King Charles III – finally!

Taurus 2023

He’s waited all his life for this moment and despite many astrologers saying he would never be king, he is! It’s Taurus time and he is following on from his mother – a Taurus. Charles has a Taurus Moon at the same place in the heavens as the Sun of his mother.Β  A very strong connection. So this time of year seems perfect for his coronation.

This post comes hot on the heels of a lunar eclipse. The British royals seem to resonate with eclipses. Important events in the family often happen when eclipses are near, and the coronation of King Charles III follows this pattern. This lunar eclipse fell on May 5th and Charles coronation ceremony was scheduled to take place on May 6th at 11:00 in Westminster Abbey in London. He was early!

Coronation Charles III

King Charles III pre coronation – image AP


Prince Charles was born within 2 weeks of a total solar eclipse. He married Diana Spencer two days before a total solar eclipse and Prince William was born on the day of a partial solar eclipse. Princess Catherine – or Kate Middleton as she was then – was born on a total lunar eclipse, and Meghan Markle was born a few days after a total solar eclipse.

Princess Diana died a day before a partial solar eclipse and then Charles was free to marry Camilla, which he did a day after a total solar eclipse. That’s quite a list!


Throughout history, eclipses have been thought of as a very negative phenomenon and still today many astrologers interpret them this way. Back in my Leo blog of 2017, I took a look at eclipses generally and in particular from the point of view of the Sun and the Moon as a way to look at masculine and feminine energy. As usual, I looked at the opportunities eclipses might offer us. This is a topic I will be expanding on at the Astrological Association Conference in England later this year.

Solar vs Lunar

I am no expert on eclipses but find the symbolism very interesting. A solar eclipse can only happen when there is a line up of the sun, moon and earth at new moon. A new moon is the start and end of a cycle. A lunar eclipse can only happen at a full moon, when the earth stands between the sun and moon. Traditionally this is a time when things come to fruition.

eclipse astrology

Solar eclipse image Image by Pete Linforth, Pixabay

The light of the Sun is extinguished

When the light of the sun disappears at a solar eclipse, it used to seem scary. Now that we know why it happens, it is seen more as a spectacle. The sun represents kings, leaders, authority figures and fathers, so it is understandable that we might worry when their ‘light’ dies, particularly in a patriarchal society. However, this has also been known as a sacred time, when the sun and the moon (the masculine and feminine) get together in a sacred marriage to start a new cycle.

King Charles was born near a solar eclipse – perhaps this is why it took such a long time for him to be in the spotlight. Important events in his life have coincided with solar eclipses and these have sometimes been challenging. But is this his fate? Many suggest that fate is part of the eclipse signature as the Lunar nodes – opposite points in the sky that are sometimes considered karmicΒ  – are always involved.

The Moon’s light is in shadowΒ 

A full moon is often a good time for celebrations and parties, to celebrate the fertility of life. The coronation happening just after a full moon suggests that after years of preparation, Charles is finally celebrated as king. But what of the shadow? The moon represents the ‘people’ in an event chart. In the UK the eclipse was not visible, and anyway, the eclipse was a penumbral one, a sort of ‘eclipse light’. Could this represent the overwhelming number of people who just wanted to celebrate and party? As opposed to those who protested against the monarchy, as is their right? Festivities were only partially ‘eclipsed’?

lunar astrology

Lunar eclipse image Dewald Van Rensburg, Pixabay

A terrible day for a coronation?

Many astrologers are suggesting that no self-respecting astrologer would have chosen this date for the coronation. And this is in part because of this eclipse. Of course, dates and times for when Charles became king are hotly debated. He became king when his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, died. However, he was proclaimed king a couple of days later. Now we have the coronation, so was the start of the ceremony relevant? Or the moment the crown was placed on his head? Or the anointing in this very traditional ceremony, which has links to Westminster Abbey as far back at 1066? Take your pick! We astrologers have strong opinions about these things!

A pity

I have been saddened by the amount of negativity about King Charles and Queen Camilla from the astrological community. Astrology can give us a way to understand people if we stop projecting what we want to see in a chart. Whether you are a royalist or a republican, and disagree with everything about the monarchy, both Charles and Camilla have little choice in many decisions that are taken. And they are just human beings with failings like the rest of us.

Death of Queen Elizabeth

But first, back to when, in reality, Charles became king. Of course the ceremonial dates are also very important, but I would always look at this chart for his kingship too. However, even here, there were discussions about what time his mother actually died! I will use the officially given time to show what was being triggered for Charles on Queen Elizabeth’s death.

Death of QEII witch Charles horoscope

Charles became king when his mother Queen Elizabeth II died. Inner wheel Prince Charles, Outer wheel, death of QE II.

What sort of king will he be?

We look to this chart to describe what his rulership might be like, but we shouldn’t forget that this was his mother who had died. Whatever the relationship, losing your mother is difficult, especially when you are a very private person who is nevertheless in the public eye.

