Coronavirus – an unsung hero?

Pisces 2020

“Viruses are our smallest unsung heroes.” This quote comes from an article by Peter Pollard – see link under websites below. He is describing the benefits many viruses give us. We ourselves harbour millions of them in what is known as our virome. According to another article – link also below – from Scientific American, “…, viruses may be responsible for significant episodes of evolutionary change, especially in more complex types of organisms.”  And yet another article suggests that viruses might turn genes on and off.


It is an amazing design!

Coronavirus is, of course, no joke. Although there are many viruses that are benign, it is not one of them. Statistics are showing that the death rate is low but sadly people are dying! Just because many have underlying conditions and are elderly doesn’t make that fact any easier to cope with. However, the global nature of this phenomenon and the response to it, is something I find fascinating. Particularly, of course, using an astrological lens. It kills a lot fewer people than many other things – so why the hype?

The astrological questions

Why now? And for me – what are we supposed to learn? Astrology is a wonderful tool for gaining insight on possible meanings of this crisis, due to the fact it has something to say about time. Being a symbolic language, it can suggest what this might be all about. To discuss these questions, I will look at planetary patterns, a little epidemic history and the effects so far. As I discussed in a post on accidents, the effect of an accident often gives clues as to why we needed a ‘break’. I think that works for this sort of crisis too. The global effects of this pandemic have been enormous, so what are they and why might this pandemic be useful? Will COVID-19 kick-start evolutionary changes?


From chiplanay via Pixabay

Saturn-Pluto yet again

For a long time, many astrologers, including myself, have been predicting that 2020 is ‘one of those years’. In my Scorpio 2019 post, as well as mentioning that this cycle is connected with wars and major financial themes, I also wrote:

“… the end of this cycle, I think, highlights a nationalistic tendency globally, brought about by lack of trust (Pluto) across country borders (Saturn). Countries want to take back control (Pluto) over their laws and borders (Saturn). This creates violence and division, as in today’s world physical borders no longer mean much. “

We are in Pisces time, and with the Pisces planet Neptune still in its own sign, the lack of borders and boundaries when it comes to an invisible virus are abundantly clear. We are all connected and in this together. But our response has also been a ‘take back control’ – now on a personal level. As countries have introduced nationalistic policies in the last years, we are also being asked to do this too, by isolating and not mixing at an individual level. And sadly, every nation for itself has often become everyone for themselves – with panic buying and hoarding rife in several countries. The fear (Saturn) and powerlessness (Pluto) have resulted in panic – not helped by constant media coverage. Although at ground roots level heart-warming ‘all in this together’ things are happening. Just now, following Spain’s lead, many came out into my street and onto their balconies to applaud nurses and doctors for their work. It was very moving – and very loud!

corona astrology

I might have to go here – my supermarket didn’t have any! Image pinterest

The timing

It is obvious to me that the Coronavirus outbreak is symbolised by the Saturn-Pluto (and Ceres – more on her later) conjunction. Many astrologers have commented on this pandemic by attempting to look at the first reported case of COVID-19 being contracted, but this is very difficult to ascertain. What is certain is that the first reported death from the virus occurred on January 9th, 2020 in Wuhan, (or 11th depending on who you read) within three days of the exact Saturn-Pluto meeting, close enough for me for the symbolism to be highly relevant. This virus is the catalyst to truly transform (Pluto) anything Saturnian, such as governments, laws, corporations, business, education and formal structures. And to hold Plutonian things to account (Saturn), such as big money, insurance, mortgages, taxes, and any abuse of power.

Both planets are associated with death. So this is the end of the world as we know it. I hope we can recreate a more positive future, because with passion, determination and responsibility that is possible! The fact that financial systems worldwide are having a huge wobble is very telling. This is a sign that systems might need to collapse to enable the building of a better world. There will be more deaths and the financial world may collapse, which will be no picnic. But we haven’t listened to warning signs to change, so now it appears we need a large hit on the head in order to wake us up.

I wrote a post about the ‘wake-up’ planet Uranus, when he entered Taurus. The post’s title –  ‘Lightning strikes the bull‘ is a fitting metaphor for the shocks being experienced in the stock market. The Saturn-Pluto meeting in January 2020 took place with this as a background theme, so it is no surprise to many astrologers that banks and financial authorities may no longer be able to control world economies. This is not business as usual.

And then there is Ceres

I wrote about her being involved with Pluto and Saturn in the post mentioned above. Quoting from my post  Sex lies and deep fake:

“At the exact start of the cycle Ceres stands between the Sun and the Saturn-Pluto pair. A signature of this new cycle. In the spotlight must be negotiation, coalitions, compromises, women’s rights (and those of others including animals), and especially the environment. She wants fundamental changes that give power to anything ‘green’. She wants us to take responsibility for the earth. To empower women – especially older ones who have wisdom – and the disenfranchised, and to have true democracy for everyone and definitely not only for the rich! I think anyone fighting for these causes has a friend among the planets.”

A post I wrote about the Australian fires also highlights the fact that we are being forced to look at the environment and how we are damaging the earth. The start of this cycle is a call to protect the earth and all her creatures, including people who are suffering under the current system. In mythology, Ceres made herself heard through famine, so perhaps we are right to doubt that we will have enough food when she is angry.

