Can you tell me what will happen in 2014?

Capricorn 2014

At the end of each year, as January 1st approaches, the calls start coming. Radio and television always have ‘this year’s forecasts’ on their list of things to do around the new year. Many moons ago, I thought it would be nice to be asked. Later, I thought I wouldn’t know what to say. And this year, as in the last few years, my reply was a definite ‘No!’ Although, yes, it is nice to be asked!

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My crystal ball

There are a few reasons for my no. One is that I am tired of TV and radio expecting you to drop everything and come into the studio ‘this afternoon’ for 10 minutes or whatever. All of this for fun and for free. It doesn’t occur to them that astrologers may have a life. That we may not find it a huge honour to be on radio or TV. And that astrologers may not see their work as just fun – although of course I’m in for a laugh. But I want my work to be taken seriously and I expect some sort of recompense for my time. It would be thought ridiculous to ask someone in another profession to prepare a forecast in a few minutes, appear in the studio immediately and not be paid. I was pleased to see that other good astrologers also turned down their gracious offer!

Another reason I refused is that I have been burned by television before. The media have a great knack of hiring really good researchers, who are genuinely interested and ask good questions, and then handing you over to a presenter who has a totally different agenda. Enough said.

Is it written?

My main reason though, if I am honest, is probably that I don’t know how to do it! Yes, astrology is one of the best forecasting tools around. But the media want set forecasts – fitting for a Capricorn goal-setting time of year. This or that will definitely happen. This implies that somewhere in the future ‘it is written’; that the future is already set and can be known. And it is with this that I totally disagree. I may be deluded, but I like to think that what I do makes a difference to my future. I can’t believe that decisions I make, don’t affect outcome. Modern science seems to be confirming this. Quantum physics shows that what we focus on can influence experiments. Epigenetics is showing that although DNA is fixed from birth, gene expression isn’t. Our environments can turn genes on and off. And our brains have more neuroplasticity than scientists first thought – i.e. we can regenerate tissues. So if things like this are possible, how can we possibly see the future?


Cartoon by Ted Goff

It’s about tuning in

Astrologers have described the time we are in now as special and difficult. Indeed, in this coming year there are things afoot in the sky that are uncommon. For me, it is about tuning in to this and using it consciously. We can’t avoid this period, but we can try to understand it and make use of it. And astrology offers a great framework to do this. So we can predict themes, but I don’t think we can forecast a definite outcome, although if history repeats – which I think it does – we can make some pretty good guesses.

But what is the question?

Do we want to know what is happening in the Netherlands? the UK? the USA? New Zealand …? These are all different questions. Just as it is with people, countries have a choice as to how to react to world events and themes. And like people, each country has its own heart, soul and character. And its own special timing. Astrologers have techniques for looking at global trends, mostly planetary cycles and history. But the world is constantly changing, so guessing what the world might decide is tricky, as consciousness levels are changing too. And then there are countries, such as the US, that carry more weight than others. And groups, like the European Union that complicate matters. An astrologer would have to be looking at a huge number of factors to predict the future. And, as we now know, the world is one big inter-connected place, so everything has an impact on everything else. So we need a very specific question in order to give a sensible response.

grand cross 2014

OK – so what will happen in 2014?

The major sky picture that astrologers are talking about is called a grand cross. As you might imagine, it means there are four planets forming a cross in the sky. If you google ‘grand cross astrology 2014’, you will find many opinions as to what this means. You will also see that it is referred to as a Cardinal Grand Cross because the four planets in question are in the cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn – our sign of the month. The word cardinal has the root meaning ‘hinge’ – something of prime importance, hence the Cardinals in the Roman Catholic church who elect the Pope. These four signs represent the start of the seasons: ‘hinge’ times in the year, which have initiating functions. The word means ‘of fundamental importance’. So this is not just any old grand cross!

