Will the US join the 27 club?

January 6 , 2020

When Amy Winehouse died, tragically at a young age, I wrote a post about an astrological method that throws some light on the 27 Club, which has members, usually well-known artists, who died aged 27. Amy was only 27 describes the Huber Age Progression method, which has a critical point in the 5th phase at around 3 months before the 28th birthday.

27 club

Amy Winehouse

Bruno Huber describes this Leo critical point as being an existential crisis or a love crisis, and my post on Amy covers these themes. However, Huber also suggests that this point brings disappointments in professional and private sectors. “Appearance and identity must be clearly distinguished. If this is not accomplished, there is the real danger that the human being in self-overestimation expects too much of himself, of the environment and the future.”

Although Huber asserts that the Age Progression method only works for people, I have found it very relevant for companies and for countries.

The US Age Points

One thing that convinced me to use the Sibly chart for the US, is that the Age Point was exactly on Pluto in the 2nd house at 9-11 and also 72 years earlier in 1929 – the Wall Street crash. There were financial issues 72 years earlier as well in the Panic of 1857. It is a fascinating 72-year cycle. For astrologers Pluto (power) in the 2nd house (money, banks, assets) is an obvious symbol for all of these events.

When Trump was campaigning with the slogan “Make America great again” I wrote a post explaining why this was in line with the Age Point being in the 5th phase – the Leo phase. The post Will the real USA please stand up? outlined this phase in more detail and in history.

US hits a crisis point!

This year in March the US hits this 5th phase Leo critical point, which Huber says lasts for around a year. The 20th of March is the turning point, so it is clearly in play now as Trump takes on Iran. Will the US join the 27 club? I don’t know if there is a club for countries and of course the US is older than 27. So it has hit this point several times before, every 72 years. March 1804, 1876, 1948 and 2020 to be precise.

Interestingly, the 12th amendment in the US Constitution came into play in 1804. It provided the procedure for electing presidents and vice-presidents and it still applies today. I wonder if that will come up for discussion again. 1876 brought in Centennial celebrations and put the US in the world spotlight (Leo) is a good way. 1948 was a very important year after WWII – the year that the US recognised Israel as a country, and Israel is playing a crucial role in the current conflict. We are clearly at an important global turning point, as the US has a huge effect globally.

US 12th

There are calls for electoral reform

The warning

To repeat Huber regarding this critical point – “there is the real danger that the human being in self-overestimation expects too much of himself, of the environment and the future.” This suggests to me that Trump needs to be very careful. Although the US has a powerful military, Iran is a master in cyber-warfare. And already there seems to be a bounty on Trump’s head. As the President, he controls the “appearance and identity” of the US. Can he tell the difference? Or will he bring the US down on the world stage? What with this and the line up of planets in 2020, the world might be right to be holding its breath, but I hope someone can bring some calm, responsible Capricorn reality to the situation.

Faye Blake


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  1. Great great post, Faye. I will write up my thoughts and post on my blog with the charts/Age Points. For now, this is how I process it (my writing is more Huber technical –hopefully others can make sense for now).

    Earlier this year was Age Point radix square to North Node, 7th house — demanding attention to North Node Leo (Leo, like you mention, is the current Age Point 5th house). The current Age Point semi sextile to Uranus speaks volumes to current affairs — awakening, budding awareness of change (June 4th). The Nodal Age Point is (June 4th) quincunx Saturn (10th house, Libra, Nodal Saturn for the US). With the quincunx to 10th house in Nodal chart we have deep Saturnian learning emerging from the shadow, or deeper recesses/karmic.

    By November the Nodal Age Point trines the Sun and by end of 2020 the radix Age Point sextiles Sun.

    I have little practice with countries, and through my traditional astrology teachings I was taught inanimate objects can’t have birth charts since they weren’t born! However, this does marry up cleanly — and the argument over which US chart is valid is still a consideration… But this seems to hold up. That’s the beauty of Age Point as it can really “Pan Out.”

    But if this chart holds up, then I’d say we’re in for some positive changes by the fall. I have no idea if that means new president but when the Nodal Age Point and the Radix Age Point align my experience has shown we should take notice.

  2. Post

    Thanks Mark – this will mean more for my astrologer readers – but interesting that you are following it – I never have time to follow things in detail. I also included the age point in my post Will the real USA please stand up – I think it speaks volumes there too!

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