces first mother-to-daughter uterus transplants – I’m not sure how positive that is, but again, it is a symbol of radical innovation.
  • Serious questions are raised about whether more chemicals are the answer for farmers. The Monsanto demonstrations that followed are a symbol of power being taken by and given back to the people.
  • Burmese opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi, meets Hillary Clinton saying she supports further easing of sanctions against Burma’s government. This is a symbol of cooperation between countries in a bid for democracy.
  • Japan partially approves a nuclear free plan after the devastation caused by the tsunami to the Fukushima plant. The issue of nuclear weapons is again being raised at the G8 in Northern Ireland as I write.
  • Afghan women take to cricket – another symbol of the changing roles of women – many of whom have also been instrumental in rebellion in several countries.
  • The US Senate criticises Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard for their use of tax avoidance schemes – one of many cases coming to light. This has lead to a good discussion on how tax dodgers should be handled.


apple taxes


May 20 2013

  • Apple now cited as largest tax avoider.
  • The UK government reaches agreement with Labour which will allow its bill to legalise gay marriage in England and Wales to proceed in Parliament. It is passed the next day – another in the line of countries to have done so recently, including New Zealand – see a great speech on that in the links below. France signed same-sex marriage into law on the 18th May.
  • Anti-austerity measures – protests in Rome – a symbol of the people marching and speaking out in these times.

Ordinary Angels

But it’s the ordinary people doing brave things that are our greatest role models. An example: The “Angels of Woolwich” who were involved in the aftermath of the terrible attack on a soldier in London that lead to his death. Gemini Donnelly-Martin (a perfect name for the Gemini post!) and her mother Amanda Donnelly confronted the suspected killers and asked the attackers if they could be by Lee Rigby’s side. While others watched in horror, Ingrid Loyau-Kennett jumped off a bus and asked the killer what he wanted, to try to keep the situation calm.


From help for a dog affected by tear gas in Turkey.

And then this from the current upheaval in Turkey, mostly in Taksim Square. Maybe that’s what we are learning – that kindness can exist amongst all these terrible events and that these acts can and do make a difference.

As can speaking out against bullshit!

Faye Blake-Cossar

Interesting Websites of the Month

Jon Lovett’s speech at Pitzer.

MP Maurice Williamson’s ‘big gay rainbow’ speech
on New Zealand legalising same-sex marriage.

This Month’s Quote


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