The move to a new dream

May 2011

New design in Rotterdam – my photo

I have written a few times about the fact that Neptune is in the middle of going backwards and forwards changing sign from Aquarius to Pisces. I talked about us developing a new dream. Here’s what I wrote in the Capricorn 2011 post.Β “Although we will continue to experience the power of all this technology and experience sudden new innovations and breakthroughs, Neptune changing sign provides us with a new addiction, a new dream, a new something where we go over the top. The addiction to technology will slow down, as will the number of new techno-products just for the sake of it.”

I think Seth Godin’s blog today expresses this change well: “But one reason for our ennui as technology hounds is that we’re missing the feeling that was delivered to us daily for a decade or more. It’s not that there’s no new technology to come (there is, certainly). It’s that many of us can already imagine it.”