I’ll try not to get too technical but I just want to highlight a few things that stood out for me on the day of Queen Elizabeth’s death. The first is that Saturn and the Moon are together in the sky, both opposite Ceres. (Shown by the outer chart.) Saturn shows old age and death; in this case of a mother. It is a sad day for the people (Moon), and it is difficult for the populace (Ceres) having a new ruler.

I wrote about this, and the proclamation chart, when the queen passed, in my post ‘A good day for a queen to die’

A fateful day

The Nodes and Uranus forming a triangle with these opposing planets mentioned above, show it is time for a sudden change. And a very different era. What is interesting for Charles is that this triangle in the sky, at the death of his mother, triggers his own Ceres which is next to Pluto. I think this is a sign that Charles will use his power to further his passion for the environment, and natural organic food and farming. (Ceres)

This triangle also triggers his Mars – the ‘people’ expect him to act and provide the strategy for the way forward. The involvement of the nodes with the Charles’ Pluto suggests the time is right for him to assume the throne. And with his Pluto in Leo, this matches becoming a king. And in a very future-oriented way as it fits with Uranus being involved. This is emphasised because Uranus and this triangle also picks up his Sun.

coronation Charles III

A wonderful drone display at the coronation concert – image from the BBC site. There were also other animals and insects.

Charles and the coronation

I suspect that Charles, who is very aware of esoteric subjects, including astrology, knows very well what this special day represents symbolically. The chart looks very ‘astrologically chosen’ to me. The question is, who does the choosing? Charles? The practicality of his agenda? Astrologers? Or perhaps the cosmos knows better than any of us. The start of the ceremony has many links with Charles’ chart. And I think it’s relevant that his life has powerful eclipses represented in important days for him. You could say he ‘knows’ eclipses.

coronation astrology

Inner wheel – King Charles III, outer wheel – planned start of the coronation ceremony.

It’s about Queen Camilla too

The most obvious links here apply to Camilla as well. Charles has Leo rising as does Camilla. And this resonates with the Leo rising for the start of the coronation. In fact, the sign of Leo was on the ascendant for the entire coronation ceremony – very apt for the crowning of a king and queen!

The point at the top of the chart is also a very close match for Charles’ MC, as well as that of Camilla. This means the mission of the day is the same as the couple’s mission – Aries – to challenge and initiate – a new start.

The Moon in Scorpio on the day is on the Sun of Charles – it is as if the public are with him. And perhaps most notable of all is the karmic nodal point is the same on the day as it is for Charles. This is called a nodal return – surely the timing was perfect for him to step into this role.

There are other connections too, but this is enough to be going on with.

Coronation Charles and Camilla

The newly crowned King and Queen – Image AFP

Ceres stops in her tracks

As an aside, I found it fascinating that Ceres, representing, among other things the subjects of a country, was standing still in the sky and was in contact with a Ceres-Saturn aspect in the UK chart. Symbolically, thousands of people stopped to witness a new leader being celebrated. This might turn out to be interesting for the democratic process in the UK.

The day itself

As the ceremony unfolded, the astrology was, even for me, truly amazing symbolically.

Charles coronation astrology

The scheduled start of the coronation of King Charles III

The planets don’t change much in a day, with the exception of the Moon. But because the earth rotates, different planets make aspects to the horizon point (the Ascendant) and the highest point the planets reach in the sky (the Mid heaven or MC). So the timing of these gives us a flavour of each moment. I want to mention a few moments that were amazing to me. The symbolism is very fitting at these times. You can’t make this stuff up πŸ™‚ The cosmos seems to know what it is doing!


At 11:09 Chiron was on the MC. This is when Charles voiced his mission to “not be served, but to serve”. In mythology, Chiron was a healer of others but was himself wounded by a poisoned arrow – a wound he could not heal. I think this might resonate with the way Charles will serve.

At 11:47 in a very sacred moment, Charles was surrounded by screens and the anointing with special oil took place, a very old tradition. Jupiter was right above London on the MC. Jupiter is the sign of the King, a ruler in mythology.

At 12:10 Prince William swore allegiance to his father just after the Nodal point was on the MC. Very fitting for the karma of the family.

Sun MC coronation

Between 12:57 and 12:58 the Sun reaches the MC or the highest point in the sky

At 12:57 at the end of the ceremony the national anthem to honour the king was sung with the Sun right on the MC. The Sun is the King, and here he is proclaimed.

13:09 and lastly, Uranus reaches its high point – all change to a new regime as at 13:07 the call went out for the whole procession to move – an astonishing feat with so many thousands involved. A new era began.

Coronation Charles and Camilla

The famous balcony at Buckingham Palace, Image M. Childs. They appeared at 14:25.

