Brexit – all at sea

13 March 2019

Yes, Neptune, the god of the sea is having a field day – or whatever the watery equivalent of that is. Astrologers have already pointed out the dangers of trying to get a vote through when Mercury is retrograde – The Oxford Astrologer’s ‘Brexit Collywobbles‘ being a case in point. Mercury is also in confusing Pisces, which makes Neptune all the more at home. And not only that, the Sun (leaders) and Neptune himself are also in that sign. Tsunamis and confusion awash!

brexit UK

Sea fog from StockSnap on Pixabay

At the time of the result of the 2nd meaningful vote in the UK House of Commons on March 12th, regarding Theresa May’s, (the UK PM) deal, which was resoundingly voted down, Neptune was opposite May’s Jupiter – her ability to form a strategy is currently severely compromised. Neptune is asking her to let go of her normally detailed, ordered, practical beliefs. Mars and Saturn in the sky also pick up her Jupiter – her deal is being attacked from all sides. I think that May, being a Libra, is trying to seek consensus the way she sees it, but there is no consensus, and the UK is not used to consensus politics anyway. The Ascendant at result time was right on May’s sun in Libra – putting her as the woman of the moment – totally exposed in the spotlight. And literally losing her voice to boot.

Uranus in the sky picks up the north node in her chart, perhaps an indication of a wake-up, karmic lesson for her.

Enter Ceres

However, I really want to look at Ceres, who I see as the goddess ruling democracy and negotiation. At the moment she is in Sagittarius, so she is currently at home in the area of politics and strategies. She is a stubborn goddess who holds firm to her wishes, and both Theresa May and especially Michel Barnier have her strongly placed in their horoscopes (see my earlier post). At the time of the vote, Ceres is coming into a square to May’s Mars-Jupiter opposition (her ‘my way or the highway approach’?) – a sign that Ceres may not be happy with May’s way of doing things. And, as I have said before, I wouldn’t want to be negotiating with Barnier at any time, but especially now, as he has Saturn and Pluto making him an almost deadly negotiator at the moment, as these planets are on his Sun Ceres conjunction.


Theresa May and Michel Barnier – photo EPA

So what will happen?

The answer to that is probably who knows? But Ceres can show a trajectory for democracy and politics (not only for the UK and the EU). Here’s what she does next in the sky:

  • She is currently approaching a square with Neptune – more confusion in this area.
  • Before she can get there she stops and retreats (retrograde). My take on this is we have to go back over the principles of democracy. Ceres wants to take a step back – she starts this on April 10th after a brief standstill.
  • April 20th looks interesting as she is briefly in the clinch with Mars – angry with any democratic processes.
  • Around May 17th there is an opportunity for a change of direction when she hooks up with Uranus.
  • Around May 27th she has another encounter with Mars.
  • Then around June 7th Uranus attempts to change her mind again.
  • And finally, still just in Sagittarius, Ceres heads forwards again on July 19th and – perhaps a bit battered – if luck has it, she has managed to knock some sense into the democratic process.
  • But we are not out of the woods, because as she moves forwards and after some up and downs, she again meets our sea god and confusion reigns from September, with the main battle being on October 9th.

So, although there are opportunities to reexamine and change the democratic process, my thoughts are that it will take until after October 9th for the fog on Brexit negotiations to start to lift. It will be interesting to see if the UK ask for and get an extension to Article 50. My advice to parliament would be to ask for at least that much time.

Brexit Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn – photo Telegraph – he always seems so angry.

Interestingly, Jeremy Corbyn’s natal chart shows he can fight for democracy, and now is his time! I think he needs to stop using Mars in anger and use it to lead and pioneer a new direction. He has Pluto in the sky picking up Ceres in his natal chart and in my experience these can be life changing transits. If he plays it right, his time may have come in getting through his views on how democracy should work. But he needs to step up to the plate and take his power and go ‘black and white’ in his leadership or it might mean disaster for him. Perhaps a people’s vote on the Brexit deal will happen. Ceres would like that.

Faye Blake

For those interested I have mentioned Brexit several times in my earlier posts.

For astrologers

brexit May

2nd meaningful Brexit vote with Theresa May (no birth time)



2nd meaningful Brexit vote with Jeremy Corbyn (no birth time)


Brexit Barnier

2nd meaningful Brexit vote with Michel Barnier – birth time AA rating

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