Communication overload or curiosity killed the …

Gemini 2009

At the end of last month (May 2009) we saw three heavenly bodies coming together in a dance that is not yet finished. I mentioned them in the Pisces post and now we can see how this conjunction is shaping up. The threesome includes two ‘normal’ planets, Neptune and Jupiter, coming together with the outsider Chiron, one of the Centaurs who currently orbits between Saturn and Uranus. In the Pisces post I looked at this from the position of addiction (Neptune) but now I will take Jupiter’s standpoint as he rules the sign opposite our sign of the month, Gemini. Opposite signs always have connections. Where Gemini is about information, Sagittarius, and therefore Jupiter, is about judgement and the finding of meaning in the information we receive. Coming together with Neptune, which has no boundaries and Chiron, which can be about wounds, we have seen a never ending amount of opinions and judgement on all manner of issues.

curiosity dangerous

Susan Boyle at her original audition and in 2016

An example – take Susan Boyle

The potential of this three-fold energy is that we can all fulfill our dreams and heal our past. Susan, by being authentic and going for her dream, did just this. The reality was that in a heartbeat, Susan became famous through that wonderful information medium, internet, and everyone felt they had the right to say what they thought of her. The result was that her original wound of being oxygen starved at birth was reactivated, leaving her again with no room to breathe, and we all put her into a state that was too overwhelming for her. She was of course judged again for this and the result was her necessary stay at the Priory mental hospital, suffering from exhaustion.

Looking back

(Updated) This aspect finished in 2010, however we can look back. Where did we relentlessly express our opinions in the office and in private. Did this period open old wounds in any way? Did we use the potential inherent in this time, to heal the wounds of the past and still reach our dreams? Could we have taken a different strategy with our belief systems? Obama, with his Middle East speech, was in tune with this energy. He was attempting to move on from old wounds and wrongs. Amazing that wounds occurring at the last conjunction of these three bodies in 1945, were reexamined as this aspect reformed for a new cycle. What do we believe actually? Can we have compassion for every opinion, religion and belief and can we please move on to the next level of consciousness, that Chiron is attempting to show us?

Now to the matter at hand.

Communication overload or curiosity killed the …

… Susan Boyle’s of this world. Her story brings up the amazing way that information is disseminated these days. Swine Flu does this too. Not to mention what has been going on with poor old Gordon Brown and all the expenses fiasco. These things are connected by our Gemini theme, of which curiosity, the media and social networks are a part.

In today’s world it is scary how quickly things spread.

social media viral
Now the media and curiosity are all very well – and where would be be without internet? But Gemini which is a light, quick, sociable, mental, airy sign – indeed some of my best friends are Geminis! – has a dark side. Each sign always contains a shadow side which can get out of hand, and I think we are seeing it now that Jupiter is allowed to have no boundaries. He is also in the sign of Aquarius – the sign of being right about everything. (I should know!) So we have a time when everyone can send their opinions and judgements whenever and wherever they want under the assumption that their opinion is the only right one. There are discussions worldwide on the freedom of expression. Again fine, but have we gone over the top?

The dark side of Gemini


Cartoon from

Nosiness, gossip, too many ideas, lack of commitment or responsibility and playing tricks – all possibilities with this sign – can cause pain. Susan Boyle was just being the authentic human being that she is. Gordon Brown gets into trouble when he is not trying to be authentic. Let’s face it – he is not charismatic but he’s a decent enough bloke that one assumes is genuine in trying to do the right thing in his way for his country.

Made fun of?
Should they be held up to ridicule because of this? If you take a look at Susan in her first performance and compare it to her performance in the final of Britain’s Got Talent, should we take pleasure in the fact that we have finished off her spark? These two performances say it all in my view. The feeling is totally different. Jupiter in Aquarius judges heroes – Aquarius is a sign that believes in equality and authenticity but it doesn’t like people to get above their station. Fortunately she fought back and will realise her dream. And she will sing for the Obamas at the Independence Day celebrations on July 4th. Good luck to her I say!

Soul Stealing
Yes, as the media keep saying, we are curious. However, now that science is proving that what we say and think about others has an effect on them, perhaps we need to take some responsibility for this. Rupert Sheldrake (yes I know, one of my heroes and yes I do read other books!) shows in his book, ‘The Sense of Being Stared At’, that observing people, even through a video screen, has an effect. His experiments are in real time, however perhaps it works in the same way when your image is viewed on YouTube. The old wisdom might be right – we should never let photos be taken of us, as that act can steal our soul. Because every time someone looks at our image, or thinks about us, they affect our energy field. Science is leading in this direction. What then, is all this so called right to information and curiosity (or is it nosiness?) doing to us? Shouldn’t we get a life?

why curiosity is useful

In a train zipping past a good question

Death Defying speed
The world is definitely in fast forward mode. Susan Boyle’s video was viewed by over 100 million viewers in a very short space of time if we are to believe the statistics. The most viewed video EVER. And take the Swine Flu pandemic. In April 2009, 7 countries were affected with around 150 cases. At mid June we’re at 74 countries and around 30,000 cases. The news has been relentless, creating fear and panic among many.

Network science
One good thing this is producing however, is a new study, Network Science. In short this involves modelling this type of wild-fire and other spreading phenomena. From Wikipedia: “Today, network science is an exciting and growing field. Scientists from many diverse fields are working together. Network science holds the promise of increasing collaboration across disciplines, by sharing data, algorithms, and software tools.”

gemini network

Yes! Networking, sharing, cooperation using ideas, and studying network hubs are the best ways of using that Gemini curiosity. Network Science will be useful for many applications not least for marketing applications. It will also show how to contain things we do not want spread. Maybe Company Network Scientist will be one of the new careers in companies mentioned in the film in the website section below.

Faye Blake

Website of the Month

This is a video showing how the world is speeding up.

And are mobile phones stealing our souls?

Quotes of the month

Two very different Geminis with serious points.

“You and me and everyone else are guilty of the crime that killed Princess Diana, which is morbid curiosity about someone else’s life.” Elizabeth Hurley

The London Times once asked a number of prominent people to write essays on the topic, What’s Wrong with the World. G. K. Chesterton’s reply is the shortest and most to the point in history: “Dear Sirs: I am. Sincerely, G. K. CHESTERTON.”

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