Giving the Texas shootings a voice

Gemini 2022

Gemini is about communication – about telling a story and about listening. So what do we need to hear from the Uvalde, Texas shootings? We are used to Gemini working through the spoken or written word. We can also receive messages in different ways. Sometimes these are the more intuitive, ‘gut-feel’ ways – which in astrology would be more ‘watery’. Earthy communication might be a message that comes through the body, like a stomach ache. And a spark or flash of inspiration could have a fiery quality.

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But back to our sign of the month. Gemini (along with Libra and Aquarius) is an air sign, which relies perhaps on sound, something that travels through the air and can then resonate in other mediums. Many suggest that astrology has associations with Aquarius, which we could say is a system for communication, one that can enlighten us as to what is ‘in the air’.  It describes the quality of time, the essence of the zeitgeist. Or of a particular moment.

uvalde shootings

Robb Elementary School in Uvalde where 19 children and 2 teachers were killed. Image fktimes

Giving a voice

I want to use the Gemini mode of giving a voice, (perhaps this should have been a podcast!) and apply it to a few ‘moments’ that have been relevant this month. In particular the tragic shootings that took place in Texas. Astrology can’t really help to soften the pain or the powerlessness many feel when events like this happen. My heart goes out to all involved. What a tragedy for the families. Although, like everyone else, I have an opinion about guns, who am I to comment on that? I have no solutions and perhaps no authority to judge, being someone who wasn’t born in the US. And I have never lived there.

Time speaks

However, what I can do is explain what the astrology might be saying, and this can show where we should focus our attention in this complex world. What are these moments for? What is the wake-up call? Like many people, I assume consciousness is everywhere, so why shouldn’t time have consciousness? I know that’s a weird concept. But maybe each moment is trying to communicate something. The time is ripe …

What if astrology is true?

Some time back I wrote a few posts on ‘What if astrology is true?’  I asked: “What might that imply?” The second post in the series, called ‘It’s about time – for relationships’ was indeed about time. It described techniques astrologers use for looking at relationships. Those of comparing and combining charts. What do these techniques imply? I focused mainly on people with people and touched on combining people with countries or companies. Here, I want to use these techniques in a different way.

In my Gemini post in this same series, called ‘Your life unfolding‘, I described a technique which I called ‘The world coming at you’. It described transits which I also use here, in that putting a chart of a moment on another chart is also known as a transit.

time consciousness

Photo by Brigitta Schneiter on Unsplash

Time moments

This time I want to use these combining techniques, one of which I haven’t seen used before. But first the four moments.

  1. The moment the shootings were reported on May 24th 2022, in Uvalde, Texas.
  2. The birth of the gunman.
  3. The date Texas officially became the 28th state of the US.
  4. The moment accepted by many as a chart that works for the birth of the US.

The moment of the shootings

texas shootings

The time the school shootings were reported in Uvalde, Texas.

This moment in time can be analysed on its own. It shows what is ‘in the moment’ in Uvalde. I will just mention a few things that stood out for me, although a lot more could be said. Usually we would start with planets that have contacts with the horizon (ASC) or the points directly above or below us (MC-IC), as these are very unique to this time and place. The only one here that does that is Ceres picking up the MC (the mission of the moment?), which suggests to me that this moment is making a point about mothers, loss of children, the underprivileged, and the democratic process. To name a few of Ceres’ interests.


The next thing I looked at was the Sun – the spotlight – which is in Gemini. The connections it makes suggests that we should focus on speaking out (Gemini and Mercury) about gun violence (Mars and Pluto) and the law (Jupiter). This can also represent a moment of huge anger (Jupiter Mars) leading to violence (Pluto) and a need to express frustrations (Mercury) about those in authority (Sun). To send a powerful message to leaders (Mercury-Pluto).

Close encounters

Lastly the planets making the closest contacts with each other also suggest important themes. Mars and Mercury had just formed a close contact – thoughts of aggression – expressing anger. The Sun and Jupiter mix is also in this category – judgment of authority figures and focus on laws. Venus and Saturn had also just connected – an aspect which, among other things, is associated with lack of worth, poverty and feeling unwanted. A more positive expression would be defining responsible values.

Coming up

What was just forming, and soon to arrive, was a contact between Mercury and Pluto – expression of rage and speaking out about those in power. The time was ripe to express anger about the gun lobby’s power. And that’s what happened. It is tragic that it needed to get this far for action to be taken, albeit only in small steps.

gun reform us

Photo by Heather Mount on Unsplash

The shootings in combination with other moments

We can use the techniques I mentioned above to ask the following questions: Why now for the US? Why now for Texas? And why now for the gunman? Also how does the gunman affect Texas and the US? And lastly, how does Texas get along with the US? I’m not going to cover all of these as I would be here all day, so I will just look at a few to give you the idea and hopefully make you think about how special moments can change us. Most of these are unconscious, but contemplation of these moments using astrology can guide us and help us learn from them, to use these lessons more positively. To discover what Time wants.

US in major time frame

Firstly, I need to mention that these moments are acting within a major period for the US as a whole, so this event fits into that. I wrote about this ‘Pluto on Pluto’ time in my Pluto strikes the US post earlier this year. Massive transformation is needed in the US and I see this event as just a part of raising awareness of what needs to change.

What does this event and this gunman mean for the US 

I don’t want to get too technical here. Astrologers can look at the synastry between the moment of the shootings and the Sibly chart. My interpretation of what is being triggered in the US chart by the shootings, is that Ceres. the mother goddess, who lost her daughter to the underworld, is highlighting Venus and Jupiter in Cancer. She is asking: “Do we value our children? How are our laws protecting our families? Are our laws in line with our values? Is democracy working?

