Fighting Gods’ scoreboard: Uranus vs Saturn 1-1

Virgo 2009

Is it 1-1?

We are still in the middle a major celestial happening which I have written about a couple of times before (see Pisces and Libra posts 2008). Now that we are a bit further into it, it’s a good time for an update. By looking at what happened around specific important dates, we can see how events are developing and may even get a handle on what the outcome might be.

Who’s who?

The two Gods involved in the heavenly spat are Uranus and Saturn. They are going the full five rounds as neither has been knocked out so far. They have met in the ring twice now, once on the US election day, November 4th last year, when Uranus (Obama) won from the old Saturnian (McCain) – remember him with all his Saturn qualities? Older, traditional, war hero, etc etc. The second time was February 5th 2009 and the next time which is fast approaching, is September 15th.

The last two of the five are next year, in April and July 2010. So we are certainly not finished with this yet. Saturn is continuing in his old attire (Virgo, our sign of the month) until in the last round when he puts on his most charming costume (Libra) for July 26th. He tries that earlier in the year (2010), but hurriedly puts his old garments back on for the fourth round. I think this means we won’t see a change in the ‘old-school-don’t-change-anything’ fighters until they realise that they need a new approach in the last and final bout.

But Uranus also changes his clothes for the last round. He will be well prepared and spoiling for a good fight as he moves into that sign that loves a challenge, Aries.

What happened?

So let’s have a look at what has happened so far and see how Saturn is working in Virgo and Uranus in Pisces. What are the clashes about? Is anyone winning? Is it one-all?

One side of the fight is what I will call the Obama side, as he really does represent how this is showing up at all levels in the world. Uranus in Pisces represents for example; new health care, compassion for all, change in how we address global issues, creative solutions to conflict. There are many ways this is attempting to break through. I’m sure you can feel this side of the fight in your company and also in your own life. Many of my clients are trying to be kinder to the earth, and trying to be kinder to themselves by finding a job they love. There is a sort of rebellion taking place if things are not ‘spiritual’ or where we don’t feel looked after. There is also rebellion which is not yet completely organised. Pisces is a bit diffuse. We can see this in the demonstrations against many of the world’s current elections. The natives are very restless worldwide.


This Obama side does need a wise Saturnian adversary who can show responsibility and temper too much destructive rebellion. However, what we are seeing more and more is the very cruel, authoritative side of Saturn in Virgo. Caused by fear of change, we see no really new approach in the financial sector yet. There are bloody murders being committed and voting is rigged to protect the old ways. Iran and Afghanistan are two examples of how this aspect, which could be a chance for innovative and fair change, is descending into the very negative side of how this can work. Anyone who rebels is taken down.

There are huge changes going on in many countries, Japan for one which has a new government after many years. The old school is not happy anywhere. Look at the lengths that have been gone to in the US to try to discredit the new health scheme, which basically appears to be aiming at a fair health care system for all. Virgo can lose the plot by looking at too many details and forgetting the big picture. And by being overly critical when frightened.

It’s a date

It will be interesting to track this opposition at the next meeting on the 15th September. Potentially this is a time to get these two sides finding compromise but we are not there yet. Using Obama again, we can see he is not going to give up on his fight for what he sees as the good. “The time for bickering is gone” he said this week – he’s getting ready for the last round where I think he will really come out fighting next year. Pisces is a sort of gestation period for the final showdown in July next year. Can he do it? Can we do it in our companies and for ourselves – find the balance between the old and the new?

A taste of the last bout – maybe Saturn was the victor?


Looking back at 5th February, it was fascinating to find an article on the BBC website on that exact date, (see website section below) which stated, when talking about Washington, “For the first time in its history, this country is living through a middle-class insurrection, spawned by resentment, facilitated by the click of a mouse and fuelled by red-eyed anger.”

And a quick look at other news on that day:

New Zealand: Two protesters attack the New Zealand prime minister as he arrives at a Maori memorial marking National Day.

Iran: The British Council says it has suspended all operations in Iran after staff were intimidated by the authorities.

Europe: The Czech Republic is criticised by Europe’s leading human rights body for continuing to surgically castrate male sex offenders.

Iraq: Iraqi election officials are investigating claims of voting fraud as counting continues after the weekend’s provincial polls.

Greece: An unknown Greek group threatens to kill police officers and prominent people in retaliation for the killing of a teenager.

US: President Barack Obama tells Congress “the time for talk is over” on a $900bn (£600bn) economic stimulus bill.

And on the more positive side, there was a summit in India about the environment.

Yes, I think it is one-all! Saturn had the upper hand that time. I await the 15th with interest but I think there will be a lot more rebellion yet. The natives are rumbling and are not going to settle until after July next year when I think they might win the day – this battle at least, if not the entire war. Saturn in his best Libra clothes might be a bit more ready to negotiate.

How was it for you?

You can look at these dates to see what happened with these themes in your company (or personally). If you have a horoscope you can see in which areas these themes are being played out. To name a few:

For the US it is in the area of communications, documents, internet, politics in general (such as future vision), travel and international issues.
UK – health, hospitals, prisons, service industry and general working conditions.
Netherlands – reputation, status (bonuses), housing.
New Zealand – same as the US
Afghanistan – Leaders vs community


Stamp from Afghanistan – 1961

Faye Blake-Cossar

Websites of the Month

The BBC article from February 5th on Washington.

An interesting blog item on innovation barriers.

Virgo Quote

As Virgo also rules small animals, and many people with Virgo strongly featured are vegetarians:
“The definition of a vegetarian is a person who doesn’t like his food to run away.”
Joseph Campbell, mythologist and author.

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