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Pisces 2017

It is a truth universally acknowledged (sorry Ms Austen), that when women get together we talk of men and clothes and other frivolous topics. But what is perhaps a little known fact, (and no – not an alternative one), is that we sometimes discuss meatier topics such as which gin is best, the elections and the evolution of consciousness.

Mark Rutte

And so it was this month, over tea, that we discussed whether you need a ‘spiritual traditions’ grounding¬†to develop consciousness. (My¬†answer a definite no!) It was a question my good friend Zelda was wrestling with in her preparation for teaching a module on¬†the MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality and Transpersonal Psychology, and obviously she needed her female friends’¬†advice. Although gin might have been a better idea, it was a very interesting discussion.


I realised that since I have had astrology in my life, it is my framework for everything. If something happens to me or in the world, my self-reflection and analysis uses that framework to make sense of anything and I hope that helps with my becoming more aware. As I have often written, I think our thoughts and beliefs matter and affect fields of consciousness.

This is why I¬†didn’t try to predict the outcome of our recent elections here in the Netherlands. I¬†don’t think it’s possible – ¬†my Scorpio 2016 post explains why. But of course I followed the elections, looked at horoscopes of the main party leaders and had a look at the astrology of voting day, but with 28 parties to choose from and the fact that you can also vote for individual people, where would you start anyway? I find it fascinating to study though, to learn more about how the world works. I also think the outcome is a reflection¬†of where a country is consciousness-wise. Let’s not talk about the US!

The Netherlands

Astrologers have argued (for what seems like forever) over which horoscope to use for the Netherlands. I have settled on one that many people use and I have followed events for a long time. I think it is a chart that reacts well to actual events. If you follow my work, you will know I think we all have a calling. My branding work Рboth personal and corporate Рattempts to define who you really are and put it out there. By doing that, the law of attraction is invoked to get the job or the clients that fit you best so that you can truly follow your heart. I also think companies have a calling as do countries. I wrote a post about branding New Zealand some time back when they were trying to design a new flag.

Pisces, where we are now, makes me think of attuning to the whole. The Netherlands has its place on the global stage, and to function well it needs people that fit its¬†mission, just as people do. People who are aligned with the country’s calling. Hence my title…

Geert Wilders


Is it me you’re looking for?

Who is the Netherlands trying to attract as a leader? I really think it works this way. So what sort of leader fits? Appropriate for Pisces time, the chart I use for the Netherlands has the Sun in Pisces. It has Cancer ascending and an Aquarius MC, which is the point I associate with mission and goals. These are the three points I would use for branding. The Sun for the heart of the nation, the Ascendant to represent image and the MC to show reputation. The Sun also represents the leaders.

One I made earlier

One of the reasons I like this chart is that during the run-up to the elections in 2002, Pim Fortuyn, who was a forerunner for Geert Wilders’ party, the PVV (Freedom party), which ran on an anti-Islam platform, was murdered. Pim was an Aquarian, whose Sun was exactly on the MC point of this Dutch chart. In other words, the mission and reputation of the Netherlands was aligned with Pim’s heart. He was the right man to be on the shortlist for Prime Minister. Sadly he was assassinated just weeks before the elections, but his party won the most votes anyway. The planet of shocks and sudden upsets, Uranus was (in the sky) right on this MC point and hence his Sun at his death. This was an enormous shock for the whole of the Netherlands and probably changed the political landscape for ever.

Fatal Attraction?

So who has this MC point attracted from the main party line-up this time around? Who has Aquarius featured in their horoscope? I have looked at just six party leaders. Mark Rutte from the VVD (Democratic right), who won the most votes, Geert Wilders from the PVV, who came in second, Sybrand Buma of the CDA (Christian Democrats) and Alexander Pechtold  РD66 (Democrats) who came in joint third, and lastly Emile Roemer from the SP (Socialist) and the new wonderkid on the block, Jesse Klaver from Green Left, who had the biggest increase in seats since the last election. Roemer and Klaver also won the same number of seats.

To summarise Рthe current number of seats per main party (still subject to final confirmation) are:

Rutte 33, Wilders 20, Pechtold and Buma 19, Klaver and Roemer 14. The Netherlands always has a coalition government and there are always negotiations to see who can work together. This time it is more tricky than it sometimes is, as at least 76 seats are needed for the coalition to have a majority. As nobody will work with Wilders he will be in opposition, but the obvious coalition of Rutte, Pechtold and Buma falls short of the number needed. The negotiations will be interesting!

Sorry it’s Pisces time – getting side-tracked!

But back to the question at hand. Who fits? Who has the Netherlands attracted? Like Pim Fortuyn, Rutte is also an Aquarian. So he is on the shortlist and he is the only Aquarius Sun, so perhaps he is exactly the right man to be elected¬†(again). I don’t have birth times for anyone else, so that could mean that the others could have Aquarius as a rising sign or an MC but except for Buma, the others do have 1 planet each in Aquarius.

So who has planets in Pisces, the heart of the Netherlands? Well  РRutte has 3, Pechtold has 2, Roemer, Buma and Klaver 1 and Wilders 0.

