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Taurus 2020

I have found this month’s research quite frightening, and I am not easily frightened – not by reading or watching videos anyway. Coming across a sabre-tooth tiger might be different! And with animals wandering about during lock down, who knows what you might meet? But the astrology of this year has added to my sense of doom. 2020 is a year that astrologers have long predicted to be a turning point. Many years ago, the French astrologer André Barbault, who died last year, even predicted a pandemic.


COVID-19 gif by Siouxsie Wiles and Toby Morris. I’m afraid if I hear flattening the curve once more I will swear at the TV.

There are big astrological themes afoot and I usually look at those as an opportunity for change in a positive sense. Thankfully, I still feel like that most of the time, as I have faith in the majority of humans. But it’s those others …  Because of the astrology, I believe we really are at a critical point for humanity. So are we going to waste a good crisis? Or perhaps, even worse, choose the dark path instead of the light one? It’s a choice we need to make together.

Making money from bodies

Taurus is a sign concerned with possessions and money, and also our bodies – a kind of possession. It is this connection I wanted to explore in this Taurean time of year. So I have listened to and read countless lectures and articles on economics. And so much material on ‘conspiracies’ to do with the Coronavirus, that I really don’t know what to believe any more. Maybe that’s the point the universe is trying to make – I’ll come back to that later.

The astrology

I have written on this year’s themes before, however now we can see how they are playing out. My Sex, lies and deep fake post covered the coming together of Ceres, Saturn and Pluto in January this year. In it I said:

“A grown-up Saturn doesn’t blame others. A grown up Pluto is not a bully. We must go for our own goals with passion whilst not destroying others or our home in the process. No-one said it would be easy – Saturn and Pluto are hard taskmasters and Ceres is no fun either when crossed. But the rewards, if we can go for what we truly want to achieve, can be great at this time. Don’t miss the opportunity.”


Grow a backbone – art available from Etsy by MuseoCurio

Backbones at the ready!

We need to be brave enough to stand for what we want and take responsibility for it. This includes doing what we think is right around COVID-19. There is so much we don’t know about this virus and I include a very good well-sourced, peer-reviewed link below on just how much there is. We have responsibility for our own bodies. The WHO, the CDC, the NIH, RIVM, other medical groups and all governments do not. The UN charter on human rights is an attempt to address that, however there are suggestions that when a national emergency is in play, some rights can be overridden. But all these organisations and many people in government have substantial conflicts of interest. The problem with all this is that money talks. And we hand over responsibility (Saturn) to the powers-that-be (Pluto).

Democracy overridden

The Ceres-Saturn-Pluto conjunction is crystal clear in showing us what power (Pluto) these organisations (Saturn) have. And how democracy (Ceres) can be overridden. In my view we must take the trouble to inform ourselves – to find out what is really going on. This means going back to source and not immediately reacting to click bait online or spreading it further! And we have to stop finding scapegoats like Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg. Whatever you think of their motives, (and only they and their close friends would know what they really are), they have been part of a system that has made them very rich. And we have played a huge part in that. How many of us bought Microsoft products? And how many of us were delighted to use Facebook and all the social media platforms?  These people are not really the problem. The fact that people can be ‘bribed’, is. And lack of integrity when it comes to managing the general populace is too. And going even further – there is evil in the world and money has always made it possible for evil deeds to flourish. By being complacent, we are putting our bodies up for sale!

vaccine injury


I think the other main problem is brainwashing. You only have to mention vaccines, (the panacea of everything COVID, according to the masses) to get a strong reaction – often a vitriolic one – on either side of the argument. It’s like a Pavlov’s dog reaction. A reaction that happens automatically without thought. I have to own up to the fact that I am an anti-vaxxer (now relabelled vaccine-hesitant as the term has become pejorative). I’m afraid I am more than hesitant! And have become even more so after my research this month. However, this is a decision I make for myself – others have the right to do what they like. As an aside, I have never understood why, if you have had a vaccine, you are at risk from the unvaccinated – it doesn’t make any sense. Unless you don’t really trust vaccines.

The WHO has done research on these hesitant vaccinators, with a view to convincing them otherwise, and have discovered that vaccine safety concerns are a factor. They, of course, play this down and have declared vaccine hesitancy to be one of the 10 threats to global health! The machine is in place to address this. With the lack of information on vaccines I find this truly scary.


Doing the rounds on FB

My father’s fault!

In my defence I can’t help it. I have never had a vaccine in my life. My father was dead against all of them including when the polio vaccine came to school. And those early days set the scene. I was too young to understand why – I just felt like the odd one out. Now, I wish I could ask him what his reasons were. He was an uneducated but self-made man who left school to run away to sea at age 12, pretending he was older. However, he was ahead of his time in lots of ways and maybe this, and his vehement views on banks (they shouldn’t be allowed to make profits!) were ahead of the curve as well!

‘Science’ – what does that even mean now?

