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Aries 2024

Now that all the eclipse hype is over (not that it wasn’t important astrologically!), we can get back to what passes as normal these days. Although this is the Aries blog, that eclipse was the Aries bit. I need to talk Taurus already.


Image: Richard Gatley – Unsplash

One of the biggest things on the Astro calendar for 2024, is the approaching conjunction of Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus, on April 21st (Amsterdam time). Below is the chart for the exact time of the conjunction in Amsterdam. I have included just the planets that have links to this conjunction and I will discuss these below. This conjunction will appear in different astrological houses, representing a different life area focus, in different places around the world.

Different countries

For the Netherlands and the UK there is a focus on the 3rd house, which covers communication and short distance travel among other things. For the US (Washington, DC), it’s in the 6th house of healthcare and the daily grind. And for NZ, it’s the 9th house of travel and politics. Each country will have a slightly different emphasis. However the basic energies are the same everywhere, so the themes are global. Although this is the exact date where the combination is the strongest, we can feel the effects for quite some time beforehand. What we need to do near the date is set the scene for the next cycle. Uranus and Jupiter suggest we need to wake up – big time!

Jupiter Uranus conjunction

The exact time in Amsterdam for the Jupiter Uranus conjunction 21 April at 4:27am.

The conjunction brought to mind an old favourite song of mine from Tom Petty, who sadly died in 2017. ‘Working on something big’ has these lyrics:

And he was not looking for romance, just someone he could trust

And it wasn’t no way to carry on
It wasn’t no way to live
But he could put up with it for a little while
He was working on something big

Jupiter is big

Jupiter is the biggest of our solar system planets. One thing he represents is growth, and when he touches another planet he exaggerates the original meaning. So I hope we are working on something big! And when that planet is Uranus, I hope it’s truth and rebellion! Whatever your ‘it’ is, we have put up with it long enough. And yes, finding someone we can trust would be good too. I want to explore this conjunction a bit further as it could mean a lot of other things, both positive and negative.

Jupiter Uranus

Image by RANT 73 Flickr.

All change

In my post at the start of 2024, where I discussed the whole year, I touched on this conjunction. In  ‘2024 – all change!‘ I said:

“There is one other major planetary focus this year that is worthy of note. Jupiter and Uranus will be together on April 21st. They get together about every 13-14 years. The last two times were 1997 and 2010-11. Around these meetings we feel a combination of their themes. Space, travel, politics, philosophies, faiths, and expansion for Jupiter, and the unexpected, sudden changes, innovation, technology, and rebellion for Uranus, to name a few. Very near the 1997 conjunction, Dolly the Sheep was the first mammal to be cloned, and a very fitting film was released called ‘The Empire Strikes Back’!

Jupiter met Uranus in 2010-11

I had started my blog by the 2010-11 conjunction (link below). Two things are appropriate for that time – Wikileaks and Julian Assange, a case that continues, so maybe that will be back as a highlight this year. Uranus was exposing truth in global political systems (Jupiter). And Gabrielle Giffords, a US politician who was attempting to change and innovate (Uranus) in politics, was shot!

It is interesting that as I write, Biden is, at last, considering dropping the Julian Assange case. Indeed, a conjunction is not only the beginning of a new cycle, but the end of the last one.

Jupiter-Uranus themes

So my earlier post gave a short overview of the themes involved. For a much more in depth look at this conjunction, I refer you to Richard Tarnas’ book ‘Cosmos and Psyche’. There is an entire chapter dedicated to this called Cycles of Creativity and Expansion. It is a wonderfully rich historical look at the different ways this cycle has manifested. He covers ‘Convergences of Scientific Breakthroughs’, ‘Social and Political Rebellions and Awakenings’, and various other milestones in different fields, including music and literature.

richard Tarnas cosmos and psyche

Tarnas gives many examples of previous meetings of these two planets, and goes back a long way in history. I looked at many of these too, and, as I stated above, I discussed the 2010-11 one briefly at the time – see links below. However, I want to limit this post to when the two planets were also in Taurus, as they are now. This happens much less frequently, of course. I do this to learn lessons from the past. But at the moment, I wonder if we ever do that.

