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Gemini 2008

As the theme this month is Gemini, internet and company documents seem a fitting topic to discuss.

As I begin this post, Pluto has just gone backwards into Sagittarius again before he finally goes into Capricorn on November 27th, where he stays until 2023. In the short period since January when he made his first tentative steps into Capricorn, we had a taste of the areas he might be going to target. We astrologers, being a Uranian-Aquarian lot, like to be right. So I was glad to come across someone who validates what I said in earlier posts!  Or maybe he is just someone in tune with the time.

Here’s what I said:  

This from the Capricorn 2007 post: 

There is a movement afoot in business that I feel will become more important and accepted in this phase, so it would be wise for companies to start thinking about how this could be implemented. That is the idea known as triple bottom line, where balance sheets for companies will contain not only profit in financial terms but will also be expected to cover the people and planet aspects as well.  Sustainability will need to be measured and accounted for. For both people and the environment. Hence the three P’s  ‘people profit and planet’.   

And these from the Capricorn 2008 one:

However the internet cannot continue as it is.  And  Accountability will be more important and the internet will definitely be affected by this.

Here’s what Joe is about
Who? I hear you ask. I came across Joe Firmage through Barbara Marx Hubbard, (now sadly passed in 2019) whose legacy website is also worth a look. Barbara said of Joe “He is one of the leading geniuses in the field of conscious evolution and collective intelligence. A master of the digital universe with spiritual experiences of the multi-dimensional aspects of life, we are both of the same vision of the planetary awakening.”

Joe is someone who has mixed his love of science and things technical, with his skills in leadership. I also listened to a couple of interviews with him. The first topic that caught my attention was what he calls Evolving Economics. One of the basic premises is that company directors should not be rewarded on profits.

Joe maintains that this sets up a system where everyone tries to please shareholders and it is totally money based, causing all sorts of difficulties and dilemmas. He is calling for different measures based on company goals, even better than the PPP idea in my view.

The example he gives is for energy companies. Directors would be measured on providing a good service and maintaining a financial break-even system by supplying the cheapest possible green energy. The government would fund the start-up, and after set up, these companies would be self-supporting. The better they run by providing the best and cheapest energy to the consumer, the better the rewards for those in charge. So we see that the company balance sheet documents would look very differently from the way they do now, and would include agreed goals and measurements. In his words: “with a framework allowing far more diverse kinds of performance and success metrics, we can enable measures of value and productivity to index to any qualitative ideals established by democracies of people. Within such a framework, a new paradigm for the sharing of wealth becomes feasible.” Pluto in Capricorn is certainly starting to plant some seeds here.


Image by Gerd Altmann

Tidy Up Internet 

The one I got really excited about though, mainly because it would make my life of writing and researching much easier, is what Joe has set up already for the web. It’s called the Digital Universe and its many features will take a long time to set up as it is an extremely ambitious project. However it will sort out the internet and make it much more structured and accountable.

The vision taken from his website:

The vision of the Digital Universe is to organize the sum total of human knowledge and make it available to everyone. It is an ever-growing array of commercial-free portals mapping the highest-quality Internet destinations, as recommended by experts recognized in their fields. These experts review public contributions, create context and attest to the reliability, integrity, and accuracy of the portals. 

A sort of quality wiki – BBC? But then much better – and no advertising! If this is your passion, it appears you can get in on the ground floor and volunteer as a steward or a volunteer consultant. See websites below. With Pluto helping to sort out the excrement on the web this might just be a very successful project!

Interesting websites 

Information on the Digital Universe.

Remember too that the last Gemini posts are also relevant to this period:  2006 and 2007

Quote of the month 

Internet is a giant international network of intelligent, informed computer enthusiasts, by which I mean, ‘people without lives.’ We don’t care. We have each other…” Dave Barry American Writer and Humorist.

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