Prepare for 2012

June 2012

Right! Astrologers have been waiting (and forecasting for quite some time with both anticipation and dread), for a series of sky happenings that will finally start this month.

Their effects are already being felt worldwide – the planets not the astrologers. I have written before about the meetings between Pluto and Uranus in the coming years. This is what I wrote back at the beginning of 2011:

Prepare for 2012

Get ready to brace yourself for massive transformation. This could be a really violent, rebellious year but it could also herald wonderfully transforming innovation. We are, I think, in for a few shocks that will change our world view. Secrets that have long lain hidden will be revealed. In 2012 there is a repeat of a theme started in 1965-66 and it will last until 2015. What did you start at this time? – it will be revisited here.

The mid Sixties was a time of great unrest and of course the Vietnam war occurred then. But this cycle also gave us the telephone and commercial satellites which enabled communication and television across the Atlantic. I expect huge jumps in technology in the coming years. Will you make the most of the opportunities offered? As we are dealing with Uranus and Pluto, change and revolution in how power is wielded, is one of the themes. As a leader you will need to be honest and be ready to withstand rebellion.”

Their first of seven exact clashes (90 degrees away from each other in the sky – a potent mix) happens on June 24th.

The last of their seven bouts takes place on March 17th in 2015, so you can see we are in for a long ride. As I am a great believer in co-creating with the planets, I advise you to try to use this opportunity in a positive way.

Do’s and don’ts

Don’t try to hold onto power in the way Assad of Syria is doing.

Don’t be so rebellious that it is damaging to you.

Don’t compete dishonestly.

Don’t stick to the same old structures – if they aren’t working they must be changed – Euro? Financial system?

Do fight against injustice.

Do come up with new weird technology.

Do be responsible if you have power.

Do take on a new innovative challenge.

Do throw out what isn’t working.

Do dare to be totally honest!

We need clear, authentic, directed leadership in these years.

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