Charles III

And what of the man himself?

astrology king charles

Horoscope of Prince Charles – now King Charles III


If I were looking at vocation for Charles, I would take three archetypes into account. He is a Scorpio with a link to Pluto. So Pluto would be my main focus. His Sun also has links to Ceres, Chiron and Uranus, I would use these to clarify his calling. Taking these one at a time:


He is very passionate about transforming the world. If he tries something he will master it. As Prince Charles, he has been a pilot of both helicopters and planes, and he was very athletic in his younger days. A man who either goes for it or doesn’t do it. He has worked tirelessly to make a difference to the lives of many young people through The Prince’s Trust. According to people involved, he is very committed to all his charities and takes an interest in researching what they do.

Scorpios are very private people. I imagine he finds being in the public eye, when it comes to family dramas, very painful. And Scorpios can be very moody and controlling. They need to at least have an influence in events, if they are unable to control them. This can’t have been easy for him growing up. He is likely to be very loyal. (Yes, I know – Diana – but was she really his choice?)

Ceres with the Sun:

He is clearly a very ‘Ceres’ king. For 50 years he has been involved in what we would now call the green movement. He was ridiculed for his views on animals, the environment and conservation in his early years. He was ahead of his time. Ceres shows his focus on natural remedies, organic food and looking after the environment. He is also very involved in helping to keep old artisan knowledge alive, which often means using natural materials. And he is a strong protector of the underdog.

Uranus with the Sun:

He is ahead of his time and sometimes rebellious with some of his views, and he likes to be well informed on both people and issues that interest him. As the Prince of Wales, he has been an outsider and difficult for some. I think he will find this rebellious part of his personality difficult to express as king. It must have been tricky growing up in such a strict regime. But he is an innovator at heart. Here he finds everyone equal and special. Even though he is king, I believe he truly thinks that everyone should be supported in their unique talents.

Chiron with the Sun:

Also a theme at the coronation, this makes him a ‘wounded healer’ king. I hope he can heal some wounds in the world with ‘soft power’ and just by being the leader he is.

Charles green movement

Still Prince Charles here in 2018 at Highgrove House – image Hello Magazine

His vocation in summary

A powerful, passionate leader who wants to change things and make a difference to ordinary people; in particular by getting us back in touch with nature, the earth and all her creatures. Although he is a Scorpio, he has a Leo ascendant – he is born to be seen as a leader. He also has a fiery mission – Aries – to initiate and challenge. He may not be king for long given his age, but I get the sense that he will not be a caretaker king as some suggest, but will put his heart and soul into his mission to transform the world for the better.

What is Charles good at?

Of course, I am always talking potential here, I haven’t had Charles as a client! Apart from what has been mentioned above, Venus shows what we love and value, and what our talents might be. Charles loves the theatre and is an accomplished musician and artist. He supports many arts organisations. This is clear in the chart from his Venus in Libra next to Neptune, which also picks up Pluto – a love of the esoteric and the deep mysteries of life.

I also think he is very bright, with Mercury picking up Uranus, and interested in the ‘big picture’ internationally. I imagine he has a talent for strategy too, since Venus has links with Jupiter.

But what does he need?

The Moon shows what we need to feel nurtured. Charles has the Moon in Taurus. Like his mother, he loves being in nature. He probably enjoys good food and wine too! Apparently he loves cheese and hates waste! His Moon linked to Saturn, I think shows the duty and responsibility he has inherited as his karma from his mother. And he will be dutiful and responsible. He has said often he will serve. He will, however, cherish moments of peace and quiet!

Not my king!

I am aware in this day and age that many think that royal succession and the monarchy should be abolished. The wealth they have is indeed astronomical and the whole idea no longer fits modern society, especially in an age where Pluto is coming into Aquarius fully in the next years. As it was last time around with Pluto in Aquarius, it will not be an easy ride for royalty! Think French and American revolutions!

The coronation was a truly spectacular event though, as the Brits do pomp and ceremony as no other nation can. I wish Charles and Camilla well. At heart they are just two people who seem to care deeply about each other, and who are trying to serve in a role neither of them chose. Rather them than me.

Faye Blake

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Quote of the month

“It’s like chess, you know. The Queen saves the King.”Β Terry Pratchett.

For astrologers

King Charles III: Born 14 November 1948 – Total solar eclipse 1 November 1948

Prince William: Born 21 June 1982 – Partial solar eclipse 21 June 1982

Princess Catherine: Born 9 January 1982 – Total lunar eclipse 9 January 1982

Meghan Markle – Duchess of Sussex: Born 4 August 1981 – Total solar eclipse 31 July 1981


Charles and Diana wedding: 29 July 1981 – Total solar eclipse 31 July 1981

Death of Princess Diana: 31 August 1997 – Partial solar eclipse 1 September 1997

Charles and Camilla wedding: 9 April 2005 – Hybrid solar eclipse 8 April 2005

Coronation King Charles III: 6 May 2023 – Penumbral lunar eclipse 5 May 2023


Colleague Mark Cullen also noted times on the day. For a more ‘traditional astrology’ view see his post on the wonderful Skyscript website.

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