Jupiter and Uranus in Taurus

I wrote a post about Uranus in Taurus a while back. The link to the post, called ‘Lightning strikes the bull’, is below. The themes I mentioned then, are now being exaggerated by Jupiter. In this previous post I discussed financial systems, the police, voice technology and ownership of resources. Our bodies, textiles, electricity, and agriculture are also included, as is science, which has been solidly materialistic. These are all Taurean areas due for a wake-up call, and especially now that Jupiter is in the mix.

In that post I also covered the last couple of times Uranus was in Taurus, and indeed in both these periods Jupiter met with Uranus.

The dates for the last two periods of Uranus in Taurus with some back and forths are:

  • July 1850 – March 1859
  • June 1934- May 1942
Adding Jupiter in Taurus

Uranus – Jupiter together in 1858

So let’s add Jupiter and see what happened then, as this can give some idea of how this cycle works. The conjunction in the first period mentioned above was in 1858. Tarnas covers this time in some depth amongst other conjunctions. 1858 was the year that Darwin and Wallace announced the theory of evolution, and the following year Charles Darwin published ‘On the Origin of Species’. This was a hugely influential philosophy (Jupiter) which caused a stir (Uranus) in the scientific community. Some writers felt his ideas on ‘natural selection’ were an attack on the ‘Creator’.

Although his philosophy became accepted wisdom in science, it is still discussed today. Whatever the views of his theory were, both then and now, Darwin is celebrated as a hugely innovative thinker (Uranus), who worked tirelessly in the field (Taurus) to produce a philosophy (Jupiter) of how the natural world (Taurus) works.

There were other things that fit the profile of these two archetypes too. The first photo was taken of a comet – Jupiter rules space! And Uranus is technology – one which offers a true picture in this case. It was also the year that the vision of Mary appeared near Lourdes, a different type of religious (Jupiter) awakening (Uranus)!

1858 Jupiter Uranus in Taurus

Abraham Lincoln from Wikimedia – Alexander Gardner

Abraham Lincoln

On a more political (Jupiter) note, Abraham Lincoln gave his very important ‘House divided’ speech in his run-up to becoming president. It started: “A house divided against itself, cannot stand.” and “I believe this government cannot endure permanently half slave and half free.” He was stating what he felt was the truth about the difference between the north and the south of the US. That the US needed to become “all slave or all free”. That was his prediction for the future, (also an Uranian theme). He has gone down in history as someone who was influential in the abolishing of slavery. A fitting Jupiter-Uranus topic, as Uranus is also about equality. Also a warning for today about being divided.

The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in Taurus in 1941

1941 is obviously in the middle of WWII, so that doesn’t bode well for now, unless we can change strategy! Strategy is another Jupiterian theme. The huge Uranian shocks in 1941 included another attack as part of the Blitz of London, and the bombing of Pearl Harbour, which brought the US into the war. Earlier in the year Franklin D. Roosevelt gave his ‘Four Freedoms’ speech, which is very Uranian in terms of equality for all. He stated four basic freedoms:

  1. Freedom of speech and expression
  2. Freedom of worship
  3. Freedom from want
  4. Freedom from fear

Also, very relevant for now, he highlighted the threat to democracy from world war and the need to help US allies. This was part of the lead-up to the establishing of the United Nations.

1941 Jupiter-Uranus

Franklin D. Roosevelt Image Wikipedia – Leon Perskie

Tarnas only mentions this period in music and the arts, but of course the war produced many innovative solutions to practical problems on a global stage. We can see the same themes operating here too.

Technology in 1941

This was the year the first computer was completed – the Z3, clearly an innovation that proved vitally important. This machine, designed by German, Konrad Zuse, was the first programmable, fully automatic digital computer. This was also the year that the Enigma code, which played a huge role in the war, was reliably broken – or you could use a Uranian word, cracked. Although Bletchley Park in the UK and Alan Turing are better known for achieving results, it was information from Polish codebreakers that provided a valuable basis for the problem of German messaging. In 1941 a German submarine was captured with an Enigma code machine, providing the information for the needed breakthrough that influenced international (Jupiter) events during WWII.