The other strong theme is that of responsible leadership. The US has a Sun and Saturn combination and Uranus is waking this up. Uranus is requiring a change in laws and asking for leaders to step up to the plate. He is whacking them round the head to make them face up to their responsibilities.

astrology sign

Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash

The gunman’s role for the US

Interestingly the gunman’s expressions of anger highlights the exact same themes in the US given above by Jupiter and Venus. His angry message is: “Look to how you value children.” The gunman was bullied at school because of his speech. Perhaps he should have had a lot more support as a young child. I wrote a post after the Sandy Hook shootings called ‘Apocalypse now‘ which discussed this aspect of this type of violence.

The other role the gunman appears to have is to highlight the fact that the democratic process just isn’t working, and that the need for a more compassionate democracy is vital. (Jupiter and Uranus acting on the US Ceres Uranus aspect). Lastly, the gunman’s rage (Pluto) triggers the approach taken by the US. (Mars in Gemini), perhaps stimulating the anger in society about all talk and no action. There have been many calls for ‘no more thoughts and prayers’ and calls for action. Perhaps the gunman’s calling was to help this happen.

Other combinations 

All the combinations of charts are interesting. As you might expect, Saturn (difficulties) triggers a Venus Neptune aspect in Texas – a sad loss of loved ones. And as might be expected too, Ceres has a lot to say in Texas as well. But I will leave that for the astrologers among you to contemplate – I have given all chart details below.


Strange combinations? Image by Sarah Richter Pixabay

A philosophical question

Lastly, I was contemplating the meaning of using combined charts (the adding together of charts that I mentioned above, which is different from synastry or transits), not to make a chart of the energy of a relationship between people, but to combine a person or country with an event. I don’t think I have seen material on this. This would answer the question of, for example, what do the shooting moment and the US constellate together? A lovely word involving stars! I have noticed in the past that some of these charts are fascinating.

Let’s take this example – the US with the shooting

texas shootings for US

Combined chart of the US with the moment of the shooting made by taking the midpoint between each planet in the two charts. What does this constellate?

One interpretation of the Sun and Neptune together is a focus on huge loss. The node which can be taken as a kind of fated or karmic point is also nearby along with Mercury. A time to talk about this, especially with it all being in Gemini. There are also 5 planets in Taurus! Do we need practical, pragmatic solutions? This means there are 8 planets plus the north node in Taurus-Gemini. A pretty major focus.

Other combos

What I can only describe as gob-smacking is that in the combined chart of the US and the gunman, there are 5 planets, plus the north node in Taurus-Gemini. The node here is between Mars-Venus and the Sun. A fated message from the gunman for leaders to act in accordance with norms and values, perhaps?

And in the combined chart of the gunman and the shootings there are 6 planets plus the north node in Taurus-Gemini. The node here is between Mars and Mercury, again the moment was ripe for the gunman to express a kind of fated message of anger.

Taurus – Gemini speaks

The Taurus-Gemini combination is clearly what we are supposed to notice! That’s a pretty impressive line up of energy!

Using keywords for these two signs, here are a few thoughts on what needs to come out of this tragic event:

  • practical discussion
  • networking to find pragmatic solutions to the amount of school shootings (and others)
  • financing down-to-earth meetings
  • sticking to our guns (hmm … definitely in a different way) about our ideas.

Pisces – loss and compassion

And lastly, another striking chart. Combining the chart for Texas with the shooting moment gives us:

uvalde shootings

The combined chart of Texas and the shooting event chart – showing what constellates at that moment in Texas.

Again this shows a strong line-up in one sign – 5 planets in Pisces. This is the sign of loss, grief, sacrifice, guilt, and also compassion. These things are clearly visible in Texas and naturally, this energy is more obvious where the shootings actually occurred, as opposed to the entire US.

More Pisces

Combining Texas and the chart of the gunman shows the relationship between these two. This chart has 4 planets in Pisces too – highlighting the same themes. The chart has the Sun and the Moon together in this sign. This is close to a new Moon (unsure because we don’t know the gunman’s birth time). Is this the start of a new cycle of compassionate leadership? I hope so. Uranus in this gathering suggests a sudden change was needed. The gunman acted as the messenger for a wake-up call and a new beginning.


astrology time

Photo by Ronan Furuta on Unsplash

Time is strange

These charts are, to my mind, quite astounding. However, what they really highlight is that there are moments that are waiting to interact with us. Or ones that have done so in the past. It made me think of the nature of time itself. What do we really know about it?

I hope I have given you something to contemplate. But in all this analysis let’s not lose sight of the huge losses in the world – and not only in Texas. Let’s act on these messages from these moments and do something. Gemini-Taurus. Let’s take advice from Pisces and understand that we are all connected, and be more helpful and compassionate.

Faye Blake

Interesting websites

An article from the Texas Standard “Texas became a state in 1845, but never lost its Republican spirit.

And two this month that are slightly off topic and  long, but both very interesting. I think they add to how we can make the world better!

A talk by Karen Armstrong on her new book. ‘Sacred Nature: Restoring our bond with the ancient world’. Despite appearances it is in English.


And fascinating research on what humans are capable of: Superhuman. This is also in English.

 Quote of the month

“We must use time creatively, in the knowledge that the time is always ripe to do right”. In a letter from a Birmingham Jail. Martin Luther King Jr.

For astrologers

The shootings: 24 May 2022, 11:32, Uvalde, Texas, US.

Birth date of the gunman Salvador Ramos: 16 May 2004, Bismarck, North Dakota, US, No time.

Texas became 28th state. There are various dates circulating (and see article above.) However this seems to be the one still celebrated: 29 December 1845, 0:00, Austin, Texas, US.

US Sibly chart: 4 July 1776, 17:10, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US.

PS. If anyone has material on combining events with people or countries using composite charts please let me know!

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