A change or more of the same??

6 November, 2018

As I write the US goes to the polls in the mid-term elections. If you read my blog you know I’m not one for prediction as I think the level of consciousness can make a difference to what happens. However I was struck by the position of Ceres today and I see her as the planet of democracy, and negotiation – as well as a wise woman archetype when she works at full capacity!

Today she is snuggling up to Venus at 27 degrees of Libra and the Moon has just been in conversation with them as she passed by. Later today Luna will change sign into Scorpio and head towards the Sun marking the New Moon. So at the beginning of the day, all three feminine planets were together in the sign of peace, fairness and equality. I think this might mean that women voters will be the deciding factor in the US mid-term elections. The Moon also represents the mood of the people on the day, so as she moves into Scorpio the mood might change to being even more divided – as Scorpio does black and white – no shades of grey.

But these three ladies together might set the scene for a more balanced (Libra) future. Ceres always comes up for the underdog and in Libra she wants more equality. The US has very ‘male oriented’ leadership at the moment. Trump is very ‘Marsy’. Competition, winning and being aggressive as well as being a salesman have been on the menu. I hope women vote and bring the US into more balance. Even though Venus is retrograde, and many astrologers find that difficult, I think it is a time for reflection of values. Obama has said that ‘The character of our country is on the ballot.” He’s right.

Good luck America!

Faye Blake



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