The Sins of the Fathers

Virgo 2014

As I write, Scotland has just voted ‘NO’ to becoming independent from the United Kingdom. A major decision¬†for Scotland, but perhaps even more important for the UK.

scotland referendum

On the same day as the referendum, a new book was launched. Written by the father of the mass murderer Anders Breivik, who killed 77 people in Norway back in August 2011, Jens Breivik asks in the title¬†“My fault? A father’s story.”

my fault - breivik

Jens Breivik’s book

Opposites attract?

What do these two things have in common? You know I am always talking about patterns – so that might be a clue!

As this is the Virgo Monthly Planet, I want to discuss this sign and its opposite РPisces. Signs opposite each other are often said to have common themes, (service in this case), and each sign is said to represent the shadow side of the other. In other words Virgo, the sign of analysis and order, has a shadow side of chaos and delusion. Pisces, a sign that can be intuitive and creative, has a nit-picking, over-analysing shadow.  Recently I  read a fitting description of when these two signs go bad: analysis-paralysis vs. utopia-myopia. I love that!

The Yes/No question

The Virgo time of year is an excellent one for anaylsis-paralysis after an important referendum. I marvel at the number of interviews and opinions given in the media about why there was a ‘NO’ vote. And the amount of air time that can be given to a load of nonsense while waiting for the votes to be counted! Everyone has an analysis that coincidentally fits in with their own views. Fear was the culprit – the UK¬†parliamentary¬†‘fathers’ made all the no-voters¬†afraid to vote yes. Or – the ‘YES’ choice was a vote against Westminster arrogance. Everyone is sure of the reason. But how can anyone know this? I agree with Russell Brand’s pre-vote analysis (see link below), in that it was an emotional matter. The Moon, representing the people, was in the patriotic and emotional sign of Cancer. But people get emotional and patriotic for myriad reasons. Understandably, there was also a lot of Pisces disappointment around in the¬†‘YES’ camp after the Piscean hope (was this utopia-myopia?) beforehand. Not to mention allegations of fraud during the counting afterwards.

Back to Norway

As far as Jens Breivik is concerned, there is also a hint of Virgo and (mostly) Pisces in his story. After¬†thinking about it, his analysis¬†suggests¬†it might be partly his fault. His first reaction after the murders was to act as a victim (Pisces) ¬†– “Anders has ruined my life.” ¬†A sort of ‘why me?’¬†reaction. Now, in his book, which has been called a ‘self-trial’, he is feeling guilty – another Pisces reaction. Anders¬†clearly had a very difficult childhood. His mother, now dead, seems to have suffered from mental issues and his father was away – so perhaps he is the¬†true victim in this story. But should fathers feel guilty about their children? Should the Westminster ‘fathers’ feel ashamed of themselves? Or is there¬†perhaps something larger afoot?


What’s the time?

A technique I wrote about in my dissertation is called the Huber Age Progression or Life Clock.¬†In my paper I applied¬†this technique to companies, and¬†I think it also works for countries. The birth date for Anders Breivik is public knowledge. There is also a date that most astrologers use for the United Kingdom¬†horoscope.¬†¬†Anders Breivik was in the Virgo phase of his life during the murders and still is. The¬†UK is in the Pisces phase. I’ll explain. This system has a 72-year cycle, with 12 phases of 6 years each. The Virgo phase occurs between age 30-36, the Pisces phase between age 66-72 – the last phase of each cycle. The UK has of course had a few cycles before the current one, so it is interesting to look back at previous points in the cycle to see the pattern.

In each phase there is a low point – a crisis or turning point. In the Virgo phase this occurs between age 33-34 – in the Pisces phase between 69-70.

huber clock

Virgo  Рthe order phase Рfor Breivik and the UK

The turning point, which lasts for around a year, reached the peak in August 2012 for Breivik, during his trial. He was sent to prison in October 2012. Perhaps his actions resulted from a wish to gain some order in Norway that went too far. At age 33 many people have a crisis point, usually associated with work and how they can serve their calling. Many of my 33 year-old clients want to find new jobs as they are very unhappy and feel they now must act to change the situation. Virgo is the sign of service, daily bread and our daily routines. This description would certainly fit Breivik’s crisis – his daily routine was totally changed!

For the UK, the Virgo points are also very interesting. The crisis dates are 16 September 1834, 1906 and 1978 (at ages 33 and then at 72 year intervals). 1906 saw the Suffragettes disrupt parliament, for which ten women were imprisoned, causing more outcry than had¬†¬†previously been the case regarding women’s suffrage.

