Is your Mars fighting fit?

Aries 2020

The god of war, known as Ares or Mars, comes to the fore at this Aries time of year.

immune system

Many astrologers have referred to him as being important in connection with COVID-19. Fever, high temperatures and immune defences are indeed part of his remit. The planet is currently in Aquarius as I write, however he has been fraternising with the Capricorn gang that I have written about on several occasions, including one on COVID-19. Mars is an energising and encouraging force and he has certainly helped to escalate the Coronavirus crisis. He has also kick-started a response, such as the lock-downs, as he is a god of action, albeit not a very forward-thinking one. But you need his bravery and ability to go for it in a crisis. Sometimes action is better than a well-thought-out strategy! Countries that have acted quickly seem to have fewer deaths up until now.

Not a war

However I think his involvement has emphasised the use of war terminology. The terms war, battle, weapons, front-lines, fighters, winning, shell-shocked, victory, traitors are all used freely online and in the press and I’m not sure that’s helpful. It’s not even what is happening, as most people are trying to help each other. For far too long, politics in many countries has operated as one side against the other, as if there is a fight to be won. It is a very masculine way of operating.

Mars upgrade

Although women operate in this way too, it interesting to see women leaders being praised for the way they are handling the current crisis. Perhaps they are naturally more ‘Venus’ – collaborative and encompassing. And perhaps in our patriarchal society it is easier for women leaders to show Neptunian compassion. It is too early to tell if this will give the best results in this crisis, as only time will tell. However, although we need Venus’ cooperation and Neptune’s ability to care, I do think we all need an upgrade of the Mars archetype.


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We need Mars

The best way to handle any illness is to have a high-functioning immune system. This is Mars in a defence role. He is not competitive or angry, he doesn’t want to score more face-masks than another country or get the best price, he just focuses on the moment and the threat at hand and encourages our body (or country) to get working. He marshals forces to protect us. He doesn’t start a war any more than a virus does. He acts decisively and bravely to defend his patch.

He’s ready!

A good army is always prepared. In mythology Mars was a dancer before he was a warrior, he was physically trained and fit. Ready to (re)act quickly. At every level of society we need a good defensive, fit Mars. Defence for the earth, a good army at country level, preparedness at business level for any threat,  a safe protected home environment, family resilience and a working immune system. In other words robust immunity at all levels. Sadly we have very little of these in most cases.

The earth is sick from all the toxins we release and our plundering of her resources. And armies are engaged in heart-breaking wars, none of which are about defending their own patch. Organisations are not resilient, as can be seen in hospitals in numerous countries. And many businesses cannot survive more than a couple of months without financial help. This includes some very big ones such as airlines.


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At home

And in families, the motto of saving for a rainy day is a distant memory, due to many reasons, one of which is the disparity between rich and poor. The Coronavirus is certainly making clear the fact that having healthy workers at the bottom of the pay heap is vital. Thankfully some countries are looking to change this by such things as providing a basic income for everyone, and improving healthcare at all levels. Finances are important for immunity in a capitalist society as we need good food and surroundings to be healthy. However, clearly the current version of capitalism is not creating a robust world.

So how do we get a fit Mars?

On a personal level, we need a Mars who can put energy into action – one that defends and protects. One who is capable of standing his ground when any threat arises. One who fights when necessary to defend. Mars can represent anger too, but unfocused anger or anger that goes inwards causes stress and a burning out of the adrenal glands. We need anger, but it needs to be channelled into action and be directed to defend a cause. It is well-known that too much stress weakens the immune system. Being angry and stressed and not doing anything to address the cause, is really bad for looking after your Mars and keeping him fit. He will have adrenal fatigue by the time you really need him to defend your body, making you more susceptible to health issues such as viruses.

The environment link

What Mars needs is a suitable environment in which to operate. Stress is caused by either a physical or emotional environment that doesn’t fit who you are. Unsuitable housing, the wrong job, an endlessly critical partner, being taken for granted … these are some of the things that can cause stress and burn-out. In my book on vocation, I describe Mars in the horoscope as your ‘style’. If you have Mars in Capricorn (goal-oriented) you will not thrive in an office environment where an inordinate amount of time is spent on meetings! Or having Mars in Gemini will lead to suffering in a place where you cannot chat. It really will make you sick!