Science has become a religion – the over-riding views regarding Coronavirus, cures and vaccines can no longer be seriously considered to be good science. Using ‘the science’ as a crutch, the WHO and governments have, and still are, attempting to brainwash us into accepting just about anything. What I find most troubling is that it is pretty clear that mandatory vaccination is a goal. No passports, schools – you name it – without a vaccine certificate. The schedule for children’s vaccines in the US includes around 70 vaccines before age 18. Some schools are making vaccines mandatory already, and other child-care places globally have mandatory vaccination. It is hugely rewarding financially for the chosen few with vaccine patents. It’s a slippery slope. We shouldn’t be complacent.

Informed consent

Although the majority of doctors in the US trust the CDC and the NIH and take advice from them regarding vaccines, some are asking for more information to be given on the topic so that it would lead to informed consent for patients. Because doctors in the US are paid per vaccine shot, the doctors with some kind of conscience, wanting true informed consent, have lost out financially. It seems that vaccines are given very little attention in medical schools world-wide. And doctors are too busy to keep up with research. But when some have taken the time to do the background research, they have been astounded at the lack of safety testing on nearly all vaccines.

Food for thought

What is true is that vaccine damage of at least 35 billion dollars has been awarded in US cases. And what is also not in dispute, is that the law states that drug companies cannot be held accountable for vaccine damage. What is also true is that universities in the US, who work together with big pharma companies, can hold patents for drugs, even though research is often funded by the tax-payer. This gives rise to huge conflicts of interest.

The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation have done a lot of good work to improve health conditions globally, however they seem to have become obsessed with vaccines, which are lucrative. That wouldn’t necessarily be a problem if they didn’t have a financial finger in the WHO, the CDC, GAVI, UNICEF a lot media outlets including the BBC, and many universities including Oxford. And all of these have the ear of governments. Clearly, this gives a lot of power to anything they want to say – or to have censored.

Another 2020 theme

In my Coronavirus an unsung hero? post, I covered other pandemics and another important astrological theme for 2020 – Jupiter together with Pluto. I said:

“The symbolism of these two together – and this is active for the whole of this year, with consequences beyond – can be seen in a few keyword combinations:

Huge transformation, many deaths, devastating effects on travel, major problems for entrepreneurs, religious fervour, giving up on God, the end of large church gatherings, fear of foreign things and people, lots of doom and gloom. But it can also be believing in empowering ourselves, creating a major new vision for the world, or enthusiastic rebirths. We could also ditch all beliefs that are no longer serving us. And create a whole new political system. It’s up to us.”


Jupiter with Pluto polarises beliefs. Hence the vitriol in vaccine posts – there is no discussion! But it also points to brainwashing and censorship. A sort of religious zeal where one will do anything to get their view across. It became clear to me this month how much Facebook, Google, Mailchimp, Twitter, Youtube, Vimeo, Pinterest, are all being influenced by the ‘vaccines are the solution’ view. Google and the Gates foundation are now working together too. Anyone with a non ‘vaccine-good’ message is put a long way down your Google search! Bill Gates has been everywhere on social media, whereas scientists and doctors who have questioned the safety of vaccines have been rigorously targeted. Websites and posts have been removed or cyber-attacked. Governments and media have pointed us to the only reliable information – the WHO website. The party line of government and these organisations (Jupiter – the vision of governments) has become all-controlling (Pluto). I had a post removed by the Facebook bullies.

facebook censorship

The message I had from FB about a controversial post – the fact check is not reliable either. In Plandemic, Mikovits makes allegations, most of which can be verified, and I couldn’t see why the rest wouldn’t be true. Judy Mikovits is not against vaccines – just unsafe ones. Plandemic keeps being taken down but you can probably find it. I urge you to check it for yourself with an open mind and see what you think.

They know better than I do 

Social media checkers of course know better than I do about what I should be allowed to read. Really?? I know it’s their platform, but they are not my parents and I am not a minor! This is pure propaganda. Jupiter-Pluto – arrogant power! It’s counterproductive anyway, as whatever becomes secret attracts MUCH more interest.

I am heartened by the number of people that are questioning these organisations and taking the time to check out vaccine and Corona facts. I wish more people would do that. The astrology supports it! I am also heartened by the fact that natural remedies and homeopathy are being used to successfully treat COVID-19 and this information sometimes gets through. As an example, I particularly liked the president of Madagascar who has taken on the WHO. A cheap (being the operative word) remedy made there seems to be effective for treating COVID-19 so the WHO and all the normal media have come out all guns blazing and saying it hasn’t been tested or proved. That’s rich coming from them when they admit to a lack of testing for vaccines, particularly when several are given together. “No one will stop us from moving forward – not a country, not an organisation,” Andry Rajoelina said in response to the WHO. We need more leaders like him! Come on Jacinda!

wake up

My photo from an exhibition in 2017 at Museum Voorlinden

We are waking up

Jupiter and Pluto come together again this year. My Sagittarius post of 2019 talks more about this. Around the time of the first meeting in early April, average global graphs showed a spike in what have been registered as COVID deaths, but who would trust the figures? I think this might mean we might get two more Coronavirus waves as these planets meet again at the end of June and mid-November. It also means we still have a chance to wake up and take back our power on what we are allowed to see and read! And maybe stem the waves by using known cures for people suffering, and yes – there are some! Or appear to be anyway. See links at the end. We need to face our political leaders (Jupiter) and tackle them to get to the bottom of what the truth is (Pluto). This is a chance to change the political landscape and have our say. But will we? I hope so.

