Scary Photo

March 2012

euro zoneThis morning I was reading my paper and having a coffee as per my usual Saturday morning ritual. I try to avoid the economy section as it is usually depressing, not to say repetitive.


However my eye couldn’t avoid this photo (this one is from the site but is almost identical to the one in the Volkskrant). It is taken at the meeting of European Finance Ministers in Copenhagen this weekend.

The woman in red stuck me (Danish finance minister Margrette Vestager). My first thought was – here we go again, one woman amongst all those men. Even though women are better at running household budgets and are more trustworthy with micro-finance projects, it’s the men deciding the fate of our money. An old complaint – what’s new? Now I’m not a fan of making quotas for women in top jobs – I think one should get a job on merit and on loving to do the work. I can live with the numbers for now.

However the scary bit was what I noticed when I took a closer look. There are some more women in there. One is just outside this frame but two are visible here. I didn’t notice any of them at first as they are all dressed in black and grey.

With the current astrological alignments we are experiencing, I think we need to step into our power (Pluto) and be authentic (Uranus). We need to (and have the opportunity to) show our unique qualities. So come on you top women – get a grip! Follow Margrette’s example and at least start by wearing something other than a man’s suit! Or at least if you have to do that make it a colour other than grey or black. Please … we are sick of that same old same old. And you men – do you REALLY all like white shirts?