Grow up Venus – why not go for what you really enjoy?

Taurus 2009

Lynne McTaggart of the intention experiment fame, writes in one of her recent newsletters, when discussing suicide research: (see websites below for link). “So it’s come to this. In our modern-day world, happiness is entirely dependent upon expectation and certain entirely arbitrary or conditional standards against which you judge yourself, which are usually what you believe are the standards of other people.”

I found this an interesting topic for the Taurus month as we see here Venus, the ruler of Taurus, who is usually seen in a positive light – beauty and love and all that – showing her underbelly. Venus is a Goddess who compares, and if she is not seen in a favourable light against the competition, she can cause pain.

When reading personal horoscopes I often explain the link between the areas that Venus has in her domain. At the base is value and worth. Venus is not involved with money for nothing. She sees something she values and goes for it. However, as with money, there should be a fair exchange – that’s how money came into being in the first place. Relationships come under her auspices as well because we value something in the other. As with money, there is an exchange of worth.


Venus at her Mirror – Velaquez – photo wikimedia commons

Income envy
But Venus needs a mirror to see her beauty. She requires feedback. The modern Venus looks at other people and compares. McTaggart continues: “The least harmful to overall happiness were comparisons made against co-workers, while income envy of family members proved to be far more erosive. 

Nevertheless, the most toxic of all was what I call the Wisteria Lane Syndrome: comparisons against one’s friends. These were considered twice as damaging as against work colleagues.”

If there is little or no self-worth, in men or women, comparison can lead to depression and unhappiness. We want as much money as the other, women are angry because they don’t earn as much as men, we imagine that we will be happy if we have more money – at least more than our friends! This type of belief has got us into the financial mess we are now in. The ‘money will buy us happiness’ trip. More houses, cars, boats, handbags, and so it goes on.

But of course that isn’t true. But how do we turn our lives around now and get a new paradigm? How can we create happiness? Nathaniel Branden who wrote ‘Six Pillars of Self Esteem’ says: “Research also tells us that the best predictors of a person’s disposition to be happy are (1) self-esteem and (2) the belief that we ourselves, rather than external forces, are the most significant shapers of our destiny.

McTaggart and Branden are talking about the same principle in astrology.  So how can Venus help us?

the power of myth

Joseph Campbell’s classic work

Follow Your Bliss…
is a famous quote from Joseph Campbell who is well-respected for his work on myths. I wholeheartedly agree with this. Although he means it in a broader context, I take it to mean if you enjoy it, do more of it! Without harming others of course. Venus in a horoscope, shows what we love, value, and enjoy. In a reading I often ask people if they enjoy the things which are indicated by Venus in their horoscope, and a big smile appears. But are they doing them often?  Then come the yes buts… no time, need quality time with partner, children, have to work etc…Very sad. Venus tries to show us what our worth is and what our talents are. We can earn money from our talents – and YES we are supposed to enjoy them. A grown up Venus has enough self esteem to not compare, to get out of an unsatisfying job, to discover her worth and love what she does. We should do what we love. I agree this involves a bit of holding your nerve. I often suggest scheduling things you love in your diary. This is a way of honouring yourself and saying “yes, I have got time for me – I am worth giving myself time to do the things I love”. The process often involves a search as to why we gave up doing these things.

As an example, if we take someone with Venus in the sign of Gemini. This might be someone who loves reading or chit chat in a social context. Due to beliefs about relationships, this is someone who may give up these pleasures to spend more time with a partner, believing that relationships need time alone with their partner. This is true of course to some extent but for this person, other social contacts and time to read need to be maintained. Often we are so keen to get relationships right, we give away what WE love.

peaceful taurus

Photo by Aaron Burden

How does this help your company?

In many ways. Happier people are more valuable to your organisation. They make it a fun place to be, they like coming to work so there is less loss through absenteeism and, if you must be financial, studies have proved that happy people with good self-esteem are more productive. This is all at the personal level. It means that your organisation should be geared to finding jobs for people who love to do them. And finding people who love to do the job you are offering. How often have you been asked this question at an interview? Would you enjoy this job? And as a manager, how often do you ask it?

We can also consider the question of worth at an organisational level. The placement of Venus in a company horoscope shows the talents and therefore the assets of the company. What products or services would make money? What would the company as a whole enjoy? What is worthwhile? And Venus can also describe a good partner. This too applies to business, what type of companies make worthwhile clients, suppliers and business partners?

Perhaps astrology has a role to play in getting us out of this mess!

Faye Blake-Cossar 

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Taurus Quote

“If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Wherever you are – if you are following your bliss, you are enjoying that refreshment, that life within you, all the time.
Joseph Campbell  – heading to chapter IV of The Power of Myth with Bill Moyers 

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