And while I’m at it – Tiger Woods

February 2010


Tiger Woods photo by Keith Allison

I really am going to do something to the radio if I hear any more about Tiger and his apology. Since when does anyone have to apologise to the entire world for having an affair or two? I know Tiger is a Capricorn and would like to be respected and do the right thing, but there are limits.

The poor man also has a wandering Sagittarius Moon and a fun-loving Mars in Gemini – what is he supposed to do with that? Not to mention a very private but sexy Venus in Scorpio. The women he attracts are not likely to give up easily and are going to be jealous. Not much he can do about that either.

For goodness sake  – I would be a very rich woman if everyone who had an affair needed to go into therapy!  Hmm  – that’s a thought for a new service  …

I say thank God he’s normal – now can we please move on?

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