Do we really have a choice? On dolphins and going with the flow

Pisces 2012

Recently, astrologers have been watching the sign of Pisces avidly. This is because, as I have mentioned in my previous post, (under last but not least) Neptune, the planet associated with Pisces, finally moved into his sign when I was down-under. He had a brief dally there earlier, but now he is well and truly in this sign until 2025. See the link to that post for more of my thoughts on the symbolism. A brief reminder: water, sea, and intuition are all part of his domain.


Marlborough Sounds – NZ my photo

Neptune really in Pisces
Now that he is in Pisces, we can begin to get a better idea of what he is going to do there. We really don’t have a choice about current themes and I had to laugh at myself when I realised what I was doing at the exact moment that Neptune entered Pisces. Either I am well in tune with the universe, which is of course what I would like to think, or something out there is doing I don’t know what, to get me to the right place at the right time!

Now I am not the sort of astrologer who consults the ephemeris to see if I should go out the door. It would drive me crazy to have to look at a chart every time I have to make a decision. Of course for big decisions I do, but that’s not often. So when booking for activities in New Zealand, the decision was made on the basis of available dates and whether or not we could get bookings on particular tours.

You need to book some of these in advance, and so it was that we booked swimming with dolphins in Akaroa. It was only after the swim that I realised that at the exact moment of preparing to get to the boat and enter the seriously cold water, Neptune entered Pisces.

It is very difficult to get photos of very small Hector’s dolphins, so here’s one I like that I made somewhere else (Kaikoura) of completely different dolphins! And the weather was better!

Dolphins – Kaikoura NZ – my photo

But I want to talk of the symbolism of our swim because it resonates with the coming period. It was cold and damp! Not only the water but the weather, which made it even trickier to see any sort of creature. You need protective clothing – no, you are not going to see a terrible photo of me in a wetsuit. There was a huge swell, which meant that to keep upright it was necessary to keep moving your feet and try to stop being swallowed up by the waves. Someone above us (the people on the boat) had an overview, we didn’t, so we had to rely on others (above us) and literally go with the flow.

Did the dolphins love just us?
The dolphins were all around us. We had by far the best encounter of all the boats. Others got money back, which this firm offers as a service in the case of no dolphins. Are we the ones in tune with the universe again?

The people on the boat kept shouting “look out behind!” And “ladies -(ladies?!)- there is one right beside you!” Neptune is like that – you can feel something and catch a glimpse of it but not really grasp the whole picture. It was a great experience if somewhat blue-making.

Dolphins are wonderful creatures and to my mind they provide a good representation of Neptunian qualities. They have the reputation of being telepathic and being able to communicate without words. And they make you believe that the world is wonderful.

I have highlighted Neptune words in this text – do you get the picture of what you need to do for the next few years?

Faye Blake-Cossar

Interesting Websites of the Month

Some pictures of New Zealand to make you jealous. Although I was working some of the time while I was away – lecturing and giving workshops in Melbourne, Auckland and Wellington (and having a posting holiday) – I managed to visit a lot of these places. What a huge shame that the Cathedral, the landmark of Christchurch, shown in these pictures in the link, is to be demolished.

But the pioneering spirit is still strong, as demonstrated in the container village, which is now the main shopping area in the town centre (what’s left of it.) Very sad and awe-inspiring at the same time. The anniversary of the big quake was acknowledged in silence while we were in Auckland. A year on, Pisces is showing how we can work together to achieve something this creative.

Shops post earthquake – made from containers in Christchurch – my photos

Quote of the Month

“Dreams are today’s answers to tomorrow’s questions.”
Edgar Cayce