Those planets at it again?

24 June 2020

In my last Taurus post I said:

From a shop down the road – this photo by Chris Curry on unsplash.

well almost … this is what I actually wrote:

We are waking up

Jupiter and Pluto come together again this year. My Sagittarius post of 2019 talks more about this. Around the time of the first meeting in early April, average global graphs showed a spike in what have been registered as COVID deaths, but who would trust the figures? I think this might mean we might get two more Coronavirus waves as these planets meet again at the end of June and mid-November. It also means we still have a chance to wake up and take back our power on what we are allowed to see and read! And maybe stem the waves by using known cures for people suffering, and yes – there are some! Or appear to be anyway. See links at the end. We need to face our political leaders (Jupiter) and tackle them to get to the bottom of what the truth is (Pluto). This is a chance to change the political landscape and have our say. But will we? I hope so.

We are at the end of June and it seems that globally COVID-19 cases are on the rise. Jupiter and Pluto are together again and it appears they think we have not done well enough! Their lesson has not been learned! We only have one more shot at this after the end of this month and that’s in November. We are heading the right way in bringing out the truth and holding some politicians to their promises but it’s really attitudes we need to upgrade – including our own!

Faye Blake

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