Arousal and Impotence

Aries 2012

Yes, arousal and impotence are Mars topics. But here I will possibly disappoint, as I am going to address them in the work setting.

One of my heroines is Barbara Marx Hubbard. I have mentioned her a few times in my posts, as I highly value her work on conscious evolution. But because we are still in Aries time, the time of the year ruled by the warrior Mars, I want to talk about her idea of ‘vocational arousal’.Β She coined the term supra-sex. It’s when we get excited and aroused by someone we meet who encourages us to fall in love with our work. It is the joining together with someone who inspires us to combine genius rather than our bodies, to create something we are passionate about. I might call it finding our vocation – being aroused by our true calling.

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A stylish Mars
In my book on vocational astrology, I use the Sun to look at where our heart lies. But I look to Mars, our hero of the month, to define style. Mars is a starter. In a horoscope he shows how we initiate things, how we defend and fight for what we want. His sign Aries is symbolised by the Ram, a virile symbol of the fertility of spring.


The Aries glyphΒ is like the first shoot of a new plant. How amazing is the force that can break through solid earth to begin life again, after a winter such as the one we’ve just had.

The Mars glyph also symbolises potency and penetration.Β We need to use Mars, our true style, to be virile, to fertilise and to begin to be aroused by what we do at work. If we can’t do things in the way that fits us, we can feel truly impotent.

In our society, the ‘masculine’ is not always appreciated, particularly in women. Too much Martian energy can be seen as aggressive, or selfish. Angry or dominant. Impatient or combative. But we need Mars to act. To not wait. To encourage. To lead. To defend and to fight for a cause. Can we fight our own corner and be truly happy with our work?

Using astrology in a very simple way (which of course is a contradiction in terms – astrology is not simple), the sign of Mars will show your style – what will turn you on at work. So Mars in Aries will be turned on by a challenge. Mars in Taurus might defend the earth. Mars in Gemini might love a good debate. Mars in Libra might fight for peace. I’m sure you get the idea.

An example – men of the moment…
With this in mind and because I was asked to do a talk at a mediation conference, I started looking at the charts of Kofi Annan and Bashar Al-Assad. What turns them on and what is their style in their working lives? (And also in the bedroom – but I’ll leave you to extrapolate on that…) Which sign is Mars in?

assad vs annan

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Although Kofi Annan, the Secretary-General of the UN and head of the Syrian peace negotiations, is an Aries (Sun) – so he will not mind the odd conflict and is brave – he has Mars in Taurus. This is a patient, one could say stubborn, style. He’s in it for the long term and will stick to a stable plan. He is fighting for stability. Taurus is a fixed sign. He will be determined to stop conflict and won’t be easily swayed from his way of doing something. This is probably a vital characteristic in negotiations. Mars in Taurus is strong, like the bull.

Bashar Al-Assad, the leader of Syria, who is accused of killing many of his own people, has Mars in Scorpio. In astrology these two signs are opposite each other. These two men have totally opposed styles. Annan has a practical approach. But Assad’s Scorpio represents an emotional style. Assad will want to control. He could disappear into the underworld and go into hiding, (Scorpio’s realms), but despite the rumours of his being controlled by others, his Mars position suggests he will want to have influence.

We can’t know how Mars works until we really know the person who has the horoscope. But I can say that if you can’t express Mars in a way appropriate for you, you will feel impotent at work. Kofi Annan seems to be able to keep his chosen approach in this process. Bashar Al-Assad is exhibiting what could be Mars in Scorpio, but up until now it seems to be (in the press anyway) the negative manifestation of it. Cruelty and killing could be an expression of this placement. This could be a way of showing who is in control. One expression of this can be the rapist.

But of course not everyone with Mars in Scorpio is a rapist or a murderer. When this is working negatively, it often comes from a feeling of powerlessness or impotency. This placement, if allowed to function in an appropriate way, produces the brilliant researcher. The person focussed on finding the hidden treasure in something. At work, if you have this placement, you will be turned on by having some influence and by being allowed to show your passion for something. I wonder what Assad is really passionate about? I suspect it might not be running a country. He went to London to study ophthalmology. He is a Virgo – albeit one who wants power – so health research and performing transforming surgery would have suited him! His brother was groomed for the presidency and should have taken over the leadership from their father. Perhaps Bashar should have been allowed to continue what he loved doing, rather than having been forced to step into his dead brother’s shoes.

Faye Blake-Cossar

Interesting Websites of the Month

Barbara Marx HubbardΒ and BarbaraΒ in conversation with Barnet Bain.

Quotes of the month

All by Aries women.

“My passions were all gathered together like fingers that made a fist. Drive is considered aggression today; I knew it then as purpose.”Β Bette Davis

And I love the quotes below, both from Lucy Lawless – even her name is Arian! She is a New Zealander, an actor and singer, best known for her portrayal of Xena – the female warrior! Interestingly, the dwarf planet Eris, as it was officially named sometime after its discovery in 2005, was originally called Xena, with a nod to the film character. In mythology Eris is the bloodthirsty sister of Ares (Mars).


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β€œI’m thrilled that women are encouraged to follow their dreams and I am equally pleased that young men are getting a new view of women: an unapologetic woman.”

“Yeah. I’m saving the world from vampire bats … It’s very serious business.”

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