Those scientists are at it again!

May 2010

Always looking in the wrong place but at least this time they admit they don’t know!  The finding “points to some novel environmental trigger that must be very important to the disease. We don’t know what it is.”

Don’t get me wrong, I love science, but many of the people involved always look at the physical and ignore anything else, even although science has moved on.

Photo Anne Geddes from my homeland!

The latest study is about genetics in twins. One of the twins of each pair has MS, so the scientists looked at the whole genetic DNA structure and found no differences. Now what a surprise. So genes don’t cause illness! Have they read Bruce Lipton on environments or thought about quantum issues?

Astrology would not expect twins to experience life in exactly the same way, even though the environments might be the same growing up and the themes in their lives might be similar. They are born at different times – even a few minutes can make a difference – so although the genetics are the same, there is something already different about their beginnings. For a start, their births cannot possibly be the same. One is usually born before the other, to name one obvious difference.

Experience changes us. But most astrologers would assume that twins are two different souls and therefore have a very different, what I call, spiritual biography. They come in not as a blank slate, as anyone who has looked at a new born baby will know, but with some kind of soul purpose. Even in the same environment, twins experience things very differently, and therefore come to different conclusions about life.

Now don’t get me wrong again, I don’t believe that a slightly different horoscope means that astrologers could see which twin would develop MS. They may both have a pattern that could potentially develop an illness, but that depends on the consciousness of each of us. Illness, I believe, is a way of our body helping us bring issues into the limelight.

As most people know instinctively though, the physical gene cannot explain everything. Suggesting that two people with the same genetic makeup go through life with the same experiences, is tantamount to suggesting that given a wonderful car to drive (the same physical car with the same nice colours and flashy wheels), it would end up with the same fate if driven at high speed by me or by Jeremy Clarkson!

What we think and conclude about life makes a difference!

But well done scientists for attempting to find causes – I just wish you’d listen to astrologers sometimes so that you might start off with a different premise!

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