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At corporation level, immunity can be lost by always having to fire-fight due to staff being off ill, or by having insufficient resources to perform necessary functions. At earth level, destroying rain forest can make the planet less resilient and the destruction of habitats means extinction for many species, as the earth can no longer restore the environments necessary for animals to thrive.

Environments, epigenetics and immunity

Back to the personal level. In my research on Ceres I am convinced that she has a link to epigenetics. Ceres is the goddess of environments at all levels, from the earth to the personal. In a few words,  epigenetics is the study of the way genes get turned on and off. What is now known is that our environment (both physical and emotional) and stress are the main triggers for this happening, leading to weakened immunity. In a small study I did on recovered cancer patients I found that Ceres in a horoscope can provide clues to personal healing environments.

My immune system is not your immune system

We are often told to help build our immune systems with specific foods or vitamins, and of course a good diet is always a good idea. Sleep, sun, laughing and exercise are always beneficial too. But not all general solutions work for everyone. Ceres in your horoscope provides a symbolic description of what you may need to help you heal and assist your immune system (Mars) to get – dare I say it – battle-ready. Or fighting fit!

Here’s are a few suggestions to give you the idea. You can find the sign of Ceres in your chart on For astrologers: the planet links are aspects.

Ceres in sign or link with planet Type of healing environment
Aries/ Mars Where you can take the lead and challenge – I did it my way! Exercise and movement could be beneficial.
Taurus / Venus Peace and quiet, spending time in nature.
Gemini/Mercury Where you can talk and exchange ideas. An environment in which you are heard or can keep a diary.
Cancer / Moon A nurturing place, cosy and protected with Mum’s chicken soup or comfort food. Juicing too. Nutrients are important.
Leo/Sun Sun, attention and warmth and maybe a minion to wait on you hand and foot.
Virgo/ Mercury Where you have access to all the information you can find. A way to analyse your symptoms. A place where a specific daily health regime is possible.
Libra/Venus Someone to share with. Beauty around you and perhaps music. A place where you can connect for feedback and discussion.
Scorpio/ Pluto A private place. ‘Leave me alone’. Where you can take control of the healing process, by being empowered. A trusted environment where you can research the inner causes of your illness.
Sagittarius / Jupiter Being somewhere where you can see the horizon. On holiday. A place with positive vibes around you. Where you can have a strategy and a target.
Capricorn/Saturn A place where you have the authority to make your own plan and your own goal. Where you have the responsibility for your healing.
Aquarius/Uranus An environment to gain understanding and where you can rebel. By knowing more than the doctors (having looked at everything you can find on your illness) you can follow your own methods. The ability to have contact with your ‘clan’.
Pisces/ Neptune A compassionate place where you are totally understood. Being looked after. A quiet place to meditate. Healing through art or music, and messages from dreams.

immune system

The healed

Two of the people in my research used very different methods to heal from cancer. For one it was very important to take control and meditate in a warm shady place. For the other it was being part of a group of like minded people and juicing. Ceres in their charts described this very well. As you can see, they are very different strategies, however both worked.

Our defences

Never has there been a better time to reflect on how we can build up immunity and resilience for the future. We need to start at the bottom with our own Mars fitness, and this means examining our environment. If we look after our bodies they are perfectly capable of taking care of us if we let them. We just need to stop messing with things. What do we need to change?

This goes hand-in-hand with support for the earth to heal so we can actually see the horizon and sit in nature. We need workplaces that fit us and support us. And we need governments to be fit for purpose – with resources that are used fairly. And ones who work together for the global good. I hope that what is happening now will be enough of a shock so that we change radically. To get rid of toxins and stress at all levels and never get back to ‘normal’ as that was the problem.

Faye Blake

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Quote of the month

“The opposite of stress is kindness”, David Hamilton, organic chemist and author.

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