It is also interesting, in light of vaccine discussions today, that the first Penicillin injection was administered in 1941.

1941 in the Netherlands

The Netherlands was occupied by German forces during WWII. Where the cracking of the Enigma code highlights Uranus’ brilliance, actions by Germans in the Netherlands shows how Uranus can be heartless, cruel and authoritative. In 1941 the 2nd great raid on Jews took place. Rules at the time made Jewish music and acting illegal, and Jews were not allowed on beaches or in pools. They were also banned from using bikes and taxis. The treatment of Jews prompted Queen Wilhelmina (a very Uranian figure) to broadcast a warning against committing treason!

The Nuclear option

The last example I want to discuss relating to 1941, is a meeting that took place in Copenhagen between Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. Both were influential physicists. Heisenberg was a student of Bohr and they had a close relationship until the topic of developing an atom bomb, which Germany was working on, was discussed at this meeting. Bohr, being Jewish, eventually left Germany for his own safety. He assisted in what became the Manhattan project in the US and the result of that project is well known with the atomic bomb being used in war. Heisenberg was the head of Nazi Germany’s atomic bomb program, nicknamed the Uranverein, or Uranium Club!!  This is a quote from him: “It was from September 1941 that we saw an open road ahead of us, leading to the atomic bomb.”

Winston Churchill also gave the go ahead during this year for a top-secret atomic bomb project, known as Tube Alloys. This pioneering work was eventually taken into the Manhattan Project after the US entered the war. So a huge (Jupiter) atomic (Uranus) seed was planted in 1941.

bohr heisenberg

Niels Bohr (R) and Werner Heisenberg after the war – from

What about now – 2024?

Already we can feel some of these themes coming to the fore. But will we take advantage of the opportunities that this conjunction offers? Clearly there is a great deal of technical innovation, also supported by Pluto going into Aquarius. AI is progressing rapidly, and could be put to very positive use. And political misuse of power is being called out, such as in the case of Israel being taken to the International Court of Justice in the Hague by South Africa. More recently Nicaragua has filed a case against Germany, in which The World Court will hear the dispute about aid given to Israel. That’s some positive news about truth being exposed about political practices, a positive way these two planets can interact.

The themes combining with Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus

I mentioned above that there are various planets interacting with this conjunction and they will colour the start of this new cycle. The planets involved are:

Mars – the planet of war, defence and aggression, but also one of bravery and a pioneering spirit.

Ceres – agriculture and farming, food and housing, negotiation, common wisdom and protection of underdogs. Not to mention democracy.

Moon – care and nurturing, especially for mothers and children, and, at global level, care and protection of citizens.

All these themes are highlighted in the next Jupiter-Uranus cycle, so they all need radical changes.

Let’s look closer at current themes.
gold price taurus

Image Zlaťá Unsplash

Financial systems. As I write, the gold price recently hit an all-time high. This is a sign that investors are choosing to trust solid material, which usually means they are expecting problems in financial systems. I wrote about this in my Uranus in Taurus blog. Financial systems have been broken for a long time and crypto is causing problems for many banks. I’m not a financial expert, but the astrological symbolism suggests that a huge, perhaps unexpected, shock is due for financial markets. Here’s a headline from Forbes from early April: “Gold is setting record highs, but why prices are soaring now is a complete mystery: ‘The rally is defying a lot of normal thinking’ “. Reforms are definitely needed and not just by markets being propped up. The basis needs to be radically changed.

The police. Taurus is a sign associated with the police, for carrying out the law and keeping the peace. In many countries the police have been in the spotlight for the rough handling of demonstrators, and misogyny has been called out, particularly in the handling of rape and racist crimes. There is also a shortage of police personnel in many countries, and police are needing to deal with many non-police problems, due to lack of staff in other areas, particularly mental health care. This conjunction in Taurus that picks up Mars suggests that police systems and prisons need radical overhauls.

police brutality

Image Colin Lloyd Unsplash

Science and Technology. Science has been undermined, due to it being used as a political tool, particularly during COVID times, and also in the climate debates. Censorship of well-respected scientists has been shocking but well documented. There has been real propaganda that cannot be denied and the truth is slowly surfacing. The COVID vaccines were far from ‘safe and effective’ and there is increasing proof that this was widely known early on in the pandemic. The excess deaths occurring all around the world have not been investigated in a neutral way.

