The mail must get through – but does it?

Gemini 2007

In former times the mail had to get through – no matter what. Letters had a particular importance. There may have been important business to be done or love to be declared – all reasons for putting quill to paper. It was special to receive a hand written letter.

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Posting letter – the favourite old red British postbox

These days we rage if our email doesn’t work. We require instant gratification and we would like a response quickly. However, maybe in this day and age, it is even more special now to receive a hand written anything, so we best be careful about getting it to the right person at the right time.

This month we are in Gemini mode, ruled by the planet of communication, that trickster, Mercury. So it should be a good time for networking and generally being curious about life. Or for declaring our love. Geminis love asking questions, but are not so good with commitment, as they are always curious and want to leave their options open for what is happening next. They are not often the ones who will write serious letters, but are great in situations where the word needs to be spread. But back to Mercury. He is the one responsible for mail, post, internet and anything else where we want the message to get through.

Kill the messenger?
So why doesn’t the message get through sometimes – even in a Gemini time of the year? One reason astrologers give, has to do with what Mercury does about three times a year. It appears as if he goes backwards, as seen from the earth. Financial astrologers say that when this happens the stock market turns, after all Mercury is often present as a statue in many stock markets, since he is the God of trade. So it would seem logical that he might affect messages too, being the God of communication too. And indeed he does.


One of my photos from Open Monument day in Amsterdam

The labyrinth
He turns retrograde, as it is known, for a couple of weeks, three times a year and when he does this, it is noticeable that communications go a bit astray. However, like everything in the universe, these times are useful if used in an appropriate manner. They are times to ‘re’ something. To go back and reread a document.  To revise. To rehearse, to redo, to rethink, to go inwards instead of outwards with our communication. There is a theory that labyrinths, known as the classic-7 type, (used, as are all labyrinths, as a walking meditation for contemplation), are based on the fact that Mercury goes forward 4 times a year and back 3 times. This is reflected in the turns one takes in this type of labyrinth.

mercury retrograde

Classic-7 type labyrinth

Turn around
Mercury, before he turns around, has to slow down before he turns and when he does this, he goes through a stationary period. He is at a standstill and, symbolically, for a short time, so is communication. So these are not good times to send out a mailing, for example, or to have elections when the voice of the people needs to be heard. It is a pity then, that governments don’t consult astrologers as they once would have. Even Hitler and Ronald Reagan knew better! In Holland an election has occurred twice in recent times when Mercury was stationery, with disastrous results. On 15 May 2002 and on 22 January 2003 there were elections which are normally every four years. Both cabinets formed after these elections fell. Finally in November 2006 a stable government was formed. (Mercury going very happily forward.)

This also was the case in the US when Bush was elected on November 7, 2000, known as one of the most controversial elections in history. Mercury standing still certainly must have had some fun watching what was happening.

mercury retrograde

Another one of mine from the same day

So be warned. It pays to communicate with Mercury to see whether he is on your side when you are planning to get the message out.

Faye Blake-Cossar

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Gemini Quote

“One of the pleasures of reading old letters is the knowledge that they need no answer.” Lord Byron, poet and satirist, 1788-1824.

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