Did they listen?

February 20, 2010

So the Dutch cabinet has fallen at about 4 am this morning. A lot of people insisting they were right and a lot of frayed tempers to the fore.  All I could think of was  – Oh God who can I vote for now? Where is the innovative leader we need?

Last year I gave a talk to business people about predictions for the Netherlands.  Together with a well-known international astrologer Lynn Bell, we outlined the global nature of the planetary fights and explained how they might manifest globally, (Lynn  – with a few comments from me) and in the Netherlands (me  – with a few comments from Lynn). It was a fun evening which I will repeat again in June this year with Madeline Gerwick, another international astrologer.

But back to the news at hand. My suggestion to leaders was:

Dare to be different,  be authentic, be innovative. Don’t expect that the way you did things before will work. But did the country leaders listen?  My warning was that we would stick with mental stubbornness, rebelliousness and very right-wing weirdness. If you’ve seen Geert Wilders hair you’ll know what I mean. For those of you unfamiliar with Geert, he is a leader of an opposition party who stirs things up a lot. Particularly about immigration, where he wants a ban on the Koran. Enough said.

Geert Wilders in Rotterdam photo wikicommons

Geert, however, is picking up the energy of the astrological aspect I was referring to, albeit in a more negative way. Other leaders have missed the opportunity completely.

Uranus, the planet of revolution, innovation and all things mentioned above, has been triggering the Sun in the chart of the Netherlands. The Sun is leadership, so what was called for was radical change and some daring in the way our leaders operate.  The three peaks were 26th April and 8th September 2009, and in the last few days – 16th February to be exact. This whole period would have been a chance for real change but now the window is closing.  A blow to those of us who are fighting for a change of consciousness.

Ostensibly this is about the troops in Afghanistan but that is not the real issue. The issue is the “I’m right” attitude and a maniacal search for the truth. The cabinet fall is the consequence.

Looking back, an astrologer could have explained the signs. Around the 26th April, Wilders was gaining ground and the ruling parties were hesitating about decisions regarding Defence. Interesting too to note that on the 8th September 2009 our Prince and Princess were listening to Hilary Clinton welcoming them to New York  with a speech about human rights, freedom, tolerance, innovation, diversity and her favourite flower the tulip. With the possible exception of the tulip (although I may be wrong on that), these would all have been good Uranian themes to listen to and take a brave stand on.

Grrr – why don’t they listen to astrologers! In this case “I was right”!


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