Sagittarius – the visionary or the judge?

Sagittarius 2006


The constellation of the archer – Sagittarius

According to astrologers, Sagittarius is ruled by the planet Jupiter. This means, among other things, that there are similarities between the planet and the sign and that the symbol of the archer (half human, half horse) has something to say about both of them. The sign in astrology has more to do with the manner in which something is done. It is the how of astrology. The planet, Jupiter in this case, is the what. I’ll talk about the ‘how’ first.

Let’s use a well known Sagittarian, Sir Winston Churchill as an example. He was known for his strategy, his ability to see the bigger picture. His vision. When he aimed his arrow in battle he hit the mark. This sign is good at aiming for a vision and then letting go. Archers are taught to do this. Once you have the focus and aim, let go.

Churchill had a love of travel and travelled extensively, and instinctively understood other cultures. All of these topics form part of this archetype. Sagittarians often have a love of horses, probably to do with the fact that wide open spaces attract. Winston loved horses as a boy and went against his father’s wishes in joining the Cavalry instead of the Infantry. Jupiter is the biggest planet in the solar system and is therefore associated with open spaces and largeness. Churchill himself was not exactly small!


Winston Churchill – Photo from

Sagittarians are often very optimistic, positive and jovial, when Jupiter (alias Jove) is in a good mood.  But as Jupiter sat high on a hill (therefore being able to see the bigger picture and see patterns) and was the boss God, Saggis can tend to place themselves above others. Sagittarians can be very judgmental (Jupiter was also a judge). Both the sign and the planet are associated with the law, publishing, politics and religion. What this sign wants to do is discover things and have adventures, above all to experience meaning in life. This is why culture, philosophy and belief systems are so important when this archetype rears its head.

So what about a vision until 2008?

And rearing its head it certainly is at the moment. Until 2008 to be precise. In the last Scorpio post I discussed the planet Pluto. He sets out to transform and clear out any rubbish in particular areas. Currently it’s the sign of Sagittarius he wants to purify, so anything that is connected with this sign will be in the firing line. Religion, travel, belief systems, higher education, philosophy, publishing, the environment and global issues. Pluto doesn’t take his job lightly and if we don’t get the message he can cause death and destruction to make a point. It is obvious how this is working in a negative way. Fundamentalism is rife, it is dangerous to travel, the churches are having to transform and are fighting back. Higher education is changing and things are transforming globally in good and bad ways. Internet has changed our way of life in previously unthinkable ways, making the world a very small place.

The lesson

But what can we learn from this and how can we use this archetype positively? One way is to look at cycles of Pluto to see what we did well (or not) in the past. With some planets we can experience the patterns. For example every year we see the patterns that the Sun makes. We experience the seasons every year and therefore can predict a summer and a winter next year. We just know that seasons change but in fact saying summer follows spring is a prediction. We know this by experience, so we believe it. (Although strange weather is perhaps making us question this!)

Pluto has a longer cycle so we don’t personally experience these as we don’t get to live for over 200 years. But the principle is the same. There are patterns when Pluto (and any planet) is in a particular sign. This gives us a way of looking at time and suggesting good things to do with the energy in the future.

Making the most of it

So we have about a year left to get the most out of Pluto in Sag. Are we going to expand a good global vision? Or stay judgmentally fixed on our vision of the world? We have the choice to transform the areas mentioned above. Pluto has been in Sagittarius since January 1995. He went back briefly to Scorpio in April 1995 as he appears to us to go backwards sometimes, but he has stayed in Sagittarius since November 1995. In January 2008 he will make his first foray into Capricorn, going back to Sagittarius from June to November 2008, and then he will stay in Capricorn until 2023. In the next (Capricorn) newsletter I will expand on what this may mean.

Pluto in Sagittarius cycles
The last few times Pluto was in this sign are:

  • 1009-1024
  • 1256-1270
  • 1502-1516
  • 1748-1762
  • and now 1995-2008

I am not a historian and it would takes years to research this in an adequate way. But there are a few interesting events worth mentioning that have helped shape our world. There were major changes to philosophy in the 1500’s when Copernicus suggested that the earth travelled around the Sun. This was a major issue for the church. Religion was a hot topic in this period when Henry VIII was on the throne too. And Leonardo da Vinci was an important figure in many areas.

The philosopher Jeremy Bentham (1748-1832) was involved in social reform and law reform which had implications for democracy. He also had much to say on religion, international law and animal welfare – all Sagittarian themes.


Jeremy Bentham by Henry William Pickersgill from Wikipedia.

We see again now, how a belief in democracy is clashing with other belief systems. We are in a power struggle (Pluto) of ‘my belief system is bigger and better than yours.’ The idea behind democracy is that everyone can do anything and should have a voice. Very noble. In practice we see how this works.

