October 2011

Delicious cake for the launch of a new logo.

It’s so nice when a plan comes together. I have been working together with Karin from Datbureau (design company) to create a new logo and image for one of my clients  – de WerkvloerCentraal. I used the horoscope and together with Karin’s designer skills and input from the two directors we launched the new logo this week. The next stage will be to use the horoscope to help create a fitting website. It’s great fun and it’s even better because I really love what de WerkvloerCentraal (Work Floor Central) is attempting – to provide much better care for the elderly – starting by giving the people on the workfloor more influence. The strategy is based on solving problems that were highlighted in Anne-Mei The’s book “In Death’s Waiting Room”. (In de Wachtkaner van de Dood”.)
Having just heard the BBC news about the problems in the UK with homes for the elderly, it’s nice to feel that I am part of something that is ahead of other countries.
Everyone has been amazed at the input I could give from the horoscope and how easily the new logo was accepted. It gives a framework for discussion which is really helpful for focusing on the image of the company instead of everyone’s taste! And speaking of which the cake was delicious!