We need to listen to this nature goddess, but we still keep fighting her and trying to control her. Now we have a war against a virus. When will we realise we can’t beat her? No matter how many vaccines we produce, viruses can evolve much faster than we can. Why do we keep throwing the same solutions at problems, when clearly they don’t work?

medical masks

Cat owners are actually doing this in China! Image Canalblog

What could these three planets want?

Saturn needs us to take responsibility – for ourselves and also for our fellow creatures and the planet. In every broadcast I have heard, suggestions for keeping safe are crystal clear. Yet people are still asking, ‘Should I do x or y?’ If the grown-ups were in charge, then we could ask for advice, but I wonder if all the country leaders are grown up. But why are so many people waiting for a rule? Either way it is we who must take a decision on what we need to do. The UK is a good example. There has been advice from government that it would be better not to go to pubs, however as I write, they are not forced to close. This has led to much confusion and anger. Why? Everyone is free to take a decision – also the pubs. They can close if they like. Of course, not everyone is out for the common good – but some of the change that is needed is that responsibility must be given and also taken. Most people are deciding to do what they think is helpful for everyone. If we are given information and authority, most of us can use it wisely.

Pluto wants us to take our power. We can decide to be empowered by decisions we make about our health. We shouldn’t sit around in fear avoiding everyone and expecting to get ill. The current science clearly shows that having a healthy immune system is what is needed to fight illness, including viruses. The fact that herd immunity eventually develops against a new virus, even without vaccines, is proof that our bodies are designed to handle invaders. But we need to nurture what we have, by creating a healthy environment both inside our bodies and out. Stress is one of the biggest factors of ill health along with poor diet. These are things we have control of. If we are stressed out at work, eating poorly and not doing work we are passionate about, Pluto will make this very clear. Planets are on our side, but they can be hard taskmasters if we don’t listen.

In my research on Ceres I have come to the conclusion that not only does she care about the environment as a whole, she cares about our personal environment. I postulated a while ago that she has connections with epigenetics. Although our genes don’t change, the science of epigenetics proves that genes can be turned on and off, and our environment is a key factor in this. It has been shown that cancer caused by genetic factors is very rare. This is good news, as it means that if we go with Ceres’ advice we can cure disease, including cancer. There is a lot of evidence for this now. Ceres would advocate eating organic, local food, being in an environment we love, and leaving behind anything that is a cause for stress, including people, a job or a house. People who survive cancer and other diseases have a few things in common; they take control of their treatment and they do the inner work necessary to address damaging patterns and beliefs.

Ceres flavour

This cycle starting in 2020 has a Ceres flavour, which means we need to treat animals well too and stop taking over their territory. And perhaps each country needs to be self-sufficient in food production. To eat in line with the seasons and grow diverse crops would heal a lot of the land and also people. The bees are dying, partly, because of a lack of bio-diversity. Our goddess of agriculture is asking us to work with nature, not try to dominate her. The way we are treating animals is frankly appalling.

But what about DNA?

It is this link with DNA and genes that I find fascinating with viruses. Perhaps they are one of the catalysts that evolution needs for gene mutations to take place so that we can adapt to our environments. There is evidence now that having some viruses protects us from the effects of others. As an example, people who have the Hepatitis G virus, which is common in humans but doesn’t seem to cause disease, has been shown to improve survival rates in HIV-positive patients. There is a lot that remains a mystery when it comes to viruses. Ceres doesn’t like us messing around with nature! We need to be careful what we do, as viruses are now being used for gene therapy and genetic manipulation. There is a warning here.

Ceres Pluto and Saturn together…

.., could suggest biological warfare. One of the links below maintains that Wuhan has a lab capable of producing biological weapons. Of course, conspiracy theories abound but the very fact that labs are set up to produce biological weapons should be enough to alarm us. Although Ceres in her bio role could go over to the dark side with the Saturn-Pluto war cycles, I think we should be aware that when she is crossed  – when nature is not worshipped – she won’t be overridden. She can produce abundance but it may not be the kind we want!

Other epidemics 

Many have suggested that the Spanish Flu epidemic around 1918 can be compared to COVID-19. Technically there are great differences. Influenza viruses can mutate quicker and many died within 24 hours of getting symptoms of the Spanish Flu. Unlike this current virus, many young people were affected, particularly soldiers who of course had compromised immune systems after being in horrific environments and stressful conditions. However, there are perhaps similarities. The medical profession lost a lot of trust at the time and it became very clear how much doctors didn’t know. Many resorted to alternative therapies, which by some accounts had better results!

spanish flu

In 1918 fresh air and sunshine was seen as a remedy for Spanish Flu Image miro.medium

Astrology cycles

There is another similarity too and that is an astrological one. This year we have another conjunction which occurs three times. I wrote about this Jupiter-Pluto conjunction too, which this time is in Capricorn. So Jupiter (a lot) of deaths (Pluto) are affecting older people (Capricorn). Many of these victims have compromised immune systems of course, as they are often on drugs due to underlying conditions. A comment made regarding the Spanish Flu is that populations were a lot healthier afterwards.