And Cancer? Rutte 1, and Roemer possibly 2 as the Moon changed sign on the day he was born, and the rest 0.

So in short, Rutte is far and away the most aligned with this chart for the Netherlands for these three points. Coincidence?

A summary table of planets in signs emphasised in the Dutch chart.

Aquarius Pisces Cancer
Mark Rutte Sun
close to NL MC
Saturn, Venus and Mercury Jupiter
Geert Wilders Saturn
Sybrand Buma Saturn
Alexander Pechtold Venus Saturn and Ceres
Jesse Klaver Moon Jupiter
Emile Roemer Saturn Jupiter Mars and possibly Moon

Looking at the particular planets is also very interesting but too long for this discussion. But¬†there are two I want to mention. Wilders and Roemer both have Saturn in Aquarius. Perhaps that is a good placement for keeping the Dutch mission in check – and they will probably both end up in the opposition. Let’s hope it doesn’t work as a block. Also interesting is that the three with Saturn in Pisces will probably end up in the coalition. A¬†consciously evolved Saturn can keep the heart of the Netherlands (Pisces Sun) on a responsible course. Let’s hope it ends up being this way instead of what could be an authoritative,¬†blocking, austere Saturn in a less evolved version.

The chart I use is for when King Willem 1 started his reign in 16 March, 1815. It means that the election was held within a day of the anniversary of this event! Willem was a Virgo and there is nothing in this sign in the NL chart. However this is the sign opposite Pisces so there is a link. What I find fascinating is that all candidates except Jesse Klaver, who is the youngest at 30, were born during the sixties Рa revolutionary time, when Pluto and Uranus were together in the sky in Virgo. So all other candidates have this conjunction. And who has the closest alignment of these planets of power and change with the Pisces planets in the NL chart? You guessed it Rutte! Also interesting is that two who will probably be in opposition again РWilders and Roemer Рboth have the Sun in Virgo Рthe sign opposite the Netherlands heart.

Dutch elections

Tulip time – one of mine from last year

So back to the consciousness question

When Pim Fortuyn was campaigning in 2002, he was known for his eccentric style – fitting for¬†an Aquarian. He was openly gay, dressed very well, had a butler and, more to the point, was very outspoken. Aquarians¬†can be very stubborn mentally and Pim upset a lot of people, as does Geert Wilders. Although this archetype fits the Dutch goals well, it can tend to alienate, so it can be counter-productive. As consciousness and awareness rises, the Netherlands has the potential to be¬†a strong force for future change and innovation on the global stage. Any leader who fits this chart and has done enough¬†‘spiritual homework’ could show the world how to be a powerful, compassionate and communicative country. I think we do this well as a nation sometimes, but we can always be better. With the Moon in Taurus representing the populace, we will always have our feet on the ground and are capable of practical solutions to problems when this works well. However, using Taurus without self-reflection can result in too much stubbornness. The more all of us can grow spiritually, the more chance we have of reaching a tipping-point, where the level of awareness carries everyone along with it resulting in a more conscious country. What happens next will show if we can manage it. I hope so!

Getting personal

On a personal note, I see that this attraction factor works not only in politics! My birthday is the day before Mark Rutte’s. I have 6 planets in Aquarius and Pisces – more than Mark! ¬†Not to mention some Cancer connections. So perhaps it is not surprising that I ended up living here. Hmm … is it me you’re looking for? ¬†Maybe I should start my campaign now for the next elections!

Faye Blake-Cossar 

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Some facts about the Netherlands – some I didn’t know!

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‚ÄúWhat you seek is seeking you.‚ÄĚ Jalaluddin Rumi

For Astrologers


Netherlands Horoscope

Horoscope for the Netherlands based on King Willem 1 coming to the throne in 1815

Mark Rutte: 14 Feb 1967, The Hague, NL, 18:53 (not sure where that time came from – anyone?)

All others no birth time known:

Geert Wilders: 6 September 1963, Venlo, NL
Alexander Pechtold: 16 December 1965, Delft, NL
Sybrand Buma: 30 July 1965, Workum, NL
Emile Roemer: 24 August 1962, Amsterdam, NL
Jesse Klaver: 1 may 1986, Roosendaal, NL


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  1. Great post thanks Faye ūüôā Clear instruction on how to arrive at a country leader.

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  3. Very enjoyable Faye. I like this ‘analysis after the event’ approach you are using now, as it demonstrates better the points about astrology you often try to get over in your posts.

    In some respects it provides a better proof of astrological concepts than looking forward, as it gives you the opportunity to pick out all the salient features and show how it has all panned out.

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    Thanks Rosie – I’m not really trying to prove anything – don’t think that is possible. But I do think it shows a really helpful way of looking at the world.

  5. Your Netherlands chart makes sense to me, in terms of my personal limited experience of Amsterdam, Haarlem and Rotterdam over the years. The Pisces: incredibly oceanic and resonant; Aquarius, curious and far reaching; Taurus, incredibly domestic, comfortable and beautiful (Simon Schama’s “An Embarrassment of Riches” comes to mind, a wonderful book about the Dutch).

    I’d vote for you in a heartbeat! Thanks again, Faye!

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