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Aquarius 2017

I have been writing my blog each month for some years now, and looking back makes interesting reading for me, as I have no idea what I was up to blogwise even last month! Way back in 2010 (where does time go?), my Aquarius post discussed the imminent entrance of Uranus into Aries, and what had happened last time Uranus was in this zodiac sign. I wrote:

On the more negative side, Hitler came to power and the stock market crashed, causing a world-wide depression. As Eckhart Tolle says, we need these things to MAKE change happen. Change is not often something we choose. But have we listened yet? We are still attempting to carry on as if nothing has happened. Are we open to chaos and change? Or are we missing an opportunity by listening to the media and becoming scared? We need to be brave and embrace what is being offered here. This is the consciousness shift we need to make when Uranus hits Aries so we can use it wisely. Can we do it? I really don’t know…

wake up call

Photo by Prakrutim from Wikimedia Commons

Wake-up call

Well, clearly we still needed a big wake-up call. I would venture to say we now have it!

The planet Uranus has some connection with our sign of the¬†month, Aquarius, although I think the connection is less appropriate than other planetary pairings with signs. However it is still a good time to contemplate myths associated with this planet – to see if any clarity can be gained in what is a scary time for many – ¬†as Uranus is very obviously playing a role. It is¬†the planet of shocks, unexpectedness, truths and eventually, hopefully an ‘aha’ moment.

The archetype is associated not only with the god Ouranos, but also with Prometheus. Ouranos was a creation god and,¬†in one version of the myth, he is said to be both the child and the husband¬†(yes, myths are like that!) of Gaia – the earth. Whatever his origins he is a creator god. He provides the first spark¬†that precedes physical form.¬†God’s ideas, you could say. Together these deities created the Titans who are also very important in astrology.

Ouranos is Uranus

But Uranus hated his children. They were so imperfect. So much so that he hid them away inside the earth, Gaia, giving her much pain. She asked her children to castrate him so that she would not have to bear any more of his offspring. She gave Saturn¬†the gift of a sickle and he did the deed,¬†giving rise to one¬†interpretation of this myth that suggests all sons must eventually take their father’s place in the pecking order.

Uranus Oeranos

Image of Uranus being castrated by his son Saturn by Giorgio Vasari from Wikimedia Commons

Uranus is celestial and Saturn makes him infertile, a sign that we must¬†now live in the earth-world, where we have physical form. No more lofty new ideas. Uranus in Aries, the first sign, shows the beginning of a new cycle where he will make another attempt to give new ideas to the world. He will fight for his new plans. This myth emphasises the resistance we see when a new world order is attempting to be born. Uranus and Saturn are eternally linked and there are many ‘Saturns’ ready to castrate new ideas.


His story also offers information that might help explain Uranian energy. Prometheus went against the gods¬†(the established rulers or establishment) and gave the gift of fire to humanity. As with many experiments, he was unsure what would happen. He was a rebel who¬†tried to do something new, as well as annoying the gods. This is generally interpreted as offering ‘enlightenment’¬†– a¬†raising of consciousness for humanity. And we accepted his gift. But can we use it wisely? Uranus is a tricky energy – in the wrong hands it can be hugely destructive. Prometheus was severely punished – every night as he was tethered to a rock, an eagle¬†arrived and pecked out¬†his liver. As he was immortal, his liver grew¬†back each day so he was¬†in perpetual suffering until he asked to die. Eventually his wish was¬†granted when he swapped his life with Chiron. But he led a life of isolation. This myth suggests that isolation, suffering and banishment might be the punishment for anyone who¬†wants to upset the established order. I think we are seeing plenty of this now.

Prometheus and Uranus

Prometheus image by Theodoor Rombouts from Wikimedia Commons

A little knowledge can be a dangerous thing

Uranus in Aries can result in exciting new discoveries for scientists but the consequences of any inventions need to be tempered with common sense. And this is almost impossible when an idea is given to the collective, just as it was when Prometheus gave fire to humans. Many scientists have suffered because of the way their knowledge was used, such as with the development of atomic energy. Uranus in Aries suggests we are at the early stages of the current cycle of using this gift of creative energy. We have a lot of knowledge and technology which can be used in both good and bad ways. When revolutionary ideas are thrown to the masses, the results can be unexpected or dangerous. Brexit and the US elections are examples of this.

Astreopathy to the rescue

I have often mentioned the idea of astreopathy in my blog posts. Astrological healing ‘like with like’ as in homeopathy. In the case of Uranus, he is linked to Saturn. So at the stage of consciousness we appear to be at, too much of one activates¬†the other. When Saturn becomes negative and too authoritative and cruel, Uranus rebels – usually in a negative way. When Uranus gets too unorthodox or rebellious, Saturn responds with rules. And so we remain within the established order, getting our liver eaten each night for any new-fangled ideas – such as women running the world or astrology being acceptable!

Like cures like

A photo from Facebook doing the rounds along with some very amusing others – can’t find the originator.


What we need is astreopathy. When we see a negative version or too much of Uranus, the only solution is the antidote of a positive one. This means that when we encounter:

  • leaders who are cold and convinced they¬†can do whatever they like, we need rebellion not rules.
  • arrogance in science, we need breakthroughs in searching for the truth, not more peer reviews.
  • eccentricity gone too far, we need to be outspoken and truthful.
  • detached leadership, we need to respect the freedom it gives and use it.
  • dangerous authority, we need to use our inner authenticity to stand up to it.
  • extremism, we need unconventional, strong-willed reform.
  • antisocial lying, we need to uncover the truth.
  • harsh revolution, we need unconventional and inventive ways to gain independence.

Uranian actions will always invoke a response,¬†usually one that is opposite to the action. An example might be, that if you are told a lie, you will eventually seek the truth and that will be an awakening. Shocks wake us up. Uranus has an inner knowing, but that must not be muddied by mental stubbornness or the world around us. This is what is useful in this current world of ‘alternative facts’. Maybe the truth is not ‘out there’ but in here.

Faye Blake-Cossar


A place I visited when I was in New Mexico because I loved the name! Interestingly it is quite near Roswell of alien fame, which I also visited. Photo By CGP Grey from Wikimedia Commons

Website of the Month

A post on the US immigration ban from one of my favourite writers and speakers Lissa Rankin on what she thinks shock does.

Quotes of the Month

“Truth will ultimately prevail where there is pains to bring it to light.” George Washington.
“A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.” Charles Spurgeon.

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  1. Interesting that you mention ‘women running the world’.
    I suspect that here we need a very very strong dose of Athena, [to convince men that we are capable of running the world] with the Erinyes as back up.

    …Actually climate change is acting as a good Erinyes at the moment, so maybe all we really need is a LOT of Athenians.

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