1918 Spanish Flu

In 1918 Jupiter and Pluto were also conjunct. This happens relatively frequently, but I still find it interesting that this has occurred in several pandemics. In 1918 the conjunction was in Cancer – many deaths of younger people – children who were in-utero at the time were severely affected, and many who went to war were very young. But Cancer is the sign of the family – and these deaths decimated families.

1771 Russian Plague

Another date that I mentioned in my Jupiter-Pluto post was 1771. This was the last time we had the same conjunction as now in Capricorn. Ceres was involved here too. At the peak of this plague, 1000 people a day were dying and this eventually led to riots. The epidemic had long-lasting effects on Moscow and changed the course of the Turko-Russian war occurring at the time. Being in Capricorn, structures were changed, including the layout of Moscow, as land needed to be found for cemeteries.

1347 Black Death

Another Jupiter-Pluto conjunction, this time in Aries. The Black Death, as it became known, was Bubonic Plague, the same as the later named Russian Plague. It was one of the worst pandemics in history and some estimate that up to 200 million people died in Eurasia. Because so many died, the Black Death resulted in better conditions for workers as the demand was higher. Aries is the start of the astrological cycle and this outbreak led to a rise in pioneering medicine.

And of course, HIV-Aids

Many remember the devastation caused by HIV, which although it is now more under control than it was, is still a problem. In 1981 Jupiter and Pluto came together in Libra, the sign of relationships. We had to look at that area of life! Although HIV was known about before 1981, this was the year the first official reporting of the disease occurred.


Image Rick Maiman 1985


Healthier populations, better conditions for workers, and long-lasting effects were signatures of these viruses, which were all caused by animal viruses. The Coronavirus also appears to be animal based. Our viruses evolve with us. We become immune to things around us by being exposed to threats nearby and it appears that viruses assist. However, we are not geared up to deal with animal viruses. Our closeness with animals, taking over their territories and making animals’ immune systems weaker by non-natural food and drugs, is causing viruses to jump ship. This is of our own making! I hope this is a serious wake-up call.


The symbolism of these two together – and this is active for the whole of this year, with consequences beyond – can be seen in a few keyword combinations:

Huge transformation, many deaths, devastating effects on travel, major problems for entrepreneurs, religious fervour, giving up on God, the end of large church gatherings, fear of foreign things and people, lots of doom and gloom. But it can also be believing in empowering ourselves, creating a major new vision for the world, or enthusiastic rebirths. We could also ditch all beliefs that are no longer serving us. And create a whole new political system. It’s up to us.

So what of the effects now?

There is clear water in Venice, there is cleaner air in China, cruel animal markets have been closed, less air travel is cutting down on pollution, cruise ships, responsible for a lot of ocean pollution, have been hit hard and hopefully will decrease in number. Being locked up together in any environment is not what nature intended. People are looking out for each other.  The poor are being supported by government funding in many countries, so economies don’t collapse. I hope we reflect on these positive effects and make permanent changes.


Clear waters in Venice – the dolphins and swans were fake. Image Flickr – Pedro Szekely

What to do

This is a call for the next step in evolution. We can continue to fight for the environment and take steps to help animals and the underprivileged. We need to strengthen our personal immune systems. This also applies at country and global level. As countries, it is blatantly obvious that we are very vulnerable and rely on each other. We need to take an equally holistic approach here, as we need to on a personal level. And we need to build in reserves. Bill Gates warned about exactly this problem in 2015 – but did we listen? This is a global issue – we need more global cooperation, not less.

Remedies I have seen mentioned

I am lucky that I can easily work online and shops are nearby. The Netherlands are doing much the same as other countries in trying to cope, but of course our third largest export has been hit hard – flowers! Sadly they are being destroyed, as they need to be harvested. However they are full of chemicals you should never put on your compost heap, so I suppose that might need to change too.

But in case you are affected you might be interested to investigate these:

Homeopathy, and in China, herbs and acupuncture were used to great effect.

Sun and fresh air – even in 1918 they knew this!

Tea made from pomegranate skin! I found this fascinating as Persephone (Ceres’ abducted daughter) was given pomegranate so she would have to return to Pluto’s underworld – of which she eventually became Queen!

Colloidal Silver – which has been used against viral infections for a long time – must say I use it for most things – works a treat for cats!

But the main thing used to raise immunity is a diet of lots of fruit and vegetables and reducing stress. It’s never too soon to get healthy and you probably have time now!

In the future

I hope when we look back to this time, this virus will be seen as a catalyst for an evolutionary upgrade of consciousness. That it came to the rescue just in time for us to remedy our wayward behaviour.

Stay well!

Faye Blake

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The benefits of the situation

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Quote of the month

“We are a plague on the earth.” David Attenborough.

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  14. As you usually do Faye, you present a well researched and through exploration of the planet and the human condition at the given time. More, your approach to issues, your objectivity and alternative perspective are thought provoking and eye-opening. You are like a breath of fresh air in times of confusion and misunderstandings. Thank you for being the incredible person you are on this planet at this time.

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