Theresa changes her mind!

December 10 2018

As Theresa May has postponed the crucial vote in Parliament about her Brexit deal for tomorrow, I take a very quick look at the 1801 UK chart.

Many astrologers are commenting on the fact that Saturn is active in the 1801 chart for the UK.  And that is really important. It shows difficulties and delays underfoot for the government, and of course for the Brexit question. However my interest in Ceres,  who I see as the planet of democracy, leads me to follow her movements while the Brexit scenario plays out. A fascinating, if sad, watch.

Last weekend, as Ceres in the sky opposed Mars in the chart, there were demonstrations in the UK concerning Brexit. Mars represents the approach a country takes to fight and to get work done. In the UK chart this is in stubborn Taurus. Clearly the people – in the name of democracy (Ceres) –  are asking for a different more flexible (but still practical) approach. 

I, for one, am curious what Theresa May will do next!

Theresa May
Adapted photo of Theresa May by  DonkeyHotey

Faye Blake

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