The 1978 point is very relevant. The Scotland Act 1978, was an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom intended to establish a Scottish Assembly as a devolved legislature for Scotland! Unfortunately it was never put into effect, due to a controversial rule that required 40% of people to vote. Virgo pickiness? Although the devolution side won the vote, the referendum held the following year failed to obtain the required 40% of people voting.

Huber, the astrologer who pioneered this technique, refers to this Virgo period as a struggle for existence, and the turning point as a defensive life situation. Women and Scottish subjects were trying to gain more authority in their daily lives. To be allowed to serve as they wish with the skills they have.

What is interesting about these turning points is that they are connected in opposite signs – issues are revisited at 36 year intervals. So the Pisces turning points are 36 years after the Virgo ones. Each revisiting advances a previous theme.


Tattoo from

Pisces Рthe end and the beginning

Pisces is the last phase but also a gestation period associated with birth. What we need to do between age 66- 72 ( and the same applies to companies and countries) is develop a new dream for the next cycle. If we are not on the right track Рage 69-70 will be difficult. Huber refers to this point as a health crisis and  isolation and suggests a need to find a new orientation. These points can be turning points and work positively if everything is going according to some cosmic plan! The Pisces ones act as the starting gun for getting ready to be reborn into the next Aries phase Рthe start of a whole new cycle.

Make no mistake – this is crisis time for the UK

Amazingly, on September 16th 2014 (close enough for me!) –¬†two days before the referendum – the UK hit the¬†Pisces crisis point, advancing the themes mentioned above.¬†Are you listening Westminster? Scotland is going to make sure you have a new¬†constitution. The start of the new cycle is actually 1st ¬†January 2017 – this is the¬†date to aim for. In the coming three years there will be a repeat of the years 1942 -1945! I don’t need to say how a new start had to be made then. But an interesting fact I came across was that 1945 – the cycle start – was the year the first seat was obtained by the SNP (Scottish National Party, who instigated the devolution vote), albeit for a very short period. In the first year of the Pisces phase in 2011, the SNP¬†gained the first ever¬†majority in the Scottish Parliament general elections. The stage was set!

The previous cycle was 1870-1873 when trade unions were legalised in Britain, compulsory education was introduced and the secret ballot was approved. All of these must have had a huge influence on the cycle that began in 1873.

Scotland – there is hope!

This is a very short look at how these cycles can be used and I could say a lot more, but maybe this will give Scotland some hope! Especially knowing that they are doing both Pisces and Virgo things Рbeing of service!

Clock from

For Our Sins?

So yes  Рin a way we have to suffer the sins of our fathers and perhaps vice versa. We are all bound by our history and our forefathers. But we should remember that we are also responsible for making history. Scotland has done far more to engage people in the future of not just the UK, but also the world. Their dream is still to be refined, but the amazing number of people who voted and the way it was done is an example of how we can be connected yet still be individuals. How change can be effected without bloodshed.  Scotland, in their role as Uranus in Aries, pioneers for authenticity and change, can square up to Pluto in Capricorn, the powerful establishment, and (although it may not feel like it yet) win! If cycles are anything to go by, their time is coming!

Nicola Sturgeon

And … Nicola Sturgeon, who had the Sun¬†highlighting her power (Pluto) at close of play on referendum day, and the people (the Moon) in her heart (she’s a Cancerian),¬†might be the woman to watch.

Faye Blake-Cossar

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If you want more on¬†this method and cycles – here’s one I made earlier! It’s about the 27 Club and Amy Winehouse¬†and you may find it interesting that Oscar Pistorius, the disabled Olympian who has just been convicted of culpable homicide¬†in South Africa, is 27!

Quote of the Month

“True guilt is guilt at the obligation one owes to oneself to be oneself. False guilt is guilt felt at not being what other people feel one ought to be or assume that one is.” R. D. Laing, Scottish psychiatrist.

For astrologers

The chart I have used¬†for the UK¬†is from Nicholas Campion’s The Book of World Horoscopes –¬†The Union of Great Britain with Ireland, which came into effect on 1st January 1801 in Westminster at midnight LMT. I think the¬†1801¬†UK chart, known as the Act of Union with Ireland, is the most important for this question. Other charts involving Scotland are also interesting, in particular the 1707 chart, the Constitutional Union of Britain and Scotland¬†which created the Kingdom of Great Britain. The date (Campion) was May 1st ( in new style dates – ¬†May 12th ), 1707 at midnight LMT in Westminster. If you use this chart, then the Cancer phase is relevant, a time when children leave home and set up their own nest. This also fits the emotional need for Scotland to manage their own household! The turning point in this phase is early 2017.