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Pisces 2015

As I begin writing, the last meeting of the seven hit Uranus-Pluto meeting is finally upon us. Phew – we are still here! A lot has changed since this process began with the first exact clash which occurred in June 2012. An unusually long time. It was an opportunity to rebel against abuse of power and we have definitely done that, bringing a lot of past criminals and wrong-doers to justice. But it has also been a very violent period. As usual we have not experienced all of the positive things that were possible. However underneath all the terrible violence I hope new growth will now have a chance to emerge. I have written about it often and frankly am glad to be getting on with something else! If you want more, you can find a LOT on the web – astrologers have written their hearts out on the subject. Unfortunately their good advice has often fallen on deaf ears. We are used to that!

I am always amazed at the vitriol on blogs against astrology and this month has been no exception with a petition for a UK politician, David Treddenick, to be removed from his post because he dared to mention he was an advocate of using astrology. Here’s a typical sort of blog comment (this one relatively polite): “This MP really ought to be ashamed at the sheer depth of his ignorance. It has been a long time since I have heard such utter garbage from one of our government members. I am at a loss to describe how exasperated idiots like this make me feel. Only one way to fight this magical thinking moron – VOTE HIM OUT!” As usual Treddenick was misquoted and, as usual, the arch enemy Brian Cox was asked to comment since Treddenick had a swipe at him. Cox’s response was fairly typical. Old news for us…


From the site hpathy.com by homeopath Alan V. Schmukler

Making it worse!
I am interested in the phenomenon of anonymous posters getting on the bashing and ridiculing band-wagon. It is always people who know nothing about the subject. I think it must give a sense of power and belonging. During these rants we are often lumped in together with homeopaths – another scandalous profession. Here’s another typical quote from a blog “… the ultimate nonsense woo woo that is homeopathy.” So I have decided to go all out and discuss my favourite mix …

I’ve never given it a name before but I use it all the time! Homeopathy is about treating like with like. I think we need to do this with astrology and I have always said the solution lies in the problem, meaning that if you have a Saturn problem like depression, or being over-responsible, you first need to use Saturn to fix it. If you try to fix it with another archetype like Jupiter, maybe by trying to cheer someone up, or telling someone to go out and enjoy themselves instead of finishing their duties, it doesn’t work. The first step is, in this case, to take account of the situation, take responsibility for your role in it, and, once you have done that, let go of any responsibility you are taking for others. And take yourself seriously and go for your own goals rather than those of others. A good way to use Saturn.

One of the current problems in the workplace, and in general, is that many feel powerless to change anything. With all the terror and violence, which are Pluto matters, putting in Saturnian measures, like more checks at airports, and making more rules and laws just doesn’t work. I have ranted about this before.

Francis Dunnery Too much Saturn

A song title with text to match by Francis, who is a Capricorn. From radioparadise.com

Too much
Using a lot of one archetype in a negative way often causes a reaction and sometimes invokes a different archetype. One example of this in which I was personally involved, was some time last year, when being shown around the ostensibly classy Waldorf Astoria Hotel here in Amsterdam. We were a small group who were told to wait outside and not stand on the steps. We were not allowed to look in the reception area as we had to appreciate that people who stay there have a lot of money. We were also told that they had removed one of the valuable tables so that we (the general rabble) wouldn’t do any damage. It was like being back at school! It was assumed we would take no responsibility for anything and would cause guests to be upset, merely by having anything to do with us. Why take part in an Open Day? Too much Saturn all round. So the whole thing, as is often the case with enforced rules, was counter-productive. If they had treated us like normal human beings it would have been fine. Assuming too much responsibility for us was the problem. We needed Astreopathy – to be given the responsibility back and we would have been responsible citizens.

Since this didn’t happen, the reaction in the group was wonderful, we were all acting like naughty children and talking about how if the table had been there we would have been tempted to put a big scratch in it. A frightened Saturn – the hotel staff – managed to invoke Uranus, the rebellious feelings of teenagers. I found it really interesting and I was one who refused point blank to move off the stairs, which is normally the last thing I would have done if, heaven forbid, a guest had wanted to pass. Treating like with like in a good way would not have invoked this reaction.

naughty list

Vintage Christmas Card from Zazzle.com

Seeing the light at last
So last month I was delighted to attend an event that resonates with my idea of great Astreopathy, this time one involving Neptune, which is associated with our sign of the month – Pisces. I have written about his themes before. I think we are still learning to use this archetype in his full glory. In the scheme of things Neptune is a latecomer to the planetary stage and in my view we are still trying to get a handle on him in terms of consciousness levels and how to make use of him positively. He represents addictions, where we go too far. Loss and grief are part of his remit, as are drugs. When we don’t know what to do with Alzheimer patients and autistic children, we are filling them up with drugs. This too is Astreopathy – treating like with like – but it is the negative manifestation of Neptune. Therefore this does not provide a positive outcome, although in a way it is a step in the right direction. Some drugs can help us contact others in a different way. But the goal behind the treatment is often wanting to control or manage the situation rather than working out what the patient really needs. So not Neptune.

Stories to the rescue
The event I attended was the opening of a Dementia Story Bank entitled “From stories to insight and solutions.” YES! I thought – exactly the right thing for dementia. There was also an exhibition of paintings which were done by a dementia patient as well as films showing their stories. All of these are positive expressions of the Neptune archetype.


A painting that featured in the exhibition by Gerard Smit – from the Dementia story bank site.

Being an astrologer, I know the power of being able to listen to and tell stories. They are incredibly important to our lives, which corporations are also discovering – but that’s another post. Stories connect us and fire our imagination. So I loved this event. It had a lot of Neptunian qualities – compassion, tuning in to patients and the stories told by the presenters were wonderful. The films shown were truly moving. There was even talk of the ‘Alzheimer Whisperers’. Yes – we need to use our intuition to tune in to both young and old with these conditions. At last this is being recognised and valued.

brinkgreve vertel

A book by Christien Brinkgreve who gave a wonderful lecture at the event – “TELL – the power of stories”

I wish this initiative much success and if the launch was anything to go by it will be the start of a new way of being with people who need us, which is the intention of the founder Anne-Mei The. Everything in the sky at the moment points to new starts! What are you going to initiate?

Faye Blake

Interesting website

I may have posted this wonderful film by Nic Askew before but it is really relevant to the topic.

Quotes of the Month

I have been criticized and ridiculed for turning to astrology, but after a while, I reached the point where I didn’t care.” Nancy Reagan.

Homeopathy is the safest and most reliable approach to ailments and has withstood the assaults of established medical practice for over 100 years.”Β Sir Yehudi Menuhin.

“Homeopathy cures a larger percentage of cases than any other form of treatment and is beyond doubt safer and more economical.”  Mahatma Gandhi.

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