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13 December 2019

The cosmos speaks?

There is a lot is soul-searching in the UK today after Boris Johnson’s decisive win in the UK elections. Some astrologers predicted a good win for Boris. However, although I thought Boris and Nicola Sturgeon would do very well, I thought that Boris might not have had such a majority.

I am still convinced that any leaders need to have a strong link to the UK chart, which is why I thought Boris and Nicola would do well. And, as I said in my last post on the elections, to my mind that meant that Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson would never be elected. Of course the blame game has started for both of these leaders and they are both standing down. Jeremy, due to Labour’s heavy loss, and Jo, because she lost her seat to the SNP, Nicola Sturgeon’s party.


A very happy Nicola Sturgeon

I am sorry to see this blame game as I think both Jo and Jeremy are honest politicians and have followed their passionate beliefs. I truly admire that quality in anyone, and I hope they find a place where they can fulfill their true vocations. Whether you agree with Jeremy or not he deserves respect for his life-long dedication to what he believes in.

Β The majority

Congratulations Boris. Whether you like Boris or not he has fought a good campaign that picked up the mood of the people, especially on Brexit. Astrologically speaking, there is a ‘supposed to be’ element of Boris’s win and if it is any consolation, I don’t think he will be as bad as he is painted. Boris is very Venusian and deep down he is someone who values fairness and balance. As a Gemini, he is a communicator, and I think one thing he did well was listen to the public. Having won many old Labour constituencies, he will be held to account in these parts of the country. That might be good. I wrote a little about Boris in an earlier post. He may just be able to bring the country together.

Channeling Winston

Boris is a big fan of Winston Churchill. He has written a book about him and has studied him in depth. Winston was a Sagittarius and of course we are in Saggi times. I think Winston would be pleased looking down at Boris today.

This is the chart of the approximate time that Boris arrived to see the Queen so that she could ask him to form a government. The actual time will have Aquarius rising so this is the face of the new government. This could be ‘know-it-all’ or forward-thinking and future-oriented. But what I find amazing is that the Sun today at 21 Sag is shining right on the Venus in Winston’s chart (at 22 Sag) . The spotlight is on what he loved and valued – politics and vision.

Not only that, but Mercury today is at 5 Sag – right at the top of this ‘start of government’ chart – on the mission of this government. If this works well it could usher in a mission to be international and to grow and expand, and to communicate on the international stage. And, you guessed it, the Sun in Winston’s chart is at 7 Sag shining down from above on this Mercury (the opinion of the people) and the mission of this government. Maybe Boris really is channelling Winston!

Interesting too that Winston Churchill was the Queen’s very first Prime Minister – will Boris be her last? He could be with us for 10 years and by that time she will be 103!

Uk Prime Minister

Winston Churchill with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Princess Anne in 1954 (photo flikr)

But what of Ceres?

Because Ceres was on the Sun of the UK chart yesterday on voting day,Β  I thought she might have wanted some negotiation. Clearly she didn’t! Although I do think Boris might have some negotiation to do within his own party. However perhaps she is playing a longer game. Boris has Ceres as part of his calling. And this election has brought more women to parliament than any previous election. Boris will have to deal with this part of Ceres’ portfolio as well as the environment. Ceres is about democracy too in my book, so perhaps she agreed with carrying out the result of the Brexit referendum. In the next Brexit step there is all to play for – what part will Ceres and democracy play in that I wonder!

Faye Blake

Boris Johnson

The man of the moment – Boris calls for healing the nation after his convincing win – Photo Vickie Flores/EPA for FT

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  1. Which astrologers forecast Boris winning? Even google won’t seem to tell me!

    I didn’t know the Boris- Churchill thing.

    Well, I have no idea how anyone could forecast a hung parliament on this election. Jupiter being so strongly aspect and there being very many very specific aspects. The whole thing usually has a ‘feel’ to it and the feel to it this time around was not ‘messy’.

    But it’s nice you can roll with it. It seems to me those that cannot will be stuck in this moment for a long time. Shown by the Sabian symbol of Venus- Pluto immediately after the election: ‘A general accepting defeat’. Why I wonder if Jess Philips, who did show some grace in the loss, will be the Labour one to watch going forward?

    Perhaps it’s time for some reflection of the astrological community itself if it cannot forecast an election without projecting it’s progressive ideals onto it? Green ideals are being offered but no one is biting. That Mars trining Neptune really packed a bit of a punch. Usually the left though doubles down. I wonder if people are going to start forecasting now that some crisis is going to come along and we are going to have another GE and Corbyn/ Green landslide?

  2. Post

    To answer your firts question Liz Hathway for one. http://astrologieblog.nl/2019/12/08/the-uk-general-election-the-results-are-in-venus-oob-rules-it-or-does-she/?fbclid=IwAR2VcJeoINdrdMPxDOIYYnuZhqwzhgRn4XOSF3dy-pVDGMfuA0hT2r0Linc and see this post https://oxfordastrologer.com/2019/12/what-astrologers-are-saying-about-the-uk-december-election.html
    Also Barry Goddard on FB.
    Re your last comment about reflection – yes hence this post! But it wasn’t because of green ideals.

  3. Thankyou Faye. Those articles were really meaty and I will spend time getting deeply into them. The Hathway point on the eclipse bringing a sudden change is an exciting one!

    I have powerful experiences with Juno, Lilith, Nessus, Vesta and Pallas but have never really been able to feel what Ceres “does”.

    With Brexit about to be potentially happening, or some form of it and the Epstein investigations results coming up, with any luck we will experience exciting times in the near future. Jupiter Saturn and Pluto Saturn etc. are meant to be times of big change as you know.

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