A global wake-up call – evolve or die

Aquarius 2010

Aquarius – our birthday month – now we are four – Juxtaposition that is. And I have been having a bit of a rest from writing, it appears, as it is really the last spasms of Aquarius as I write this.

I want to feature an Aquarian who just had his birthday, Eckhart Tolle, the man who said ” evolve or die”. Eckhart is a typical Aquarian. Cutely gnome-like, I want to wind him up (as you needed toΒ with toys past to make them go faster) when he’s speaking but he is really interesting. He explains very well where we are, in terms of the crises we are now facing in the world.

Eckhart Tolle photo by Kyle Hoobin

He has a TV channel on internet which has short, easy-to-watch clips covering a variety of topics, all worth a watch, although these are no longer free (2017).

eckhart tolleHis message is mainly about being in the ‘now’ and allowing yourself to open up to what the evolutionary impulse is at the present moment. His view is that if we don’t evolve we may self-destruct. This is a crucial moment for humanity and we need to embrace uncertainty.

Although he says that no-one could have predicted certain things, astrology does give us a tool to get an understanding of what might be happening and what we might need to do. I agree that consciousness is making a giant leap – i.e. we are being asked to evolve in a conscious way. Both personally and in how we work together as groups and countries. He says “Our current state of consciousness is no longer working. It is destructive.”

So astrologically what are the parallels? Well there are several. But the one that springs to mind for an Aquarian newsletter is the cycle of Uranus, the planet that has some connections with our sign of the month. Uranus has a cycle of around 84 years and to my mind it is the symbol of consciousness. We are currently at the last sign, Pisces, so this to me would suggest the coming to an end of a consciousness cycle. Uranus enters Aries – the start of a new cycle – in May this year. It dithers around a bit and then stays for a while in Aries from March 2011 on. So yes, we are in for a new start.

The last time this happened was at the end of the 1920’s – early 30’s. A few things that happened then seem to have set the stage for this round. On a good note perhaps, the BBC was founded. Certainly radio and television have had a huge impact on us. This would suggest that another mind-blowing beginning in technology may be imminent.

The atom was split in this period, so maybe Cern will deliver something that will shift science to a new level. Penicillin was also discovered in this period changing our relationship with medicine and the body in huge ways. That science is radically changing can be felt already but can we handle it?

The first solo flights were in this period too – the next round would appear to be taking that to a new level – into space perhaps?

uranus aries

The Wright Military Flyer from wiki commons

On the more negative side, Hitler came to power and the stock market crashed, causing a world-wide depression. As Tolle says, we need these things to MAKE change happen. Change is not often something we choose. But have we listened yet? We are still attempting to carry on as if nothing has happened. Are we open to chaos and change? Or are we missing an opportunity by listening to the media and becoming scared? We need to be brave and embrace what is being offered here. This is the consciousness shift we need to make when Uranus hits Aries so we can use it wisely. Can we do it? I really don’t know…

Faye Blake-Cossar

Interesting Website of the Month

An example of Eckhart’s teaching – this one later than the original post.

Quote of the Month

“His was a great sin who first invented consciousness. Let us lose it for a few hours.”
F. Scott Fitzgerald

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