It’s a start

Talking of money – because that’s what it’s really all about – it’s good to see different success measures getting some air time. Amsterdam is introducing Kate Raworth’s doughnut model, which is a completely new framework for sustainable development, with new economic metrics. And at least three countries are working on including well-being measures instead of just GDP in country metrics. New Zealand, Scotland and Iceland are all looking at including well-being measures in budgets. That’s great, as it means putting a value on things besides money.

Profit is not purpose

This heading is a quote from David Korten, an American who describes himself as author, speaker and engaged citizen. His website – link below – is well worth a read. On his page on the new economy he says: “… if the economy is to serve life, control of economic resources and priorities must be rooted in living communities in which people care for one another and the natural living systems of the place where they live and on which they depend.” And the quote on his homepage says it all: “We will prosper in the pursuit of life, or we will perish in the pursuit of money. The choice is ours.”


But back to Taurus

These planetary meetings are set amongst a backdrop of Uranus in our sign of the month – Taurus. In 2018, when Uranus entered this sign, I wrote a quite meaty post (I am often surprised when I read my old posts!) entitled Lightning strikes the bull, which is still very relevant, as Uranus will stay in Taurus until 2025. Waking up (Uranus) by following the money (Taurus) is a very good idea!  And as David Korten and others have said – a major overhaul of our economies is essential in this time frame. Perhaps the real benefit of the Coronavirus is that collapsing economies will make way for something new and hopefully better.

I also said, “This period offers a huge wake-up call for how heavily toxins are affecting our planet and our health.” We need to take back sovereignty of our bodies and feed them things they are designed to consume and be in air we can breathe. We need to get dirty and catch viruses which update us to adapt to current surroundings. Our bodies and nature know how to use viruses. The latest vaccines being developed will alter our DNA. They can also include tracking devices. That should make us shake in our shoes! No-one can possibly know what that could lead to. In my post on this I referred to a need for result oriented revolution. Now is certainly the time to resist, especially when it comes to our bodies and people messing with nature.

power of nature

Nature always finds a way – my photo

Confusion reigns supreme

As I said above, it is hard to know what to believe and who to trust. But we can trust the earth who provides everything that we need if we let her, and our own bodies. Uranus has a kind of intelligence. I think the cosmos is saying – tune into your body and you will know what to do, also in Corona time.

Faye Blake

Interesting websites

I don’t know what to trust any more online but here are a few sites I found interesting. So it’s into the Lion’s den. I hope you will try to keep an open mind if you are for vaccines.

The post I referred to above by Lissa Rankin on 17 things we don’t know – and shouldn’t pretend to know – about COVID-19

Robert F. Kennedy’s, a well known lawyer for vaccine issues, Children’s Health Defense site.

and a post from there.

A long blog post from Jonathon Cook which touches on some of the issues addressed in my post.

Kate Raworth and the Doughnut model

An article on Amsterdam and Kate

Website of David Korten

And one interview ( there are many others)  with Zach Bush who I find very interesting. Dr Bush specialises in internal medicine, endocrinology and hospice care, and he is an expert on the microbiome. One of the things he says is that doctors have become so reliant on technical tests they have lost the ability to talk to patients and use their intuition to diagnose. According to him many COVID-19 patients are presenting with symptoms that are not usual for viruses and there are treatments available. He also has a theory as to where pockets of COVID-19 are having devastating effects and it’s to do with air pollution. He’s well worth a listen!

Episode 9: Dr Zach Bush

We are live with ZACH BUSH MD, diving into topics around community, viruses and the future of healthcare

Geplaatst door James Maskell – The Rogue Health Economist op Vrijdag 8 mei 2020

Some other treatments being talked about apart from Vitamin C, Vitamin D, zinc and the Madagascan COVID-organics, are homeopathy – now tested in Cuba and India. And of course there’s hydroxychloroquine, which Donald Trump is taking, having looked at the evidence. He was allowed to make a decision for himself unlike the rest of us – it has been deemed unsafe by the powers that be, even though it has been tested for malaria and people on the front lines are attesting to its value. In a way it’s a pity that Trump is advocating it, as many don’t take him seriously any more!

Quotes of the month

“My freedom doesn’t end where your fear begins.” Candace Owens

“You see, ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself.” Ricky Nelson – Garden Party lyrics.

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