The planets in question are the ongoing half of the cross, which I have written about often – Uranus and Pluto – plus, added this year, Mars and Jupiter. Technically, the 1st of January chart, which astrologers use to look at the coming year, already has this pattern active, together with a New Moon in Capricorn. This is very unusual and implies a clean new start, together with the ‘prime importance’ meaning. It is like a great big arrow in the sky! We are meant to take note of this year and indeed astrologers have been looking to 2014 for a long time!

sky cross

The highest charged point for this cross is actually in April when on the 24th, all the planets are almost in the same degree – 13. On top of that there are also eclipses in April, which tend to wake things up.

astrology 2014

Grand Cross 2014

So what does it mean?

Visually it is obvious that there are themes pulling in opposite directions. The challenge is to combine the possible positive themes this opportunity provides. But can we? There are good things happening, however unfortunately these don’t seem to reach much of the media. This cross is potentially hugely (Jupiter) pioneering (Mars), innovative (Uranus) and transforming (Pluto).

To reach the potential though, means a breakdown (Pluto) and breakthrough (Uranus) of old paradigms (Jupiter). With Mars in the mix this probably won’t be without more conflict. Conflict between different groups, but also within ourselves. We are all struggling with whether we should stay or go, reduce conflict or stick up for ourselves, stick to our beliefs or give it all up. Mars and Uranus together can be explosive. The potential here is daring innovation. Are you going to be brave enough to be yourself? Are leaders going to be authentic and say what they really believe in? Or are they going to decide to fight for their old systems to the point where revolution is the only way, as it continues to be following the Arab Spring?

So here are a few things that this year could bring, if we can raise consciousness enough to understand that what we do and decide, matters for our future. This year really is a turning point.

Mars in Libra – fighting for peace, daring to negotiate in all relationships.

Jupiter in Cancer – believing in belonging, being part of the whole, extending ‘homes’ also for other creatures, protecting the earth.

Uranus in Aries – pioneering innovation, bravely authentic, starting a new era of consciousness.

Pluto in Capricorn – transforming missions, going black and white with goals. In the words of Yoda:

As you can see, doing all of this at once is a big ask.

The US needs therapy

I will discuss one country, as it has a large influence on the world. The US chart is heavily triggered by this cross and thus faces a challenging year. What is decided there will affect us all. Just a bit of technical stuff – the Sun was at 13 degrees of Cancer (where Jupiter is this year) and Saturn at 14 degrees of Libra (where Mars is this year) on July 4th 1776. So the whole cross triggers whatever the Sun – Saturn aspect means in the US chart. The Sun represents, amongst other things, leadership, fatherhood and standing in the world. The heart of the country. Saturn represents institutions, goals and structures. Contracts, agreements and constitutions. All these themes will be under pressure and will have to be changed if they are not working. The US is being asked to take a good, hard, responsible look at who it is and what it really stands for. This is the sort of picture that you see in a person when they are at the bottom of a deep well and really need to go into therapy!

At the moment I can see a lot of negative use of this sky picture. The spying and mistrust that can come out of Pluto. The holding on to old power and old paradigms due to the fear that Saturn can produce. The greed that Jupiter can muster when one’s own nest is threatened. The coldness of Uranus for selfish ends. The fence-sitting that Libra can bring to Mars. No wonder the leadership is in trouble. I wonder if Obama can survive this. He needs to come out fighting and show his power, but the rebellion is strong with Uranus in Aries. The greed is great and the selfishness might be too much. The US actually needs a bit of a chaotic meltdown – the question is how this will happen and how it will resonate throughout the globe. The same-old finance system just won’t be able to survive if the rumblings are true. Stability is already being threatened – something has to give with this energy.

A lot more could be said about this but I’m sure you get the picture. It will be interesting to see how 2014 unfolds – I hope we can all do our bit to add to a positive future.

Faye Blake-Cossar

Interesting Websites of the Month

There is a great film that I recommend this month called Crossroads: Labor pains of a new worldview. It’s long – about an hour – but it is well worth a watch. It gives a clear idea of what this chaotic period is about.

If you want to read more about cardinal signs, see the wonderful astrology site Skyscript.

Quote of the Month

“If we wish to make a new world we have the material ready. The first one, too, was made out of chaos.”
Robert Quillen

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