The climate and green agenda has also been undermined due to censorship of dissenting voices. All of this stops real debate about important issues for all of us. The green agenda has got mixed up with the climate strategy. I’m all for treating the earth and animals in a much better way, but we need to debate what the cause of climate change is. Not all scientists agree, as the dominant narratives would have us believe.

These issues have led to real and justified mistrust in government and scientists, and that is dangerous. No wonder the vaccine rate has dropped in the Netherlands for non mRNA vaccines. Governments ignore looking at their own role in this and blame ‘disinformation’ – whatever that is supposed to be! It’s a bit rich, coming from governments, since it is clear now that they have consistently lied when giving information on the corona virus and COVID.

government trust

Image ev Unsplash

Housing and food. Taurus together with the Moon’s influence looks for a safe haven for everyone. War has made so many people homeless, it is heart-breaking. And using food as a weapon of war is as old as the hills – but it is so heartless. Fortunately farmers are leading the charge when it comes to food production! A huge change is needed in all strategies associated with housing, including for refugees, which is a massive problem here in the Netherlands. Young people everywhere are struggling to find good housing too. I hope the new visions and ideas that are breaking through will take hold to solve all these problems.  Instead of Saturnian rules, we need Jupiter’s vision and guts and generosity to solve this now – and new politics of course.

Our bodies. More and more technology is being used in our bodies. Some of this is amazing, and is helping the lives of many. However, much of it ignores Uranus in Taurus – the intelligence of the body. Over-prescribing of medication and vaccines has left immune systems in tatters. And the whole gender debate has gone much too far in my view. Puberty blockers do untold damage to young bodies. Of course there are problems we need to deal with, but we need to change our methods drastically. There are many voices available on these issues. We need to listen and be willing to change our views on what it means to be in a human body. The Mars involved in this conjunction suggests that we need to be pioneering in this field, but with Mars in Pisces it should be with compassion, and not a knife!

Electricity. Gas and electricity costs have got way out of hand here in the Netherlands and I know we are not alone. The green agenda is at last getting push-back here due to the enormous number of wind-turbines that have been erected, causing many health issues. This agenda seems to me to lack common sense, apart from anything else. We are a small country with very little land. No-one wants a view of wind turbines, and no-one wants dead birds and fish. Apart from the fact that the turbines themselves are not very green!

And to top it all, the electricity net cannot handle the amount of power being produced. Although I am hesitant, Uranus might suggest we need to look at nuclear energy as a practical solution. Or of course the pioneering work of innovative energy producers who are, sad to say, being shut down by large industries. But that’s a long way off I think.

electricity Uranus

Image israel palacio – Unsplash

Politics. Lastly politics and the elite leaders – Jupiter territory. I’m sure it isn’t only me that thinks it’s time to change the ‘old men at the top’ leaders. Yes, in this area I am sexist! There are too many wars being fired up by politicians who never have to fight. Technology has made war more deadly than ever. It’s all very 2 -year old Mars operating. He did that, so I have to do this! A pure Mars needs to defend, yes, and protect, yes. But a true warrior was one who fought with valour for a reason that was true to his heart. The Jupiter-Uranus conjunction needs to wake us up as to what is being destroyed (Taurus hates destruction of our earth and beautiful solid structures), by political choice.

It is clear now that many decisions are far from democratic and come from the WHO or the WEF or the European Union or corporations with clout. The start of democratic earthquakes is happening, with many countries going to the polls this year. Mars and Ceres in the mix means we need to defend our democratic rights. This is not going to be easy, but if we understand the way the world works we can do this! However, Moon and Ceres would suggest we need to be actively engaged in the big changes needed in politics. With Uranus, this can come through rebellion, civil disobedience, or from unexpected places! We need to be open for surprises, even though change is never easy.

