I Hate Mum

February 2010
mothers astrology

Photo from BBC documentary ‘I Hate Mum’

Did anyone see this documentary on BBC last night? I feel sorry for parents these days and am often glad I don’t have to deal with bringing up children. But I do sometimes despair at the help being offered. One of the families studied involved a teenage boy who was angry with his mother – the cause was obviously a divorce back when he was very young. As far as I could see he was being blamed for a lot when all he really wanted was to be able to talk to his mother.Β  The mother did her best and loved her son but there was a huge elephant in the room. The missing real father – which was touched on but not really addressed with the mother.

I wished I could have got in there with the horoscopes of all of them and had a good rant at everyone including the therapists! A horoscope can act as a third party to help discuss painful issues. It is good that these documentaries exist and that help is available. It’s just a pity that astrologers never get asked toΒ for help.

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