Tears before bedtime? Uk Duo

May 2010

Well –  it certainly was for me after the UK election. The amount of news about the coalition certainly brought a tear to my eye. Its’s only now that I can write about it  – now that we have moved on to Dutch debates. Looking forward to the 2nd one tonight as I write this. But anyway back to the matter at hand.

The news was – wow – a coalition. OK, this is unusual in the UK, but many countries have survived these for years. Was it really news that David Cameron shall head the first cabinet meeting? Hello… he is the Prime Minister! Did we really have to have days of news – still continuing – about people working together? How many of us have always worked with people who have the same opinions as us?

uk elections

David Cameron and Nick Clegg

And now the marriage jokes – although I must say the pair do look good together – already looking alike after only a couple of weeks! That takes most couples a bit longer. Astrologers have been excitedly trying to get birth times for the two and the current favourites are also remarkably similar!

Nick Clegg born at 5:56 and David at 5:55!
But the rest of the horoscopes show a very different picture.

David is all Libra and Leo. Except for a little Scorpio sting in his tongue. Now Leo might be born to be the boss and wave his mane around. But in his heart David is a Libra, a coalition’s dream, a balancer, a negotiator. Someone looking for peace albeit in a rather Leo = spotlight way. Stroke his mane a bit and agree with him and he’s happy. Up until now, we see that Libra words are to the fore in the news; united, compromise, couples, marriage, pair, joint, cooperation, completing each others sentences, love-in, civil partnership, together, agreements to name a few.  They are even agreeing on money! Most couples have a problem with that.

love money

But, and I think it’s a big but… the UK is a Capricorn and so is Nick Clegg. In a way he’s a better match for the country. The heart of the country is aligned with Nick’s ambitious heart. Capricorns are natural managers, they have a natural authority, they like to teach us stuff. Sure they can follow rules for a while but basically they are mountain goats that like to be alone on the hillside, and slowly but surely reach the top first. They are very goal-oriented and don’t take their eye off the ball.

Although Nick’s style is very Libra-like, the rest of him is fiery. If we are to believe this birth time he’s strongly Martian with a lot of Archer thrown in. This will add to his ambition by being very competitive and adventurous. He will take more risks and be prepared to fight for what he wants. He is a ‘big picture’ person, very entrepreneurial with a great sense of other cultures. There are enough in his own family!

I cannot imagine that he wants to stay being number 2 for long.

According to their relationship chart, together they could achieve great things. It requires a pretty brave attitude however, if a massive power struggle is to be avoided. So will it be tears before bedtime? I suspect so at some point. The question is how long? I’d say October this year and over Christmas are times to watch for cracks appearing. But let’s give them a chance and let them enjoy the honeymoon.

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