It is interesting here in the Netherlands that, although the negotiations are a struggle, we are trying to form a different kind of cabinet. If it works, it would result in an extra-parliamentary cabinet, meaning that 50% of the cabinet would not be political appointments – leaving party leaders to take part in parliamentary debates. This would hopefully lead to more democratic decisions. With four parties with differing views trying to form a government, this is not easy. But this does represent the general public. I hope it works. It fits with a positive use of Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus. A common-sense change in political structures.

Mainly Taurus

I have focussed here mainly on themes that have been on my radar and often with a Taurus twist. However practical changes are also needed just because these two planets are together. Other Jupiter themes that need a shake up are universities or places of higher learning, religious institutes, and anything to do with travel.  Your own strategies also need a thorough spring-clean!

astrology opportunity

Image Dylan McLeod – Unsplash

The opportunity

The truth in all these areas is being exposed, but it hasn’t filtered through to the masses of people who are still frightened, or who are victims of abuses of power. There are also those who are just not doing enough research to see what is really happening in the world. Uranus and Jupiter really say “Don’t believe what you think!”

We have help from the universe to wake up and change the future we seem to be heading for. We need to say a big ‘NO’ to many of the narratives we are being sold and to censorship of information, so that we can properly judge (Jupiter) for ourselves what the truth (Uranus) actually is. This is not conspiracy theory! A lot of information is available now on many of the above topics, it’s just rarely on mainstream media, although this too is changing. With Pluto in Aquarius, we really must look deeper into the airways of information.

Having said all this, it must be said that Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus can produce some amazing, visionary, innovative solutions to practical problems. We need to first acknowledge the truth and then apply new thinking and hope to all the world’s problems.

Faye Blake

Jupiter-Uranus people

Just in case you didn’t get the feel of Jupiter-Uranus in Taurus with all my rabbiting on, I thought I would add people who have been born under this influence! Although these people, of course, have many other planetary influences, this conjunction is often clearly visible.

Born in 1858

Theodore (Teddy) Roosevelt – known for his square deal, fairness and he was naturalist and conservationist, as well as President!
Max Planck – known for his quantum theory of physics.
Emmeline Pankhurst – showing her rebellion and ability to make practical changes as a suffragette, by literally using her body!

Born in 1941

Bob Dylan – known for his innovation in music and rebellion on political topics. And his Taurean voice.
Bernie Sanders – a solid political activist and anti-war stance (Taurus peace) known for his ability in economic matters.
Richard Dawkins – an outspoken atheist and believer in material science – known for his theory of gene-centred evolution.
Dale Chihuly – an innovative glass (material Taurus) designer, sometimes of huge structures (Jupiter), where light (Uranus)  is important – a personal favourite!
Vivienne Westwood – a wonderful example of using traditional fabrics (Taurus) for innovation and wild, punk, new wave fashion.

Interesting websites

From my older posts:

Uranus in Taurus will be in super-drive mode in April. My post Lightning strikes the bull from 2018 covers themes of Uranus in Taurus even without the Jupiter boost.

Three posts on Jupiter-Uranus coming together: Sagittarius 2010Capricorn 2011 and Aquarius 2011. these cover the last period of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction.

Anne Whittaker astrology

The well-respected astrologer and writer Anne Whittaker, who wrote a whole book on this topic, has done a round up of posts on this conjunction, and she was kind enough to include me in her list. You may want to have a look at the others on her ‘Writing from the Twelve house’ blog.





An interesting video from another astrologer: Dan Waites. I include this because I like it and not so much for the Jupiter-Uranus. However the two possible futures resonate with me. That’s up to us!


And if you are interested in the 1941 meeting between Bohr and Heisenberg in Copenhagen:

Quotes of the month

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke Anglo-Irish Politician and philosopher.

“The only possible effect one can have on the world is through unpopular ideas.” and “The only reason I’m in fashion is to destroy the word conformity.” Vivienne Westwood.

“Glass is the most magical of all materials. It transmits light in a special way.” Dale Chihuly

“Faith is belief without evidence and reason; coincidentally that’s also the definition of delusion.” Richard Dawkins

“A new truth always has to contend with many difficulties. If it were not so, it would have been discovered much sooner.” Max Planck

“A defiant deed has greater value than innumerable thousands of words.” Emmeline Pankhurst

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