Field Husbandry and soil conservation were topics Jared Eliot wrote about in exactly the years 1748-1762. He was concerned about the fact that soil was being depleted and with the general inefficiency and waste in American farming. Again we have a chance to observe how we are destroying the planet. But in 2008 we will be on to another topic so we need to use the energy to take positive steps now.

On education it is perhaps interesting to note that in the early 1500’s primary schools were started in Europe. Major reforms are now necessary in schools due to all the Sagittarius themes;  race, religion, internet publishing and political correctness. In the news lately was the story of a boy in Dallas being suspended from school at the age of 4 for inappropriate sexual behaviour/ harassment after he hugged a teacher’s aide. Have we gone completely mad?

Publishing will never be the same because of internet. The printing press was developed just before one of these periods and allowed the free circulation of printed material in the early 1500’s. Martin Luther took advantage of this and his broadsheets evolved into the newspapers that we know today. Each period with Pluto in Sagittarius seems to have extended the availability of knowledge. The internet has given the power of knowledge and entrepreneurship to anyone, which can be a great benefit to mankind. Anyone can now publish their own material. But until now the freedom involved in this sign has meant that anything goes. And anyone can start their own enterprise. Pluto in Capricorn may put a stop to that.


Portrait of Martin Luther by Georg Pencz

In religion we see the struggles about sex or gender (Pluto) and the church (Sag). Interesting to note that Christ was crucified in this cycle as well – death (Pluto) due to beliefs? An interest in reincarnation is also very much alive and well in this cycle. The different gods are certainly having a power struggle. Of course in this current period, the Twin Towers attack of 9/11 occurred, highlighting different cultures and belief systems not only in religions but in terms of democracy and capitalism.

 So it is last call in 2007 to take part in transforming all these areas for the better.

Culture and Beliefs – your own and that of your company

So now we have looked at the sign or the how, as in how Pluto works in Sagittarius, let’s look briefly at the what. Jupiter in the horoscope of a person or a company can tell us about our belief systems, our company culture. It would be good if we worked in a company where our personal beliefs are supported by the company culture. Countries of course also have a culture. The horoscope is a way of looking at what this might be and whether this is operating positively of negatively.

Because Jupiter rules politicians I will look at a few politicians to illustrate the point that their beliefs can be analysed. Remember Jupiter is beliefs and culture and the sign will tell us how we these manifest.
Bill Clinton: as governor he said: ” a commitment to mutual respect, equal opportunity, shared responsibility, and inclusive community.” As President he repeated similar themes:  “The relentless search for the common good—to devise policies that promote equal opportunity, shared responsibility, and inclusive community—is still relevant to the present day.” We see Jupiter in Libra – an archetype of harmony, balance, equality and fair play. This is what he believed in.

Our friend Winston also has Jupiter in Libra. He believed very much in fair play and decency. Valour was another word he used. Interestingly, Italy also has Jupiter in Libra, which possibly shows a culture of art, love and the good things in life. Winston and Bill were not opposed to those either.

Margaret Thatcher is another example altogether. She has Jupiter in Capricorn, a sign about structure, tradition and rules. The down side of this belief is that it can be very strict. She believed in tough measures and especially in self reliance and responsibility, very much part of this archetype.

Dutch politician

Pim Fortuyn photo from

The last politician I will mention is the Dutch Pim Fortuyn who was shot in the run up to elections in 2002. A flamboyant openly gay character, known for his clothes and for having a butler, Pim was outspoken on the topic of immigration (Sag). He was seen as extremely right wing. It is difficult to define what he believed in as he stirred up so much hatred his policies tended to get lost. However seeing that his Jupiter was in Sagittarius I suspect he was trying to get the big picture right. He was trying to change the constitution (Sag.) in terms of freedom (also Sag). To get the framework sorted out. He also believed in being judgmental – or at least in having an stated opinion which one could say is a Jupiterian philosophy. Interesting then that Israel also has Jupiter in Sagittarius.

Although Jupiter can show our philosophies, we don’t always do what we believe in. Perhaps it can help us to identify our beliefs and follow them. After all as Frank Lloyd Wright said – ” The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen.”  Perhaps this is one of the ways to create a future that suits us.

Faye Blake-Cossar

Interesting website of the month

Bruce Lipton won the Best Science Book award for 2006 with his book “The Biology of Belief: Unleashing the Power of Consciousness, Matter and Miracles. See him and articles by him at

Quotes of the Month

Eighty percent of success is showing up.Spoken like the true Sagittarius that he is. Woody Allen, (1935 – ).
and since I mentioned him…
“Success is the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm.” Sir Winston Churchill, ( 1874-1965).

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